Luke Lazarus Has Started Helping Others Create Successful Brands

After finding much success through the four businesses that he started early in his career, Luke Lazarus wanted to start helping others. He had learned a lot through the decade of work that he did with his four businesses and he knew that he had knowledge to share with other entrepreneurs.

He decided to help those who were struggling because he knew the statistics behind new businesses. Many of the businesses that start up are gone after just a few years and he is teaching entrepreneurs who are struggling how to turn things around so that won’t happen to their businesses.

Luke Lazarus knows that one of the most important things for a brand to focus on is on sharing a good story. He believes that every brand needs to put out good products that go with the story and that market research needs to be done for them to succeed. Read more: Luke Lazarus Consulting – Melbourne

He found many solutions to business problems that he had faced and he uses them for others. He believes in working hard and has an intensity about him when he is involved with a project that he is passionate about and he is just as intense in his consulting as he was with starting his businesses.

Luke Lazarus is always honest with his clients because he believes that honesty is the only thing that will help them to change and make their businesses better. He helps his clients gain interest from investors and teaches them about venture capitalism.

He knows how much work it takes to gain the interest of investors and tells his clients the truth about all of that so they won’t believe all of the stories they hear about how easy it is to run a successful business.

Luke Lazarus does his work internationally and is from Australia. He attended college in Melbourne and learned a lot through it and through starting his four businesses. He believes that many things must be right for a brand to be a success and one of the things that he says entrepreneurs need to do is to think about their brand.

If they are convinced that it is the right thing to create and if they believe that it will succeed, then they can move forward with it, but if not, then they will be wasting their money on it. Luke Lazarus has always been passionate about the work that he has done and he believes that having structure in his life has helped him be successful through the years.

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Q&A With Luke Lazarus, Startup Consultant

The Museum Of Science And Industry Is Among The Many Chicago Organizations Supported By Maarten De Jeu

Respected strategic business advisement professional Maarten de Jeu has provided support to a
number of the top community and civic organizations across the Chicagoland area of Illinois over
the years. These organizations include the Environmental Law & Policy Center, the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and the Dean’s International Council. One of the institutions that he is most passionate about and devoted to serving is the Museum of Science and Industry. He is a huge fan of the work that the Museum of Science and Industry does and has headed up a program called the Science Spins in the past. This is one example of the many outstanding programs that are put on
at the Museum of Science and Industry to provide education to the community. A big focus of
these programs is to provide education to teens across the Chicago region. Maarten de Jeu is a
notable supporter of one of the most unique programs that the museum presents each year. This
program is called the Farrell Fellows Internship. It is put on at the Museum of Science and Industry
every summer over a five-week term.
As the largest science museum that can be found in the Western Hemisphere of the world, the
Museum of Science and Industry takes very seriously its community responsibility to provide
educational opportunities. When students are accepted to the Farrell Fellows Internship, they gain
the chance to learn skills in speaking and leadership at the same time that they are taking on a
scientific topic. The program gives them the chance to show these skills off during the community
presentations that are put on after the internship. These presentations are often put on at the
public libraries across the Chicago region and the teens who take place in the Farrell Fellows
Internship can pass on some of their new knowledge to younger students of the region. Due to the
great work that this program does, it is of vital importance to have the support of influential
business individuals such as Maarten de Jeu. Learn more:
The professional career of Maarten de Jeu has been varied and impressive. His work as a strategic
business advisor has culminated with the 2012 creation of the company called SVM Business
Advisory. Maarten has served executives from some of the top 100 companies in the world and
provided them with expert advisory services. He has also founded other companies. Maarten de
Jeu is the co-founder of SpeakUp. This vibrant startup is a leader in the field of compliance and
ethics in the European market. It provides unique solutions in these areas to businesses in the
public sector. Consistently excelling in these types of endeavors has been characteristic of
Maarten’s distinguished career.

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Fortress And New Owner Softbank Invest In Smart Home Technology

Fortress Investment Group has bought into the purchase of Vivint Smart Home by Mosaic Acquisition Group to the tune of $125 million dollars. The contribution coincides with Fortress’s existing stake in Mosaic through some of its affiliates. It is also part of a combined investment between Fortress and its new owner Softbank which is also investing $125 million into the acquisition. Softbank’s Vision Fund will gain a representative in the Board of Directors as well as access to Vivint’s innovative catalog of smart home products. The move is another in a list of investments made to advancing technology by both Fortress and Softbank. In the wake of Softbank’s purchase of Fortress it seems the two are linked in their overall goals.

