Neurocore, Kicking ADHD’s Butt

ADHD has become the most common mental illness plaguing both adults and children worldwide. For that reason,Neurocore has dedicated itself to eliminating ADHD through a natural therapy called Neurofeedback.

Originally introduced by Dr. J.F. Lubar in 1976, Neurofeedback is a process of mapping the electrical activity of the patient’s brain and developing a personalized treatment plan to alleviate irregularities. The therapy begins with 3 sessions in which the patient’s brain is monitored by an electroencephalography machine (EEG). The results are compared with thousands of other unnamed EEG readings to develop a clear picture of the patient’s brain activity. From there, a treatment plan is developed and discussed.

For ADHD treatment plan often involves thirty, 45-minute sessions in which the patient focuses on a single task and alerted every time brain activity wanders from the task. The sessions are meant to train the brain to automatically redirect whenever traveling out of range. Neurocore is the nation’s leader in the Neurofeedback therapy. Former patients have reported significant improvement in their ADHD symptoms.

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