Genucel’s Natural Ingredients Have Millennials Excited

The millennial generation is set to be the largest consumer group in America after this year. Unlike previous generations, they expect a lot more from their products, such as ingredients that they understand, and the want the companies to be up-front about their policies. Genucel by Chamonix understands this and takes it to heart, creating a product of integrity.

Genucel is an anti-aging product. They recognize that many of the millennial generation is just starting to see signs of aging. What they want the consumer to understand is that taking care of your skin is a life-long journey. An example of this would be why doctors ask parents to put sunscreen on their children.

Upon first look, one would think that Genucel by Chamonix is marketed to the older generation. When looking closer though- the company has exactly what the younger generation is looking for. They use natural ingredients in a way that coincides with the scientific research they have done.

Some of the active ingredients in Genucel include:

Plant Stem Cells that come from the Malus Domestica Plant. This plant is a type of apple that has been known to help the skin. For Genucel by Chamonix, this is their main ingredient.

Eyeseryl,a product is used to reduce puffiness around the eyes and comes from a tetrapeptide.

Based on, the other ingredients include algae extract which has been used for thousands of years.Green tea leaf extract which has premature aging ingredients. A big one that many millennials have probably heard of in the news recently is collagen which is a protein that is said to help maintain strong skin. Last but not least is the goji berry which helps fight free radicals and keeps the skin hydrated- something many other age fighting products do not have.

Believe it or not, the active ingredients in Genucel often times have immediate effects. Women between the ages of twenty-four and sixty one used the product in a controlled setting and each had a mean wrinkle reduction of nearly thirty percent. Sounds like a product perfect for anyone worried about their skin, no matter the age. To know more about Genucel you can visit

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