Last year was kind of a big deal for Fortress. The New York-based hedge fund is famous for expanding into a worldwide asset management force, as well as being one of the first hedge funds to go public. Now, Fortress Investment Group is private again and its new owner Softbank has begun to settle in. The purchase finalized back in 2017 but took the next year to integrate. Softbank is a Japanese conglomerate most known for investing in telecom services. Its vision fund is an overall goal to invest in innovation and as Fortress Investment Group is no stranger to advancing tech investments the two share a common goal. The parameters of Softbank’s acquisition allow Fortress to continue business as usual. Softbank simply gets a seat at the directors table, much like their incoming arrangement with Mosaic, and access to Fortress’s huge list of affiliates.

So far Fortress has continued its normal range of investments but Softbank has not hesitated to dip its toe into the water. It has also proven that the purchase of Fortress Investment Group was directly attached to its vision fund. This was most evident in its $2.5 billion dollar development in Times Square called TSK Broadway. The Fortress-backed real estate mega-development is an experiment in innovative real estate. The end result being a hybrid dining/retail/hotel/entertainment experience all rolled into one building.

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DE Shaw: Remaining Strong Amid Negative Speculations

DE Shaw employees have until mid-September to either comply with the newly released non-compete terms or not. According to sources privy to the company’s plan, employees who refuse to sign the new agreements risk being terminated from employment, although they will be allowed to retain the deferred compensation that they would normally be required to forfeit.

DE Shaw is one of the world’s largest hedge funds, boasting over $50 billion under its management. Through its managers, the firm told staff early April that the firm was contemplating imposing the non-compete agreements to bring the firm at per with the global hedge fund standard practice.

However, most people are asking why September. Apparently, this exactly the same month when DE Shaw fired one of its managing directors, Daniel Michalow, whom it accused of getting sexually immoral with the female colleagues. Whereas these months may seem coincidental, the firm insists they have nothing to do with the non-compete terms. Again, DE Shaw isn’t trying to force its employees to sign these new non-competes.

Although it is difficult to imagine that lots of people are likely to walk away from a hedge fund whose future might seem uncertain for now, there is a huge downside risk here. As such, the firm is clearing any doubts that things could be getting a bit messy. But it is certain that a few employees and managers might opt to leave the hedge fund. According to sources close to DE Shaw, the firm asked its employees to pledge their loyalty to the firm during the leadership committee late last year.

As much as the future might seem not so bright for DE Shaw, the hedge fund still remains quite strong and more investors are still flocking it in droves. Although there are a few scenarios such as a couple of employees refusing to sign the new non-compete terms, the firm’s fortunes seem not have been affected and remain stable.

Dick DeVos, Working and Donations

Silence speaks volumes. That explains exactly why Dick DeVos doesn’t ever squander the words that come out of his famed mouth. This businessman from Michigan knows that people pay a lot of attention to his ideas and thoughts. That’s the reason he shows them ample respect. He doesn’t want to waste their attention spans on concepts that just aren’t worth anything to them.


How has this individual spent his life so far? Responses to that question are varied and plentiful. He’s set aside a lot of time for family. Marrying Betsy DeVos was something that was instrumental to his existence and well-being so long ago. Rearing amazing kids with her was something that made a big difference in his world, too. DeVos is among the most compassionate family men in the whole country. Although family matters have without a doubt been a major aspect of DeVos’ universe, they’re not the sole things on his mind. He’s a pioneering man in every sense of the word. He was pioneering when he was the Amway Corporation’s masterful leader or Chief Executive Officer. He was pioneering when he was a Grand Rapids, Michigan lobbyist early on in the nineties. What exactly motivated DeVos to be such a force in lobbying work back then? He actually was pushed to go into lobbying as the result of a discussion that pertained to Grand Rapids construction projects. DeVos believed with all of his heart that establishing an arena by downtown Grand Rapids was going to be highly destructive. He thought that construction projects were a major problem for Detroit and all of its citizens back in the seventies.


Some people are ardent about charity. DeVos is one of these individuals. DeVos fashioned the existence of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with his bride. They fashioned it in 1989. It’s an organization that doesn’t get any profits. Dick and Betsy give the group strong donations frequently. These amounts of money are set aside for a host of educational, artistic, cultural and societal factors. Dick and Betsy devote a lot of brainpower to pondering how to enhance household practices in the United States.


