The Dynamic Dr. Rick Shinto at the Helm of InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health Solutions is a paramount healthcare provider in North America with two major care avenues that include provider networks and the Medicare advantaged. Dr. Shinto has a span of over twenty years in the field of healthcare. The selfless physician has risen over the rants in this field to his current position as the chief executive officer and president at InnovaCare Health solutions. He has authored numerous articles related to clinical medicine. During this time that Dr Rick Shinto has been in the leadership of InnovaCare health, a myriad of changes have been witnessed. He has given a new meaning to the provision of health care.

InnovaCare has shown its willingness to take part in refining health care cost so as to provide quality services that are tailored for everyone. The institution has partnered with LAN (Learning and Action Network) in a bid to catalyze the change towards better and improved methods of payment. It has thus set goals towards the payment reforms, which is seen as a feather on Dr Rick Shinto’s cap. InnovaCare, under the leadership of Dr Rick Shinto, is very determined to scale high and take the healthcare sector to a whole new level.


InnovaCare has a good plan to offer healthcare services that are affordable to all, unprecedented and superior. The chief executive officer is so particular about the creation of healthcare awareness and provision of support to the community. Dr Rick Shinto advocates for the creation of a culture for the employees, which will in turn create comfort and trust to the patients.

In the past several years, InnovaCare health solution has been able to come up with new and dynamic ways of providing healthcare services in a poverty-stricken population that is hit by inadequate healthcare services. The institution has resorted to giving healthcare a new meaning, thus revolutionizing the whole idea. The chief executive officer believes that InnovaCare Health is tailor made for everybody in the community. This means that every individual now has the opportunity to access adequate treatment.

The leadership at InnovaCare Health Solution has been holistic in its approach. This can be clearly seen from the new strategies that the company has embraced in a bid to bring better healthcare to the population. Desirable communication skills and good working relationships has seen InnovaCare grow tremendously to what it is today. The chief executive officer has won various awards due to his outstanding leadership. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn

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