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Ara Chackerian has been in the limelight in the US for the last decade due to his cants of philanthropy and entrepreneurship. He has been involved massively in several foundations that have been changing the lives of ordinary Americans by the day. In Nicaragua, the business guru owns a vast farm that heavily specializes in safe farming and also employs lots of locals. His farm has been attributed to be doing some of the most advanced technologies, not only for higher production yields but also to conserve the environment.

Ara Chackerian is also an angel investor that specializes in spotting, funding and growing small companies. He has a major interest in technology in the medical field. As such, almost all the companies that he has founded involved medical technology. The business mogul is the current managing director of ASC capital holdings. Additionally, he is also the managing director of TMS health solutions. TMS has been integral in transcranial magnetic stimulation introduction in the United States. Transcranial magnetic stimulation assists in the treatment of mental illnesses.


Ara attended the Florida State University and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Business Management and marketing too. With the vast experience in Medicare and application of technology in medicine, Ara Chackerian has created a name for himself.

Most of Ara’s career is spent creating bridges between health and technology. The idea of TMS was a joint venture between him and his friend, a business partner too. It is an idea that was conceived during the company’s expansion activities in northern California.


In a recent interview with one of the leading media outlets in the US, Ara asserts that the idea brought on board by TMS has been very integral in mental health. Since its approval by the American medical regulatory bodies, lots of clinics are adopting the technology due to its ease of operation and effectiveness.


Ara Chackerian says that the idea behind TMS was creating a technology that would enable both patients and doctors to go through the treatment process with ease. The facility has since expanded their infrastructure in San Francisco and Sacramento amongst many other areas. You can visit to see more.


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