Grace Farms, the River building

Grace Farms is a social and cultural institution that is ran by Sharon Prince and her husband. The Grace Farms Foundation was founded by Sharon and her husband in 2009, but their land was purchased in 2015. Grace Farms now sits on 80 acres of beautiful land that was once a horse farm. They recently opened up a new center at Grace Farms that was built on the a foundation of nature, art, justice, community, and faith.

The center “the river” is an extraordinary building. It is built of glass, wood, and steel with several twists and turns to the frame. The building contains several amenities and activities such as; sports, library, gym, education, cafĂ©, gym, worship room, and an auditorium that holds 700 seats. Sharon looked over the whole project and remained close to the designers to be sure it came out perfect.

The Sharon Prince Grace Farms foundation has changed thousands of lives around the world. The place is completely free of admission and open to the public six days a week. They hold several entertaining and informative events throughout the year. The place is a wonderful place to visit to simply relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

There have been more than 70 different bird breeds spotted, along with several other animal breeds. There are also fishing ponds, walking trails, a garden, and more. Their foundation donates fresh produce food from their garden to local charities and food banks. Sharon had a vision when looking into Grace farms and she is constantly making it better.

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