Jason Colodne Is One Half Of The Team That Created A Truly Innovative Investment Firm

Colbeck Capital Management is the innovative investment firm that has built its well-deserved reputation for excellence off of its ability to find solutions for the corporate world in situations where financing would normally be considered difficult. The team at Colbeck Capital Management has garnered this success by way of strategically targeting niches of today’s investment market that are currently in a state of being undercapitalized. This outstanding team is headed up by the impressive leadership provided by Managing Partners and Co-Founders Jason Colodne and Jason Beckman. The success that has been achieved at Colbeck since its 2008 establishment is a testament to the dedication that these two individuals have put in. Both individuals brought a wealth of professional experience and knowledge into Colbeck when the co-founded the firm. The stories of both of these investment professionals are well-worth covering but the focus here is on the career of Jason Colodne. ┬áRead more about Jason Colodne at

In preparations for a career in business and investment, Jason Colodne studied hard during his high school days at Horace Mann High Schoo. His strong academic record in high school made it possible for him to get accepted into the renowned University of Pennsylvania. During his time at Penn, Jason Colodne took a double-major in the field of history. This academic background has certainly served as a major catalyst for his future successes in the investment industry and helped to prepare him to eventually create his own firm alongside his business partner Jason Beckman.

Beyond his extensive involvement in the day to day running of the business at Colbeck Capital Management, Jason Colodne is also a sitting board member with several of his portfolio companies. His professional life has also involved work with a number of different steering committees in the area of restructuring. He is also a member of the committee with the Children’s Tumor Foundation and sits of the Board of Directors at Centurion Foundation as well.

Before he co-founded Colbeck Capital Management, Jason Colodne worked with two of the most well-known and respected investment and financial firms in the industry with Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. While at Goldman Sachs, he headed up the areas of hybrid lending and distressed investment. After leaving Goldman Sachs, Jason went on to Morgan Stanley and continued on his successful career journey.

At Morgan Stanley, Jason Colodne held the title of Head of Strategic Finance. His tenure in this office saw him make a massive impact on the firm due to his creation of a strategic lending department. The time Jason spent at Morgan Stanley also saw him make a major impact on areas such as loan documentation. He Kicked off Colbeck Capital Management in 2008 with his business partner Jason Beckman. In founding Colbeck Jason Colodne combined all of his years of past experience with the deep pool of knowledge possessed by Jason Beckman. In doing so, the business partners have been able to create an investment firm of significant distinction.


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