Darien Dash Cares About Doing Good Things For Others

Darien Dash was born into a family that was involved in the entertainment business, and when he was in college he started a record label with his cousin. They signed hip-hop artists like Jay Z to the label and grew it to be worth over $100 thousand. He started to have an interest in the internet and giving access to it to all people of all colors and he did work to make that happen. President Clinton recognized his efforts and asked for his help in making the internet accessible to everyone in America.

Dash started a technology firm, which is named Places of Color, with the help of Carly Fiorina, a businesswoman who worked for Hewlett-Packard. They created the firm to help reach people in the minority communities in New Jersey and New York, and the firm was given an award at the end of the year because of its efforts. It was named the Technology Firm of The Year, both regionally and nationally. It provided people with computers that they could afford and gave them access to the technology that they never would have otherwise had.

Darien Dash is now working with another company that he started, which is called The Movement Management firm. In it, he advises clients in the entertainment industry, in sports, and those in business. He stays productive in his business by always working on whatever is most pressing at the moment and making sure that it gets done well. He gets up early each morning and stays late if his clients need a lot of help. Darien Dash says that he works with a good team and that they take care of a lot of things for him. He works with all kinds of clients and doesn’t discriminate against anyone, and he is highly sought after.

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