Jack Plotkin’s Future in Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

There are dreamers and then there are doers out there. Jack Plotkin is an individual that does everything in his power each day to innovate the telehealth market. We have seen a major influx of telehealth services that have been implemented in various medical field settings over the year. Jack has been at the forefront of this ongoing battle to provide more services to hospitals that can help more people in an incredibly efficient way. However, Jack has only just begun to get to work in the medical field. He has an extensive background in healthcare with over twenty years of service for healthcare companies. He has since become a leader in the industry who wants to make the healthcare field better for patients and practitioners alike.

Jack PlotkinJack original attended college in Harvard many years ago where he would find his calling in life. It is here that he would explore the arts and begin to develop his critical thinking skills to think outside of the box. This was imperative for his upbringing at the time and would propel him forward in life as an industry leader. Jack has always been an individual who steps up to the plate whenever a challenge is presented towards him. This would help him power through the healthcare industry whenever large-scale problems would present themselves. Though he had all of the training that he could get from schooling, nothing would prepare him for the real-life obstacles that happen to everyone. His work would get him the attention of higher-ups that would promote him to healthcare consulting. 

Jack approaches complex situations with simple solutions. He believes that all problems can be solved by simplifying them into more digestible parts. The future is looking bright for Jack Plotkin as he begins to simplify modern problems that most healthcare professionals face utilizing the power of telehealth solutions. 

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