Jack Plotkin’s Future in Telehealth

Jack Plotkin

There are dreamers and then there are doers out there. Jack Plotkin is an individual that does everything in his power each day to innovate the telehealth market. We have seen a major influx of telehealth services that have been implemented in various medical field settings over the year. Jack has been at the forefront of this ongoing battle to provide more services to hospitals that can help more people in an incredibly efficient way. However, Jack has only just begun to get to work in the medical field. He has an extensive background in healthcare with over twenty years of service for healthcare companies. He has since become a leader in the industry who wants to make the healthcare field better for patients and practitioners alike.

Jack PlotkinJack original attended college in Harvard many years ago where he would find his calling in life. It is here that he would explore the arts and begin to develop his critical thinking skills to think outside of the box. This was imperative for his upbringing at the time and would propel him forward in life as an industry leader. Jack has always been an individual who steps up to the plate whenever a challenge is presented towards him. This would help him power through the healthcare industry whenever large-scale problems would present themselves. Though he had all of the training that he could get from schooling, nothing would prepare him for the real-life obstacles that happen to everyone. His work would get him the attention of higher-ups that would promote him to healthcare consulting. 

Jack approaches complex situations with simple solutions. He believes that all problems can be solved by simplifying them into more digestible parts. The future is looking bright for Jack Plotkin as he begins to simplify modern problems that most healthcare professionals face utilizing the power of telehealth solutions. 

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Maarten De Jeu and Commercial Investing

Maarten De Jeu is a successful real estate investor. He uses investment strategies to make money off of real estate and fulfill both long and short terms goals. He knows there are some benefits to investing in commercial real estate and is looking to share these with others that are looking to make money.

 Commercial real estate will give additional advantages to investors. Many people think that this is only available to those with a high income but now individual investors can pull their money together to invest in commercial real estate properties.

 Commercial real estate investing is the purchase of a property with the intent to use it to make a profit. Commercial real estate buildings can include warehouses, apartment complexes, retail space, and areas that will be used for manufacturing. Commercial properties are often large and they are more expensive to purchase than residential properties. This is why most investors do not enter the commercial market. There have been some changes to the law that will allow individuals to have part ownership in commercial properties and use them for investment purposes.

 In 2012, the Jumpstart Our Business Startup was passed allowing people to get together and invest in a commercial property. A person can invest in this property with as little as $5,000 and they will share in the sale of the property with the other investors. A person can also retain their ownership in the property and they can collect monthly interest payments on their investment. Maarten De Jeu recommends investing this type of property for the higher return on their investment and the higher the resale value of this property. Learn more:

 Commercial real estate can be a smart investment because these properties release sees a depreciation. The property will often hold its value and even increase over time. These properties do not need as much maintenance and some laws are not as strict for residential properties. Renting the space will also allow an investor to see a return on the money they invested.

 Maarten De Jeu has an MBA from the University of Oxford and has a strong background in business. He has ranked first-class in his studies and has built his career in international business, working in financial services, and investing in commercial real estate properties. He is not willing to give other investors tips so they can make money off of commercial real estate investing.

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Strategic Business Advisor Maarten De Jeu Notes The Various Benefits Of Commercial Real Estate Investing

Over the past few decades, Maarten De Jeu has gained a significant amount of experience across a wide range of niches. As a strategic advisor, he has worked with a variety of firms during his career, with many of these being listed on the Fortune 100. As a result of this expertise, he has been able to highlight several financial areas where companies can be successful, with one of the more prominent of these being commercial real estate investing.


The primary reason for this is that there is quite a considerable number of benefits to commercial real estate property, which helps to differentiate it from other niches. As a result, De Jeu notes that it can often be one of the more financially attractive options for many entrepreneurs. 


Protection Against Inflation


One of the most notable benefits that De Jeu highlights is that commercial real estate property can offer a significant amount of protection against inflation. While appreciation can often vary over time, he claims that this typically outpaces the rising costs of goods and services.


Alongside this, Maarten De Jeu highlights that there can be a significant amount of volatility with the value of stocks and bonds. As a result, entrepreneurs often cannot predict their long-term value and how this will measure up to inflation. With a commercial real estate property, however, the majority of investors should be able to protect themselves against much of this.


