Paul Mampilly Looks at the Trends of 2019

In the business world, there are countless voices trying to tell investments where they should invest their money. However, few of those voices are as trustworthy as Paul Mampilly. As a man born in India and obtained his higher education in the United States, he worked hard to reach his present position of over 20 years in Wall Street. The calendar has recently turned over to a new year, and the economic wheels are turning as briskly as ever before. In a recent Gazette Day article, he discusses the trends he expects to see this year.

Starting with the fundamentals of analytics, he fully expects big data to become more available than ever before. Data is a valuable resource not only for individual companies, but also the industry as a whole. New companies on the scene means more data to look through. In turn, businesses will be able to adapt to treat the modern consumer. Using social media and strong presence is essential to keeping regular interactions with consumers. The age of technology has given even the consumers a voice in the industry. He believes user reviews are a more powerful tool than ever before. Paul Mampilly believes this to be the natural evolution has technology continues to improve. To know more about him click here.

When it comes to the everyday life of a consumer, Paul Mampilly expects home appreciation rates to level out as the market reaches a balance. Home owners will be more likely use their personal smart devices for internet search. Voice devices like Amazon’s Alexa have an exponential increase in home usage in recent years. VR and new technologies are positioned to gain new superiority in the market. As the younger generation begins to take over the economy, the popular items will be shifting around. Lastly, he projects the government to support the growth of businesses. The current state of the government signals sustained growth for the foreseeable.

Paul Mampilly has been a trustworthy voice of economic trends for decades, and has the track record to back up his expectations. He sees a strong market for investors to tap into this year.

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