Sergey Petrossov Disrupts the Aviation Industry with Technological Breakthroughs

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter was started in 2012 by Sergey Petrossov who also serves as its CEO. Established with a mission to make private jet travel more affordable and seamless, JetSmarter has grown to become the largest private aviation community. The company moves more annual passengers like no other in the industry. The app makes private jet travel more convenient, cheaper and accessible through proprietary algorithms, shared flight services, and advanced mobile technology.

JetSmarter and XO, the largest private aviation company in North America, to establish an alternative to the dated and overpriced services provided in the private aviation industry today. XO sets the pace in the commercial aviation industry with unmatched flight experience as well as competitive pricing. As a result of the efforts of Sergey Petrossov, the two companies have become prominent in North America. He has been listed in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2016 along with earning ‘One of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals’ title.

In 2009, Petrossov came into the realization that a typical airplane flew for only 200 hours a year. He saw the potential of the airplanes flying an average of 1200 hours. He embarked on a journey to leverage the time not being utilized to lower private jet traveling costs. He also realized that people could share a private jet reducing the traveling costs further. As a result, JetSmarter came into existence to create a new lifestyle for people while democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable as well as accessible.

JetSmarter is connected to more than 3200 different planes across the world and can charter a plane into over 172 different countries. The company also has 42 routes across the world including routes to the U.S. If you look into their clientele, cost-effectiveness is not the only factor their members are after. They are also after the lifestyle perspective. The clientele looks to avoid the stress and time wastage involved with the airport experience. Some people are willing to pay more to get the convenience and effectiveness that comes with JetSmarter. The idea which came about when Sergey Petrossov was traveling using a private jet for the first time in South Florida informed the creation of one of the most disruptive and innovative companies in North America’s aviation industry.

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