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The popularity of email management systems have been on the rise because of the many benefits that they offer to people. Unroll Me has become an email management service of choice for thousands of people worldwide. The people these days are tired of getting promotional and offer emails from tons of subscription services. It causes problems at work when you are looking for an important email and unable to find it. The important and personal emails get buried under tons of promotional and offer emails that are sent by vendors and subscription services that are pushing their newsletters and products on you to take action or purchase something. 

While all the newsletters and sales letters that hit our inbox are not always necessary, it may sometimes be obstructive in our day to day lives. It is where Unroll Me comes in, which has a bouquet of features that would make it easier for you to keep track of important emails and discard the ones that are not useful to you. With the help of Unroll Me, it would become easier for you to unsubscribe from many different subscription services without wasting time. The feature of unsubscribing in bulk is what makes Unroll Me so popular among the users as most of the people these days have subscribed to tons of services over the years. Unsubscribing from these newsletters and services one by one would take hours and Unroll Me would save you precious time by doing it for you within seconds. 

Unroll Me works perfectly for people who want to become more productive. It has been seen that people spend a lot of time checking their email, and it affects their productivity. With useful features of Unroll Me, they are able to save time and do things that will contribute to their success. Thus, more companies are encouraging their employees to use Unroll Me so that they are not wasting time on unnecessary things. Since there are other email management systems too apart from Unroll Me, but it has many advantages and additional features that are lacking in other similar systems.

LocationSmart Can Help Protect Your Business

Technology can bring a lot of benefits to your business and IP geolocation from LocationSmart is something that is changing the way that some companies are able to advertise and more. The Carlsbad, California based company was founded in 1996 to help companies with their mobile device Cloud-based location needs.

When it was first founded, the private company went by the name of TechnoCom Corporation and it has been growing quickly since they first started doing business. The LocationSmart platform can be used in many industries for different purposes including transaction verification and roadside assistance.

While there is a chance that you have never heard of LocationSmart or even IP geolocation, it may offer some big opportunities that will allow your company to grow and meet its business goals. In order to obtain the location of its clients’ customers, consent from the users is given in several simple ways.

Once these users allow access to their IP information, businesses can verify their current location by determining what networks they are connected to and where these networks are. Each device connected to a network has its own IP address that is used by the host, but with the LocationSmart services, it has other purposes outside of the network as well.

Network security is important and geolocation from LocationSmart can help with this in creative and effective ways. IP geolocation can even be used on internal networks as well as the internet which allows you to identify the different devices and their users on your network. This information is made available on a real-time basis and can help to alert you and your team if there is malicious activity somewhere on your network in a convenient way. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

If your team members must connect to your company’s network outside of the office, the LocationSmart platform can help to verify that it is your employee that is accessing these devices instead of someone with malicious intent. If these devices belong to your company, IP geolocation can also help to keep tabs on them to make sure that they do not end up getting lost or stolen.

Digital data is valuable and LocationSmart knows how important it is to protect it. From streaming content to protected documents, there are many reasons to make sure that only users who are authorized can gain access to this content that belongs to your business.

If someone is pirating your content, you cannot earn revenue from that user or the people that they may share the data with in the future. With geolocation, you are able to figure out when your data was accessed and from where which can help you to identify the people or organizations who are using it.

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TJ Maloney; The Man Behind the Success of Lincolnshire Management

The finance industry has grown significantly in recent years. Many companies have emerged in all corners of the world. Their main objective is to give customers financial services at the best rates. This means that the competition has gone very high, making it very difficult for a new institution to be recognized. Companies that are fortunate to get excellent leadership have better opportunities for emerging successful despite the challenges they face in the market. The young and old because of its services know Lincolnshire Management to the communities. The private company has made sure that investors do not struggle when investing their wealth in any industry. The financial services company has survived the tough times in the market because of its leadership.

Leadership determines the future any organization is going to have. Lincolnshire Management has always taken time when selecting its leaders from the start. Having the right professionals in charge of the institution has made the company one of the leaders and fastest growing in the entire world. Tj Maloney is the professional given the role of chair and chief executive officer in the prestigious financial services company. According to his portfolio, the executive started to work for Lincolnshire Management in the year 1993. At first, he joined the investment committee and he was actively ensuring that all clients were making the best investment decisions.

Before joining Lincolnshire Management, Tj Maloney had already served in the corporate section for a long time. Maloney had helped many companies with mergers and acquisitions, investment matters and other crucial financial services. The executive grew his career in the corporate section very fast because of his passion for finance too. His academic qualifications made his work very easy too. His resume shows that Tj Maloney went for his education at leading and popular universities in the world. Specializing in finance was a dream comes true for the renowned leader. After graduating from the university, Tj Maloney started to serve in different roles in the finance industry.

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Sheldon Lavin Growing Business and Giving to Charity

Sheldon Lavin has been in the business world for a long time at this point, and he isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. On top of his business endeavors though, he also gives back to those in need. He is a big charity provider, and he uses the wealth he has created to help others. Sheldon Lavin was born in 1932. He ended up going to a few colleges before graduating. He attended the University of Illinois, Northwestern University and Roosevelt University. Roosevelt University was where he finally got his bachelors degree in business.

