OSI Food Solutions: Success And Meat Processing

OSI Food Solutions is known to millions by the meat they process for McDonald’s. They’ve been in business for decades. Their main service is providing meat to all retail and food companies across the world. They have their headquarters located in the small town of Aurora, Illinois. Today, the company has expanded to nearly 17 countries where they have over 65 plants. OSI Food Solutions continues its growth as a supplier with a global demand that doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Their food products are distributed to some of the top food businesses many of us frequent. As a private food company, OSI Food Solutions has a list of resources to ensure their meat processing stays on par for what’s expected at the end of distribution. The organization is also in the business of developing new food products for the market. Their staff of nearly 20,000 helps them keep up with demand in various countries. OSI Food Solutions has always made a strong commitment to deliver and make food that stands up to quality and safety. For an organization in business for an impressive 100 years, that says a lot.

OSI Food Solutions began with the goal of a immigrant from Germany by the name of Otto Kolschowsky. His idea started as a family business while operating in Oak Park within Illinois. After migrating from Germany, he was successful in creating his company after a mere two years of landing in the United States. It was back in 1917, when the organization took a turn upward and stared to expand it’s services and products. The wholesale meat business found itself now in the close town of Maywood. While in this Chicago city, they decided to change the name to Otto & Sons. It didn’t take long for them to etch out a name for themselves among the local community. Their reputation grew quickly and so did the demand. Both Gerry and Harold Kolschowsky and Sheldon Lavin are credited with OSI’s expansion in the next few years. It was in 1955, when the business struck it’s first big contract with McDonald’s as their sole meat distributor. The relationship has lasted for years. They were supplying the beloved beef patties to millions of awaiting customers to all the restaurants around the world. As the 1960s rolled around, OSI was still assisting the hamburger chain with what’s called cryogenic food processing. This was the new way of freezing fresh food for later delivery.

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