There aren’t many people who are as enthusiastic about aviation as DeVos is. He’s so enthusiastic about planes and all that they can attain that he made the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This is a Grand Rapids tradition in the charter school world. It’s an acclaimed school that has a student body that consists of bona fide aviation buffs. Since DeVos has basically always been crazy about planes, flying and any and all similar subjects. he can relate significantly to all of the young people who go to his school. The school has such an impressive fanbase in that it actually embraces students who come from distant corners of the state. There are quite a few West Michigan Aviation Academy students who only get to see their families on the weekends. That’s because they’re not able to handle grueling mid-week commutes.


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A Must Know About Privinvest

A Must Know About Privinvest

Privinvest is one of the biggest and best shipbuilding groups in the entire world. This shipbuilding company was founded by two brothers (Iskandar Safa and Akram Safa). The two came together with the idea of starting such a company about two decades ago and worked hard to ensure they achieved that. This company mostly deals with some of the most expensive and technologically advanced ships, including commercial vessels and naval. You can also find great yachts from this company as they are an all-round company.

The headquarters of this company is in the Middle East. However, the Privinvest group has some of its state-of-the-art facilities in different places. Some of the areas that you can find these facilities are France, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Middle East, and the Mediterranean. One thing that this company takes a lot of pride in is the fact that it has a diverse skill set in all its facilities hence making it the best in its line of work.

Privinvest has employed a lot of people hence creating many employment opportunities to the youth and the society at large. These employees, who are more than 2500 people, work every day in this company in different sectors such as construction and design of commercial vessels and naval, supplying of integrated systems, and transferring technology to other countries.

The 360 degrees offer that this company has is what has helped it significantly perform a lot of major contracts in the entire world. This company, in collaboration with its highly qualified employees, has managed to build some of the most recognized and best ships on the planet. One of the greatest ships ever built from this company is the Sailing Yacht A. The coming up of remarkable projects by this company is what has helped it gain a lot of confidence from stakeholders worldwide.


Gino Pozzo Gives Watford FC Fans Much To Be Grateful For

For those consumed by European athletics, Gino Pozzo will definitely not be a new name, especially when it to the astonishing developments of various football groups that he has managed. Recently, he has put much of his efforts into Watford Football Club. Playing from England, Watford FC as an organization is poised to flourish under Pozzo’s knowledgeable and well-meaning leadership.

Pozzo’s birthplace was Italy, although his adult education was completed in the United States, where he attended Harvard University. Gino saw his father, Gianpaolo, take the family football passion into the real of entrepreneurship during the 1980s with Gianaplo’s purchase of Udinese. The development of promising underrated football organizations became the Pozzo team’s primary focus after selling off their successful woodworking business back in 2008.

An important role for Gino Pozzo has been the oversight of the astonishing Pozzo scouting model. This has made the Pozzo’s operation staggeringly more efficient when it comes to the rapid development of struggling football clubs. In 2009, Granada F.C. came under Pozzo ownership, and its rise into the Primera Liga from its previous Third Division spot was executed with striking efficiency by the Pozzo operation.

2012’s major occurrence for the Pozzo clan was their purchasing of the aforementioned Watford F.C. At the time, this club had staggering debt, and it was in the Fourth Division. Currently, it is competing among the other Premier League teams thanks to the Pozzo influence. Gino Pozzo benefited greatly in 2016 by allowing Jiang Lizhang to purchase his Granada F.C. shares for more than $30 million after Pozzo had brought the team into prominence.

All in all, the Pozzo family has made a remarkable impact on football in Europe, and some of their unique practices even led to new football regulations regarding recruitment. Watford F.C. fans have much to look forward to.

Raffaele Riva and Pursuing Your Passions

Known as the founder and current president of AUREA Multi Family Office, Raffaele Riva has done well in turning himself into the successful entrepreneur that many consider him to be. AUREA runs as a parent company to a variety of different organizations and mainly focuses on offering financial services which include services like wealth and asset management, investment planning, auditing, and a few other offered services. They offer these services with their customer range being within the international business community. Some of these companies include BGB AUREA Ltd. and Patrimonialia SA along with some others.

Focusing on areas such as corporate financing, mergers, and tax law alongside a few other areas, Riva graduated from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart with a degree in economics and is described to have an unrestrained passion for business as he’s even started several other start-up companies between 1997 and 2008 before he founded AUREA Multi Family Office in 2008, gaining experiencing during his time as an accounting and auditing specialist during his time his Italy and the U.K. Riva has also received a Chartered Accountant degree from the same university, which aided him in working in Italy.

