The Museum Of Science And Industry Is Among The Many Chicago Organizations Supported By Maarten De Jeu

Respected strategic business advisement professional Maarten de Jeu has provided support to a
number of the top community and civic organizations across the Chicagoland area of Illinois over
the years. These organizations include the Environmental Law & Policy Center, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the Dean’s International Council. One of the institutions that he is most passionate about and devoted to serving is the Museum of Science and Industry. He is a huge fan of the work that the Museum of Science and Industry does and has headed up a program called the Science Spins in the past. This is one example of the many outstanding programs that are put on
at the Museum of Science and Industry to provide education to the community. A big focus of
these programs is to provide education to teens across the Chicago region. Maarten de Jeu is a
notable supporter of one of the most unique programs that the museum presents each year. This
program is called the Farrell Fellows Internship. It is put on at the Museum of Science and Industry
every summer over a five-week term.
As the largest science museum that can be found in the Western Hemisphere of the world, the
Museum of Science and Industry takes very seriously its community responsibility to provide
educational opportunities. When students are accepted to the Farrell Fellows Internship, they gain
the chance to learn skills in speaking and leadership at the same time that they are taking on a
scientific topic. The program gives them the chance to show these skills off during the community
presentations that are put on after the internship. These presentations are often put on at the
public libraries across the Chicago region and the teens who take place in the Farrell Fellows
Internship can pass on some of their new knowledge to younger students of the region. Due to the
great work that this program does, it is of vital importance to have the support of influential
business individuals such as Maarten de Jeu. Learn more:
The professional career of Maarten de Jeu has been varied and impressive. His work as a strategic
business advisor has culminated with the 2012 creation of the company called SVM Business
Advisory. Maarten has served executives from some of the top 100 companies in the world and
provided them with expert advisory services. He has also founded other companies. Maarten de
Jeu is the co-founder of SpeakUp. This vibrant startup is a leader in the field of compliance and
ethics in the European market. It provides unique solutions in these areas to businesses in the
public sector. Consistently excelling in these types of endeavors has been characteristic of
Maarten’s distinguished career.

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