End Citizens United

End Citizens United is an American activist group that specializes in a unique subset of political conversation. The group can trace its origins back to the 2008 presidential election. During the tail end of the voting season, a conservative organization known as Citizen’s United won a legal case that allowed for conglomerates and billionaires to funnel gross amounts of money into political figures campaigns.

End Citizens United is the direct response to that ruling, as the group is dedicated to fighting against billionaires and big businesses using their economic resources to get unlawful and anti-consumer programs through the political system. The group argues that the ruling undermines the sanctity of the American political institution, and often results in decisions and figureheads being put into place that work against the better interest of the American people. As such, the group identifies itself as a nonprofit, philanthropic organization. The group has assembled a number of experienced and passionate individuals, well versed in a large number of subjects, such as law, political science, and sociology. Online news outlet has published an extensive write-up regarding the organization and recent events surrounding them. More specifically, the group is tackling the controversial “Anything Goes” mentality frequently found in American campaign finance. In challenging this issue head-on, End Citizens United hopes to create a spark of change that creates positive effects of the American political landscape in the coming years.

End Citizens United identifies as a liberal organization. As such, they are vehemently opposed to the current state of Washington. The group seeks to create a message of positivity and education in the tumultuous landscape created by the Trump administration. In doing so, the group believes it will create a public that is more receptive to the lofty goals it has taken as its mission statement. As details, the group’s mission statement is to overturn the ruling found in the infamous 2008 case, Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission. The negative aspects of this case are numerous: large conglomerates no longer need to reveal which candidates they are backing, or those who they are providing millions of dollars, Additionally, federal law will no longer hold these individuals accountable for the actions of constituents. End Citizens United believes this creates a political atmosphere that is founded on dishonesty, underhanded tactics, and anti-consumers ideologies. The organization fights back against this atmosphere every day, and in doing works towards creating a political system that works for the people, rather than against it.

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