The strategic advisor also notes that many states have regulations that allow for rent escalation over time, which can further enhance this protection, as well as feedback into it. Another core benefit of this rent increase is that investors should see increasing returns from the property, which should mean that they’re getting much more value for money. 


Hard Asset


Maarten De Jeu also highlights that, since commercial real estate property is a hard asset, it could provide a variety of ways to maximize the profit that’s made from it. These can be relatively unique when compared to stocks and bonds, which often cannot compete with some of its core advantages.


For example, De Jeu notes that hard assets can be insured, while stocks and bonds cannot. As such, should a building get damaged, then owners will be able to have it repaired without having the costs eat into their investment.


There’s also the option of improving and upgrading a commercial real estate property, which should subsequently mean that investors will be able to command a much higher rent than they initially had. Though this will require additional funds to perform, the business advisor notes that these can reap dividends over the long-term. Learn more:


One of the final core benefits that being a hard asset has is that commercial real estate property can be sold, which should help to return the majority, if not all, of an initial investment. While stocks and bonds can boast this too, Maarten De Jeu highlights that the money that was made through rent can enhance this value, and often mean that investors will make a large profit with the sale.

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Marc Beer: The Entrepreneur Leading ViaCell And Renovia

Marc Beer is someone who has time and again proved that he is a strong entrepreneur who can lead businesses who are looking to grow within a certain industry. He has played a large role in the development and success of several businesses, especially within the biotechnology industry. The work that he has done over the past twenty-five years has been nothing short of incredible, which is also why he has gained such a positive reputation within this industry. One of the main aspects of the success that Marc Beer has had is his ability to look at things and analyze the problems that are being faced. In an interview, he stated that he has a unique ability to spot problems and issues that are being faced, and a mind that quickly goes to find the solutions to these problems. This has led him to establish several companies that are working to solve certain issues that people face.


Marc Beer’s educational qualifications are one of the things that helped him grow professionally. He graduated from Miami University with a degree in Business. He always had an entrepreneurial mind and wanted to start up his own company someday. This educational qualification helped him get a job with a prestigious pharmaceutical and biotech company known as Genzyme. This was a company that had risen to become one of the biggest names in the industry and Marc Beer had the good fortune of being able to start out his career with them. He worked at Genzyme for a while and before he knew it, he was promoted to the position of Vice President of Global Marketing at the company. This was an incredibly precious position for Marc Beer and was something that convinced him that he could lead a company of his own. After spending a few years as the Vice President, he decided to leave the company and start up his own firm. Learn more:


The first company that Marc Beer started was ViaCell. This was a company that operated within the area of biotechnology and mainly focused on the development of stem cells. The company had over three hundred employees and went public in 2005. The company played a large role in the research done for stem cell treatments, which is now being implemented on a wide scale.


Renovia was the second company that Marc Beer founded and was a company that mainly focused on one type of disorder. The company was started so as to provide treatments to women who were facing disorders that affected the pelvic floor. Marc Beer put together an incredibly efficient team of researchers and doctors who together worked to give a solution to women who were affected by this disorder. The work that Renovia did was incredible, and shed new light on the issues that women faced as well as the possible courses of treatment that could be offered to them. Because of the work done by the company, millions of women will not be able to receive a more effective course of treatment for their pelvic floor disorders.

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Prevegan’s Top Tips to Keeping Your Brain Sharp

Prevegan knows that aging can be hard both on your body and your brain. Here are some tips to help your brain stay your best. First, remember to exercise and eat a healthy diet. Exercise promotes brain health in three main ways.

It promotes the growth of small blood vessels that carry oxygen to our “thinking” part of the brain; it forms new nerve cells, and increases the connections between brain cells (synapses). Healthy eating helps prevent or slow cognitive decline. Super foods such as blueberries promote brain health and growth. Also keep your brain well hydrated with plenty of water.

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As part of a healthy diet, beware of alcohol and smoking. Alcohol can increase your chances of developing dementia; so limit drinking to one drink per day for women and two for men.

