Isabel dos Santos: Business in a Surprising Fashion

Isabel dos Santos grew her own networth into a stunning figure, but she did it with a cunning mind for business and with a bit of help. She’s the wealthiest female in Africa, and her businesses have a lot to say about her wisdom. Though she measures success with freedom and independence, we can all respect what she has built financially.


The first company owned by Isabel dos Santos came through the help of her father. His business connections didn’t reveal the most exciting prospect at that time, but they did lead her into a lucrative one. She learned quickly, and the lesson had molded her mind: supply and demand are what reign supreme. Glitz and glamour don’t matter when real money is being made.

Her experience here, in leading a trucking company, would set the foundation for Isabel´s career as a business owner. Her father’s own people would also play a role, for she would overlook many opportunities without their help.


Having walkie-talkies enter into the African continent meant that businesses, those who had the means to, would expand on communications. You have to imagine undeveloped areas to see how walkie-talkies can benefit a growing economy. Think of a group of cable-TV installers who, for example, are working in an area where there are few roads and no maps.

These groups need to communicate as they build Africa. Getting into telecommunications for Isabel dos Santos was about tapping into an emerging need and then profiting from it.


Miami Beach was the first location, and this set the stage for more nightclubs to be built, bought and sold. Isabel dos Santos learned that the entertainment business thrives—even when the economy is in a downturn. Diversifying her businesses this way allowed her to weather the unexpected. She would still make money when her other businesses saw difficult times (Dailyfoxreport).

High-Stake Investments

Generating wealth led her to then seek out investments for long and short term gains. These would cover the best-stock-market picks, yearly bonds, top-rated currencies and luxury real estate.

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