James Dondero and Philanthropy Groups

James Dondero isn’t a simple individual by any stretch of the imagination. The businessman is a complex and nuanced person through and through. He’s been that way since before his college education at the University of Virginia located in leafy Charlottesville, Virginia. Learning was Jim Dondero’s strong suit while he was there. He flourished in all of his finance courses. He did just as well in all of his accounting classes. Once he finished going to the University of Virginia, it was time for him to commence his vocational path. He was a JP Morgan employee for a while. After working for JP Morgan, he commenced a job with yet another All-American powerhouse in the monetary realm. That powerhouse was the inimitable American Express.

Jim Dondero teamed up with an investment banker by the name of Mark Okada early on in the nineties. The twosome decided to create a firm they called Highland Capital Management. The firm was originally based in Los Angeles, California. They toward the middle of the nineties transferred it all the way to Dallas, Texas, however. That’s where it operates at the moment. Highland Capital Management is a major presence all over Dallas. The same thing applies to James Dondero as an executive. People who are involved with philanthropy in the city often know a lot about this man. The same thing applies to people who are involved with charity. He puts a lot of money into all sorts of local non-profits. He even puts cash into the Dallas Zoo. James Dondero knows just how indispensable the Dallas Zoo is to the city. That’s the reason he doesn’t think twice about making sizable donations to it.

Jim Dondero is perpetually on the lookout for new non-profit groups that may pique his interest. He’s an unwavering philanthropist.

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