OSI Group Integrating New Acquisition Into The Company

OSI Group has been showing a great deal of growth through acquirements and they recently purchased the Rose Packing Co. which is based in Barrington, Ill. Rose Packing serves the foodservice industry as well as retail by producing several different pork products as well as a few other types of items. Some of the pork products that they are capable of making for its customers include burghers, chops, boneless turkey, toppings, pork shoulder, ham, sausages, bacon, and more. Both of the companies have a long history throughout the Chicago area and together, they have been in business for more than two centuries combined. Neither companies have released the financial conditions around the transaction.

OSI Group and Rose Packing have both been leaders when it comes to the food industry and the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI North America, Kevin Scott, stated that the company was excited to be able to have Rose Packing join the company. He believes that the current business model of his company will be complemented by the acquisition of the pork producer and that it will support the strategy that they have laid out for growth. They have an interest in the sales channels provided by this acquisition along with the new production capacity and capacity to process food products in different ways. The culture of OSI Group and Rose Packing are similar in the fact that they have both shown a deep commitment to their customers during the time that they have been in operation and have also gained reputations for being innovators in the food processing industry.

It was announced that the entirety of Rose Packing’s management team would be staying on with the company under the new OSI Group ownership. They will be working with the leadership of the company’s new owners in order to work on integrated the companies together after the transaction has completed. The Chief Executive Officer of Rose Packing stated that working with OSI Group is something that he is looking forward to doing as he is proud of the expertise both companies have when it comes to the meat industry.

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