Be warned, however that an Oxford University study found that any alcohol consumption over many years can shrink the hippocampus, the area of the brain responsible for memory and reasoning. Smoking has also been linked to cognitive decline and a decrease of grey matter, so if you smoke its important to quit.

Go out into the world and learn! Exercising your brain though learning new skills, solving puzzles, building things or taking classes help keep your brain sharp and flexible, as you get older. Getting out and socializing not only encourages healthy brain behaviors such as exercise or brain stimulation but is also linked to better memory and a lower risk of dementia.

Also, explore nature! David Strayer, a cognitive psychologist has proved that three days in nature away from technology can increase creative problem solving by 50 percent. Nature allows us to rest our prefrontal cortex, and reduces the stress hormone cortisol, leaving you feeling refreshed.

Keeping stress down and getting enough sleep can help. Stress can damage brain structures and decrease neural connectivity, both, which cause long-term issues with brain function. This makes managing stress, such as through exercise, meditation, deep breathing, or yoga, extremely important in maintaining brain health.

Sleep deprivation makes the brain unable to form new or maintain old neuropath ways, which are responsible for learning and memory. It also cannot remove toxins built up in the daytime hours. To improve sleep, consider cutting back on caffeine reduce screen time within the two hours before bed, and keeping a relaxing nightly routine.

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If you still need a little extra support, Prevegan can help. Proven effective in a double-blind study, Prevegan has been shown to improve memory and other cognitive functions.

Just one Prevegan per day can give your brain that little extra boast you were looking for.

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Sergey Petrossov Started His Billion Dollar Business in His Twenties. What’s Next for One of Miami’s Top Entrepreneurs?

Sergey Petrossov has had an eye for improvement and growth from when he was a kid in South Florida running a lemonade stand to when he was a student attempting to run a business to fulfill the demand of tire rims more effectively. After graduation, he founded an online education tech company that is still going strong. Then he took a flight.

Sergey Petrossov

In 2009, he took a private flight and during this flight, he discovered the whole booking situation was convoluted and time-consuming. He also learned that there are a lot of un-used seats and empty flights one way or the other. The system that the private and public airlines were using was archaic and there was a clear need for the right analytical mind to make things more efficient.

Sergey Petrossov describes his business’ services as a new transportation network in the sky. He matches people who are looking for private flights to jets that are empty using an app that he created. The app is integrating other features as well, including anticipating the need for luxury car services and housing at the end of the flight if the user wants to partake. The app takes luxury private flights that were once available only to the few and opens them to the many. He knows his market, and the mass affluent of the globe have enjoyed the convenience and lower flight costs available to fly the skies in luxury.

Sergey Petrossov

The sky is the limit for those with an analytical mind, the right opportunities, education, and the wit to know when to act. After the success of JetSmarter, all eyes are on Sergey Petrossov to see what his next move will be. What will be the next problem that he will identify, solve, and capitalize upon?

Smita Shah: Taking empowerment for business women to another level

It’s not unlikely you heard of Smita Shah as she is known as a successful female engineer who’s been thriving with her engineering firm, SPAAN Tech since 1998. She has led her industry with her firm’s impressive skills to overturn complex projects with no effort at all. Shah remains in an influential position with her company and yet she still has time to help other female entrepreneurs get ahead. Her early days spent as a nerd solving math problems and forgoing play outside with classmates has paid off. She became a household name at her college due to her talent during “math relays.” 


With her striving career continuing to move upward, Shah still makes time to help other female entrepreneurs who are finding challenges in making it within the business climate. She has developed effective tips businesswomen can use to keep themselves positive in the overall challenge of working with mostly males. Shah jumps at the opportunity to help businesswomen achieve as many don’t have access to the number of role models in most companies. Unlike men, who have these figures to lean on, Shah says women have to count on their instinct to get them through the competitive business world. As she states, Shah says a woman’s poor self-image can knock her back and stop her from reaching her goals. With more female role models who are strong and thriving, it can change that perception of themselves. Learn more:


Shah’s first method is for the female entrepreneur to believe in themselves. She states this is crucial for any businesswoman, especially those surrounded by their male co-workers on a daily basis. They should look at their achievements and have a lot of respect for their abilities. These elements are what makes them successful and they need to be proud of that. Female entrepreneurs must take time out to recognize themselves as being successful and getting through tough challenges. Shah says as girls it’s encouraged to be passive, which goes against the competitiveness of actual business and how it operates. Women in the workplace must learn that assert their dirty traits just as males do so often in their careers. 


