Maarten De Jeu and Commercial Investing

Maarten De Jeu is a successful real estate investor. He uses investment strategies to make money off of real estate and fulfill both long and short terms goals. He knows there are some benefits to investing in commercial real estate and is looking to share these with others that are looking to make money.

 Commercial real estate will give additional advantages to investors. Many people think that this is only available to those with a high income but now individual investors can pull their money together to invest in commercial real estate properties.

 Commercial real estate investing is the purchase of a property with the intent to use it to make a profit. Commercial real estate buildings can include warehouses, apartment complexes, retail space, and areas that will be used for manufacturing. Commercial properties are often large and they are more expensive to purchase than residential properties. This is why most investors do not enter the commercial market. There have been some changes to the law that will allow individuals to have part ownership in commercial properties and use them for investment purposes.

 In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startup was passed allowing people to get together and invest in a commercial property. A person can invest in this property with as little as $5,000 and they will share in the sale of the property with the other investors. A person can also retain their ownership in the property and they can collect monthly interest payments on their investment. Maarten De Jeu recommends investing this type of property for the higher return on their investment and the higher the resale value of this property. Learn more:

 Commercial real estate can be a smart investment because these properties release sees a depreciation. The property will often hold its value and even increase over time. These properties do not need as much maintenance and some laws are not as strict for residential properties. Renting the space will also allow an investor to see a return on the money they invested.

 Maarten De Jeu has an MBA from the University of Oxford and has a strong background in business. He has ranked first-class in his studies and has built his career in international business, working in financial services, and investing in commercial real estate properties. He is not willing to give other investors tips so they can make money off of commercial real estate investing.

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