DRMetrix Awards US Money Reserve Top In Category Award Second Year In A Row

Direct response television has become one way various companies have taken to explaining what they are about because it offers avenues for their target audience to respond.

DRMetrix takes into account the audience response to various television series and infomercials, and one company they’ve awarded a best in category recognition to is US Money Reserve.

US Reserve has won this award the last two years at the AdSphere Awards event, and their nomination for this award has come because they have gotten tremendous ratings for their gold and silver infomercials, and they’ve used a variety of methods to explain their company.

US Money Reserve has educated many new people on how to buy gold and silver and how they can use it to preserve their wealth.

US Money Reserve has a large collection of rare gold and silver coins as well as bars and other high value bullion. The company has over 15 years in meeting customer demands and delivering the products they advertise.

They are backed by the Better Business Bureau, and they also have partnered with organizations such as the Perth Mint.

They want their customers to understand that owning physical gold coins can give you a tangible asset that can even be used as legal tender, and one that will gain value when regular currency loses value. But it’s not just what US Money Reserve sells; it’s also who they have endorsing their products.

Along with CEO Angela Koch, US Reserve also has some of the nation’s top numismatists serving on their executive board including Philip N. Diehl, the only former US Mint Director who currently serves at a private company.

Diehl turned the Mint around so that they were operating within the budget and even brought back one of their commemorative coin programs. He’s been a featured guest on CNBC and has offered his opinion on the future of the penny and why owning gold coins is something everyone should consider.

He also gives new customers at US Reserve an introduction to the company’s products in the free gold information section of the website which points them in the right direction to buying bullion.

The US Money Reserve website has been designed to accommodate all devices and has both live updates on precious metals and also charts on the historic prices of gold. You can also get help while making a purchase, return or other transaction by using US Money Reserve’s Client-Connect Advantage app.

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