Dick DeVos, Working and Donations

Silence speaks volumes. That explains exactly why Dick DeVos doesn’t ever squander the words that come out of his famed mouth. This businessman from Michigan knows that people pay a lot of attention to his ideas and thoughts. That’s the reason he shows them ample respect. He doesn’t want to waste their attention spans on concepts that just aren’t worth anything to them.


How has this individual spent his life so far? Responses to that question are varied and plentiful. He’s set aside a lot of time for family. Marrying Betsy DeVos was something that was instrumental to his existence and well-being so long ago. Rearing amazing kids with her was something that made a big difference in his world, too. DeVos is among the most compassionate family men in the whole country. Although family matters have without a doubt been a major aspect of DeVos’ universe, they’re not the sole things on his mind. He’s a pioneering man in every sense of the word. He was pioneering when he was the Amway Corporation’s masterful leader or Chief Executive Officer. He was pioneering when he was a Grand Rapids, Michigan lobbyist early on in the nineties. What exactly motivated DeVos to be such a force in lobbying work back then? He actually was pushed to go into lobbying as the result of a discussion that pertained to Grand Rapids construction projects. DeVos believed with all of his heart that establishing an arena by downtown Grand Rapids was going to be highly destructive. He thought that construction projects were a major problem for Detroit and all of its citizens back in the seventies.


Some people are ardent about charity. DeVos is one of these individuals. DeVos fashioned the existence of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with his bride. They fashioned it in 1989. It’s an organization that doesn’t get any profits. Dick and Betsy give the group strong donations frequently. These amounts of money are set aside for a host of educational, artistic, cultural and societal factors. Dick and Betsy devote a lot of brainpower to pondering how to enhance household practices in the United States.


There aren’t many people who are as enthusiastic about aviation as DeVos is. He’s so enthusiastic about planes and all that they can attain that he made the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This is a Grand Rapids tradition in the charter school world. It’s an acclaimed school that has a student body that consists of bona fide aviation buffs. Since DeVos has basically always been crazy about planes, flying and any and all similar subjects. he can relate significantly to all of the young people who go to his school. The school has such an impressive fanbase in that it actually embraces students who come from distant corners of the state. There are quite a few West Michigan Aviation Academy students who only get to see their families on the weekends. That’s because they’re not able to handle grueling mid-week commutes.


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