Wine Tasting With Traveling Vineyard

Napa Valley is mostly famous for its wine. This area is home to some of the best lands for grape growing. However, apart from the wine, there is more that visitors can do while at Napa Valley. With fascinating sounds and sights, Napa Valley has a lot to offer. Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides has compiled some of the top activities and things that people can do while in Napa Valley apart from just drinking the great wine.

Taking a stroll to the Napa Art Walk is an amazing activity to do while at Napa Valley. For individuals who love 3-D art, this is a good place to visit. The Napa Art Walk exhibition has all types of breathtaking sculptures. The Napa Valley Historical Society is another amazing place to discover the history about the famous valley. You can sign up for lectures or tours by local historians who will enlighten you about the history of Napa valley and have an enriching experience.

The Round Pond Estate is known for producing high quality Mediterranean olives. Apart from wine, Napa Valley is also home to some of the best olives in the world. The guide tours at the olive mill will walk you through the whole process of olive oil production. You are also able to choose from a wide range of fine vinegars.

With its headquarters in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Traveling Vineyard was started in 2001. The wine company was started in order to give people an experience of wine tasting that is in-home. A direct selling company, Traveling Vineyard has helped entrepreneurs in earning an income on a schedule that is flexible through their unending love for wine. Founded by Rick Libby, Traveling Vineyard deals with direct sales, wines, winery and also spirits.

The wine guides at Traveling Vineyard inspire people in making the connection between food, wine and fun. With the needed skills and experience in wines, the wine guides are provided with business management technology by Traveling Vineyard. With approximately 50 employees, Traveling Vineyard has acquired a reputation for its efficiency and reliability in hosting professional wine tasting events. The wine company has successfully launched many Wine Guides all over the country who work-at-home.

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