After college Sheldon Lavin ended up opening up a financial consulting firm. This consulting firm was very successful. This success leads to a lot of wealth and also a lot of connections. One of those connections was with Otto & Sons, Inc in 1970. This group ended up becoming OSI Industries, LLC. This relationship ended up turning into Sheldon Lavin becoming a chairman and CEO for the company. OSI has grown a lot since then. He has turned it into a multibillion dollar global company.

OSI is a meat processing company, and OSI has an impact around the world. The company has grown to the point of having over 65 facilities which are located in 17 countries. Continued growth is important to Mr. Lavin, and he plans on keeping to grow the company. His main focus now is in Europe and Asia. They have continued to grow overseas, and as long as Mr. Lavin is in charge they will keep growing.

On top of growing his wealth though, Sheldon Lavin, also understands it is important to give back. He is big with charity. One of the main charities he works with is the Ronald McDonald House Charities. He has worked with this charity for over 25 years at this point. He remembers what it was like for him growing up, and wants to do what he can to make some kids lives better. He also works with a lot of other charities. One of the main ones is he is the director and president of The Sheba Foundation. He is growing this charity along with the companies that he is growing and will continue to grow as long as he is around.

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Betsy Devos Has Some Unorthodox Plans for the Future of Education

Betsy DeVos is a Republican who is in charge of the Education Department. However, her appointment was almost not confirmed. When it came time to vote on her approval before the Senate, there was a tie.


An equal number of votes supported and disapproved of Betsy DeVos becoming the boss of the Education Department. Mr. Pence, the vice president, had to vote to support her confirmation. Additionally, she seems to have time after time made it crystal clear that she prefers to help support the founding of privately owned academies.


She also wishes to cater to the concept of making it possible for worried dads and moms to have the ability to select the appropriate education for their young kids. It is additionally probable that the involvement of businesses like Google or Apple in the academic world is going to move ahead with her as the boss of the Department of Education. At the same time, she stated she has some exciting plans to improve education during her authorization hearing before the Senate.


She is also persuaded that many academic institutions do not cater to their pupils effectually. Betsy DeVos is, therefore, considering some unorthodox strategies which may make academies across our nation considerably more efficient. Furthermore, in her role as the Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos is required to keep on top of a multi-billion dollar budget that manages lines of credit for college students.


On top of that, with a fortune gauged to be worth a couple of billion dollars, the DeVos family has generously presented to the GOP donations worth more than two hundred million dollars. At the same time, liberal political figures are concerned that Betsy DeVos will harm public academies and organizations. They say she will do this because she promotes additional economic support for privately owned academic institutions.


Do not forget, the DeVos husband and wife coupling are also renowned for their support for the GOP in the midwest region. Betsy DeVos at the same time chaired the Republican party’s community division in Michigan. Betsy DeVos also supports the use of educational vouchers and charter schools.


Education vouchers and charter schools provide learners a substitute for public academies and institutions. Conservative people frequently criticize federally run academies as a result of the influence of the unions. Another issue criticized by conservative people is the impossibility of terminating educators who have been classified as undesirable.


For the duration of a challenging investigation by the Senate, Betsy DeVos declined to agree to refuse to reduce the educational expense plan. In addition to that, she wishes to promote the progress and growth of privately owned academic institutions with the support of governmental funds. Her unorthodox ideas have caused many liberal political figures to oppose her.


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OSI Group Integrating New Acquisition Into The Company

OSI Group has been showing a great deal of growth through acquirements and they recently purchased the Rose Packing Co. which is based in Barrington, Ill. Rose Packing serves the foodservice industry as well as retail by producing several different pork products as well as a few other types of items. Some of the pork products that they are capable of making for its customers include burghers, chops, boneless turkey, toppings, pork shoulder, ham, sausages, bacon, and more. Both of the companies have a long history throughout the Chicago area and together, they have been in business for more than two centuries combined. Neither companies have released the financial conditions around the transaction.

OSI Group and Rose Packing have both been leaders when it comes to the food industry and the Senior Executive Vice President of OSI North America, Kevin Scott, stated that the company was excited to be able to have Rose Packing join the company. He believes that the current business model of his company will be complemented by the acquisition of the pork producer and that it will support the strategy that they have laid out for growth. They have an interest in the sales channels provided by this acquisition along with the new production capacity and capacity to process food products in different ways. The culture of OSI Group and Rose Packing are similar in the fact that they have both shown a deep commitment to their customers during the time that they have been in operation and have also gained reputations for being innovators in the food processing industry.

It was announced that the entirety of Rose Packing’s management team would be staying on with the company under the new OSI Group ownership. They will be working with the leadership of the company’s new owners in order to work on integrated the companies together after the transaction has completed. The Chief Executive Officer of Rose Packing stated that working with OSI Group is something that he is looking forward to doing as he is proud of the expertise both companies have when it comes to the meat industry.

Impossible Foods partners with OSI Group to ramp up meatless burger production

How to Create an Energy Efficient Office with Agera Energy

When it concerns running an office, you know how difficult it can be to hone in the bills for energy usage. Follow Agera Energy on Twitter.

