Background to Sussex Healthcare

Shafik Sachedina who undertook a degree in dental surgeon from the University of London together with Shiraz Boghani specialized in hospitality and the two people come together with an aim of coming up with this company by the name Sussex Healthcare Company.

Both Shafik and Sussex having acquired different knowledge from the different fields of study they have majored come together with those ideas and started the company which focused on both sides of health and hotel.

Importance’s of Sussex healthcare

Shafik and Shiraz main objective of coming up with this idea was to assist different categories of people ranging from childhood to adulthood. Sussex Healthcare was meant to be conducted online and physically.

Categories of care offered by Sussex healthcare

Sussex healthcare can be conducted upon adults of any age and this is referred to as specialist adult care that checks upon all the issues concerning physical development through the use of personnel’s who have qualified skills in this department.

Sussex for taking care of old people that entails visiting these old people to their place of residence and attending to them whereby these people can be grouped to different categories that is respite careor a short break care.

It also has another category of those that are terminally ill and categorized as Palliative care which is handled by specialized people only.

Role of Sussex to the community

Like in dementia care category Sussex is providing details concerning taking care of the people suffering from dementia through the provision of individual plans.

People being affected by the neural issues have been provided an away out through neurological care to reduce such issues and other diseases.

Different categories of people are guided upon the residential facilities they require to be using that are available in different parts of the world as well a highly professional committee available to take care of the patients.

Different tasks are performed ta Sussex center such as physiotherapy and reflexology programs by this qualified and high professional team.

Sussex have diverse to excursions such as transportation means where there are the provision of different means such as aircraft and refreshments places such as swimming pool and gym and others.

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