New Marketing Methods with Steve Lesnard

In a era where consumer dynamics have changed drastically, it is now imperative for companies to reach consumers in new innovate ways. Smartphones have taken root as the main means for entertainment for the vast majority of consumers, which gives an easy entry for companies to naturally enter the lives of consumers. Steve Lesnard is a marketing individual who helps clients discover new ways to market their businesses. In a recent Medium article, he describes a pair of methods to meet the demands of current consumers.

Starting from the most fundamental step, a company needs a simple campaign slogan that is easy to remember and recognize. It needs to be a message that is easy to recall when the consumer sees your product, while aiding in explaining exactly what they can expect. Apple is a company that has mastered this art when they launched iPod over a decade ago. The slogan “10K Songs in your Pocket” captures that how large amounts of of content can be stored on a device in your pocket. The company has continued to explore new effective slogans to this very day through its “safety” and “health and fitness” app campaigns. Companies have to be willing to meet the consumers halfway.

Another effective tool is bringing the product to life through advertising. New methods like videos and pop up ads give a wealth of new resources for companies to utilize. A consumer can not only see how it works, but see it in action through another person. This level of display is vital to convince someone how the product is right for them. In addition, the article mentions a company who used a mascot campaign to perform demonstrations. There is nothing more effective than allowing consumers to touch and the feel the product before purchase.

A company needs to first understand that consumers are fickle by nature. They are not afraid to switch to a different product if they feel their rights are being infringed upon or a company is trying to device them. Walking the fine line between outreach and connect ability is rough to navigate.

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