The results of blackout driving survey conducted by American Addiction Centers

An article from Gazette Day explains what a blackout is in simple terms and gives information on the work that American Addiction Centers does. American Addiction Centers helps people who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse.

Their mission is to give patients critical care to change their lives for the better with many treatment centers located around the U.S. The business has been able to have much better success rates than other treatment centers as they look at many different factors when helping a patient.

A new survey conducted by the treatment center has found that many get behind the wheel intoxicated, even in a blackout state and that in some cases they don’t even remember having left their own home. They explain what the blackout state is and how someone that intoxicated can even find themselves in that kind of situation.

First off, a blackout is a state someone has when they can not directly remember what has happened. It is like someone’s memory has been cleared entirely as parts of the brain responsible for long-term memory shut down. For example, the hippocampus, a part of the brain responsible for long-term memory, shuts down as a result of experiencing the blackout.

A blackout can cause a lot of problems such as using drugs, having sexual intercourse forcibly, violating the law, committing violence on one another or on to the person affected directly. It can be tough to imagine that people can drive under these circumstances but a survey from American Addiction Centers has found that many do. Read more: American Addiction Centers | Crunchbase and American Addiction Centers Reality Blackout Drunk Driving | Gazetteday

A total of 600 people were a part of the survey as over half of them admitted that they binge drink with another alarming statistic that 36% of them have driven once while experiencing a blackout. This is a recipe for disaster as half of them have admitted to getting in the car with a drunk driver. Although many believe that they are okay enough to drive it is not the case as many tend to be killed innocently at the hands of drunk drivers.

Abusing alcohol is a big issue as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention noted that about 29 people die at the fate of driving from being under the influence of alcohol. Blackouts can affect a number of different groups such as young college students and adults.

Some factors such as drinking on an empty stomach, not drinking water, mixing other drugs and prescriptions with liquor, and drinking quickly can increase having a blackout. The article mentions that having a blackout does not correlate to having an alcohol abuse disorder, but rather, consuming too much liquor in a short window. However, if it does happen frequently, that is a sign of a bigger problem.

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