It is not uncommon for offices to be incredibly expensive to power and run. This has a lot to do with the electricity that is used as well as any fuel to power the heating and cooling system. With the help of Agera Energy, you can learn valuable tips for saving money while still having an office that works efficiently and gets the job done for your own company.


Agera Energy has been teaching office workers and owners how to become more energy efficient for years. With their help, you can save and reduce your electric use while ensuring that all fuel costs are to a minimum. With the majority of people switching to Agera Energy, it’s no surprise that saving money is easier than ever. Agera Energy has been helping many clients since they’ve been in business. They are a trusted option and source for those who would like to be able to get the most out of this process and who want to know just how beneficial it is for them to be switching over to what Agera Energy can do. Follow Agera Energy on

Q & A with businessman and entrepreneur Raffaele Riva

Raffaele Riva is a businessman who created Multi Family Office back in 2008 and who has worked as a partner for other companies. Riva has a degree in economics with knowledge about the law and similar fields as he attended Universita Cattolica del Sacro Cuore located in Milan. He also attended a business school and a post-graduate program in Switzerland. Riva understands multiple languages such as French, English, and Italian along with being interested in collecting artwork. Some of his other hobbies are show-jumping, cars, racing, diving, and skiing. In the first question, Raffaele Riva lists his everyday lifestyle that consists of working early in the morning, planning in a journal, attending meetings, conducting business with clients, followed by some frequent traveling. He reflects that each day can be drastically different and that he brings ideas to life by using his experience to guide him. What truly excites him is getting better as an individual and being successful in all facets of life. One productive habit that he lists is having a good mindset, being up to date, accepting to learn, reading frequently, and being a good listener. Some advice that he gives for others is to not place others ahead but to think ahead for the future. One of his interesting viewpoints it that money does not make someone rich but rather not being scared to fail or become poor. Raffaele Riva recommends that other aspiring entrepreneurs believe in themselves and to not be afraid of failure. In addition, pursuing what they want to do is a plus. One strategy that he shares has helped his business grow is in taking care of clients and in providing excellent service to them. Some mistakes he made early on in his career was taking on too many projects and working with too many partners at once. He recommends that people should just do what they want to do and shares for people to read the book “1984” from George Orwell.


Q & A with Raffaele Riva

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The Genucel Products by Charmonix

The skin is the clearest way to tell someone’s age and their health. This is why so many people are committed to fixing up their skin with the latest skin care to make their skin appear more revitalized. Today, one of the leading products in anti-aging skin care is Genucel by Charmonix. The products from this company have shown to be more effective than most skin care products based on the clinical studies. The studies showed that the product has been 95% effective with reducing puffiness and under eye circles with volunteers that tried their products.

The Genucel products are made from Plant Stem Cell ingredients. The products are made to help with anti-aging benefits. Plant Stem Cell ingredients are the latest in anti-aging skin care that really helps to improve the state of our skin. It acts by decreasing puffiness, reducing redness, tightens skin, smooths skin, adds antioxidants to the skin to help the skin even further. Plant Stem Cell tech is present in more products now, but the blend in the Genucel products far exceeds expectations comparatively to those other products. The plant stem cells in Genucel by Chamonix come from Swedish apples. The product additionally contains algae extract, green tea, and goji berries.

According to, the Genucel products are available online on their web store. The web store ships to most locations. This is the easiest way to ensure you get real Genucel by Charmonix products. The Genucel company is a BBB accredited business. Sales tax on some orders may apply for a few states. There is also a shipping fee for orders made in Canada.

The Genucel products are excellent for those who enjoy spending time on their skin to reverse the time of aging. If you want to see real changes in your skin, then Genucel is the right product for you. Try it today to see real results in your skin.  To know better about Genucel visit

Gino Pozzo’s Contributions in English Football

Did you know that Watford FC is one of the best defensive football clubs in Europe? The main reason why the team is one of the most competitive teams in England is Gino Pozzo’s leadership. As the owner of the club, he has a voice on the club decisions, especially when it comes to buying and selling players. According to English soccer pundits, Pozzo is one of the most influential club owners in modern football and thanks to his contributions; the club is one of the main competitors in top European leagues. Even though this is his first time to have the controlling rights of a football club, Gino Pozzo is not new to sports investments.

His family, for example, previously invested in the Spanish League, which is also another competitive league in the world of football. Gino Pozzo points out that his early interaction with club management and sports investment are the main reasons he has a huge passion for sports. Pozzo, therefore, understands the role fans play in a club and in the last season, he was keen on creating a good rapport with fans. He has been vocal on where he wants to take the club in terms of competitiveness and more importantly, retaining the club culture. Thanks to his passion, he is one of the most loved investors in English Football.

Prior to 2012, the club was one of the less competitive clubs, due to fewer funds and lack of proper management. However, his period in the club has enabled Watford FC to buy better players and compete in the European leagues. Gino Pozzo understands the importance of funds in sports and this understanding has made him put money on the right projects. Last season, for example, he assisted the club in buying some of the best midfielders from different Italian clubs.

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