OSI Group McDonalds Hamburger Maker of Choice

Public Food Scrutiny

The general public has entered into an era of food scrutiny in recent years owing to the amount of knowledge available thru social media and access to knowledge, but also this sometimes leads to the sharing of opinions rather than fact. Most large companies guard their secrets when it comes to the ingredients of their products. McDonalds is becoming more transparent to its customers. Recently a reporter from a Business insider was allowed into an OSI plant in Gunzberg, Germany.

Five Million Burgers a Day

The Business Insider Reporter completely watched the making of McDonalds burgers from start to finish. He found no additives added to the beef and throughout the tightly controlled process burger to fat ration was kept at 20%. Only once did someone actually touches 4-5 of the more than 5 million burgers made that day, which was a food scientist in care of randomly testing the burgers, which were brought to the lab. The burgers were cooked at an exact 69 degree Celcius in order to mimic the temperature in a McDonalds restaurant.

That’s Cold Flash-freezing

Every burger made by OSI Group in its Soccer field length German plant is immediately flash-frozen to -18 Celsius to keep any kinds of contaminants at bay. The flash-freeze room is -14 Celsius. The burgers are packed away in tightly sealed trays, boxes, and then stacked robotically into palettes and placed in another freezer before sent to the distribution center next door at another OSI Group facility. OSI Group watches it’s some 5 million daily MCD’s closely for quality control. Safety and cleanliness are present at visible and evident in every second at the OSI Group facility. Of course, OSI has been producing burgers for the food giant for more than 60 years, since the day Ray Kroc chose OSI Group as its packers in 1955, shortly after becoming a franchise.

OSI Innovation

OSI began in 1909 in a small suburb of Chicago but soon spread throughout the city, then throughout the United States. Ray Kroc, the founder of the global franchise first approached OSI to produce its burgers because of its reputation for quality and has retained OSI 60 years later. OSI is a global brand known for its food production facilities in 19 countries.

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