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For some inmates, living away from their families inside the prison can often break their will to survive. Often, these prisoners are parents of someone who they have loved throughout their life. For these inmates, a visit by a family member once a month is not enough because it does not allow them to share their feelings and emotions. On the other side are families of inmates, who continuously struggle to cope with the daily routine. For families with children, if one parent is inside the prison, the other parent needs to work full-time and on weekends to sustain the entire family.


Fortunately, times are changing as advanced technology from Securus Technologies is allowing inmates to initiate a video call from inside the prison. Families on Securus platform can also schedule such video calls to help prisoners participate in important family events. Imagine how it will feel to connect an inmate with the family on important occasions like birthdays, Christmas and graduation ceremonies. The Securus Video Visitation software has made it easier for inmates to video call their families anytime. In fact, the technology is so powerful that Securus Technologies claims that children of inmates can also share their homework. Watch more on


The Securus Video Visitation is unlike any such products in the market. Actually, it delivers streamlined video experience without any glitches making it one of the most effective video call products in the market. Engineers at Securus Technologies also ensured that video conferencing is easily available on every computing platform and a variety of devices including computer, smart phone and tablet. The product has also made headlines because Securus Technologies has configured it to operate at a maximum capacity even at high-security Federal prisons.


About Securus Technologies


Securus Technologies is one of the largest companies offering prison communication services to more than 3,400 private and public institutions around the United States. According to recent estimates, the company is serving 1.2 Million inmates in America, alone. In fact, Securus Technologies has a long track record of producing highly innovative products. Currently, It is industry’s number one innovator, with more than 140 patents issued and approximately 90 pending. Securus Video Visitation is also among the many ground-breaking products that the company has introduced in recent years. Perhaps, Million of Americans are thriving only because Securus is there to help them.

Securus Video Visitation Overview Video from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

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  1. Therefore, it often becomes impossible to take time off from their job. The end result is a disaster for both inmate and their families. That is say that has the best way to get all of these done for them all which is really great this time.

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