Raffaele Riva is all about passion and truly believes that it’s both his passion and enthusiasm that led him to the success he has now. He also allows himself to be led by innovative ideas. He likes keeping up with current events as he sees it as the key for making a well-informed business decision. Whether it’s his work life or his personal life, he mainly believes in living with a mindset that is very reminiscent of a go with the flow attitude, saying that you should let life guide you.

Fortress Investment Group Expands Its Investment Strategy

New York City-based Fortress Investment Group recently added on to its investment strategy. It is now offering its investors totally secured investments. This started when they lent iPass $20 million with immediate access to half that amount. iPass is a company that offers internet connectivity to companies and individuals. President and Chief Executive Officer Gary Griffiths of iPass stated that this loan strengthened his company’s balance sheet and gave it the capital it needs to expand. The loan is secured by patents, intellectual property, and other assets that iPass holds.

The deal was brokered by Riley Financial, Inc. This company offers four financial services: principal investments, auction & liquidation, capital markets, and valuation & appraisal. Riley Financial has years of experience putting together deals like this one between Fortress Investment Group and iPass. It understands the value of equity and saw that iPass’s assets were worth more than $20 million so the loan is fully secure.

iPass offers the biggest Wi-Fi network in the world. It has 64 million hotspots located in places like hotels, train stations, restaurants, stadiums, convention centers, and airports. Each hotspot can be used by an unlimited number of devices. People use an application to gain access to a hotspot. They are using the money provided by Fortress Investment Group to expand the number of hotspots to 340 million.

Fortress Investment Group was formed in 1998 by three like-minded financial professionals. It later became the first alternative asset investment firm to become publicly traded. It seeks to invest its client’s money in assets that offer strong risk-adjusted returns. Investing in iPass fits into this strategy as its services are just going to get more popular over time and more people are working on-the-go. Whether someone is working or on vacation, they will have access to an iPass hotspot.

Another recent investment Fortress Investment Group made was in All Aboard Florida. This is a private rail service firm that has established a route between West Palm Beach and Miami. The project is expected to support growth in the Florida economy as people can get around without spending hours stuck in traffic.

A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

Colbeck Management Rendering Financial Advisory Services

An unbiased third party offering the best possible disposal of the money between to partners is what we expect from the financial advisors. They offer us the best solutions which are beneficial in the long run in terms of investment.

Colbeck Capital Management takes pride in performing their advisory job with excellence since its foundation in the year 2009. Currently, Colbeck Capital Management has its very functional offices in Williamsburg, Los Angeles, and New York. Jason Colodne and Jason Backmen are the cofounders of the financial advisory firm.

The core focus of the advisory company is to help its clients in the best possible ways to secure corporate loans and then reinvest or refinance these corporate loans into potentially profitable businesses. Business and investment opportunities are always present in the market, which has to be recognized by these advisors at the right time and environment. Colbeck Capital Management has a stable repute in making sure the clients get a maximum advantage through this kind of investment. Very trivial but very potentiate ideas are picked from the market and practically applied to lead to a successful and stable financial situation for the clients.

Apart from that, Colbeck Capital management also helps in the management and coordination of the already earned profits. They are experts in portfolio management as well, and this is the reason why companies like Relativity Media always end up getting the advisory services of Colbeck Capital. The financial advisors are well researched and well versed with financial management and planning. They have an uncountable number of amazing and practical ideas for their clients and very efficiently assist them in achieving these financial goals. Asset management, to summarize, is what they are best at. No matter what kind of business they get you to indulge in, they make sure it is profitable and stable in the long run.

Jason Colodne is the man behind this amazing financial advisory firm. He is well known as the main transaction partner and masters in the flexible solutions to the distressed company turnarounds. He is the man behind the establishment of the infrastructure of the firm, which includes deal execution, loan closing, deal securing, credit trading, and whatnot. He is a very active member of a lot of financial groups and services and is giving monetary benefits to his clients.

Mr. Jason Beckman co-founded the firm with Jason Colodne and is the managing partner of the Colbeck Capital Management. He holds the position of a very senior investment sourcing at his firm. He is expert in the legal solutions to the distressed debts of their corporate clients. He has been famous for the sourcing and gathering investments to fulfill the ideas put forward by the financial experts.

We all know the financial advisory services may face some hurdles while they make the financial paths smooth for their clients. Same happens to the Colbeck from time to time. But since the company works on very basic and strict work ethics, nothing stops them to prosper. The company has successfully provided the desired services to their clients since the beginning of its journey.

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