Shah says female entrepreneurs must take on a self-talk to always awaken their inner voice and keep things positive. This is a self-assuring method that can keep them stay on the right track. Once females begin realizing their experience and shape their success, then they can move forward. Shah adds that all experiences are never pleasant or great and they can happen no matter what gender you are. 


Another method Shah recommends is to maintain a strong presence of yourself as a female entrepreneur. She states one’s presence means a lot when in the business world. Everything is about the first impression and we typically can’t get those back. Our initial meetings with people will forever determine how we will relate to that person from then and beyond. Shah states that all business attire must be neutral and mellow.

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Marc Beer Perseveres in True Entrepreneurial Spirit

Marc Beer is an inspiring entrepreneur that has created over 25 years of success. His education and experience has led him to achieve new heights in the world of Biotechnology. He has a passion to help those in need and has been able to cultivate his passion into creating pharmaceutical drugs that can aid those suffering from infectious diseases. 


A graduate of Miami University with a Bachelor of Science in Business, Marc Beer perfected his marketing intuition for a promising career. Beginning in the sales and marketing department of the pharmaceutical company Genzyme, Beer excelled and was able to quickly climb the corporate ladder to become the Vice President of Global Marketing. It was within this position that he was able to create a global presence for Genzyme. Beer’s attempts were very successful and he was able to position the conglomerate’s product line so as it maintained the ability to help over 300 million people throughout the world that were afflicted with rare diseases. 


The experience of helping these underserving people touched Marc Beer’s heart and prompted him to create his own company. He felt the need to push the envelope even further and focus on those issues that were difficult to solve within the industry. In 2000 he launched Viacell, a biotechnology company whose expertise was collecting and preserving umbilical cords for the purpose of stem cell development and using them to treat human ailments. The company went public in 2005, and by 2007 Marc Beer was in the position to sell ViaCell to PerkinElmer for $300 million.


While the sale of Viacell was a high point is Marc Beer’s life, it was short lived. A few months after the sale, his wife unexpectedly died at the age of 42 from a pulmonary embolism. Lost and overwhelmed with grief, Beer began to focus all of his energy on his children and helping them through this difficult time. After two years of being a full-time father, one of children advised him that what he was doing was not his sole purpose in life and that he needed to continue to find a way to help others as best as he can. Learn more:


With this new inspiration, Marc Beer began to contemplate his next option. Shortly thereafter, he received a call from Dr. Iglesias; a gynecologist that was treating women with pelvic floor disorders. Eventually, Beer teamed up with Dr. Iglesias and Yolanda Lorié to found the company Renovia. Renovia is a medical technology company that develops innovative diagnostic and treatment technologies for women who suffer from pelvic floor disorder. With Renovia, Beer is aiming at breaking down the stereotype that is associated with this ailment and hopes to create ways for sufferers to avoid surgical intervention. A true entrepreneur with a passion to help others, Marc Beer’s success will almost certainly carry on well into the future.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Makes Her Mark on the Plastic Surgery World

Dr. Jennifer Walden ReviewsIn a world of competitiveness with looks, it can be a struggle to measure up. People use a variety of means to switch up their looks. More and more people are turning to plastic surgery to help them achieve the desired look they want to be more appealing physically. The plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of those people that is capable of making results look like as good and natural as possible.

Based in Texas, Dr. Jennifer Walden has had years of experience. She gained her book smart knowledge about plastic surgery in Texas colleges. She did a residency in New York at the Manhattan Ear, Nose, and Throat Clinic. Dr. Jennifer Walden has since then opened her own practice in Texas. She opted to move back to her home state for work because of her two sons. She wanted them to be raised closer by her family so they’d grow up knowing them and having a big family around them.


Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are full of praise for her vaginal rejuvenation work for her clients. She’s well-liked for her work with breasts, facial work, and other alterations that her clients are interested in. She specializes in breasts and vaginal rejuvenation surgery. Dr. Jennifer Walden reviews are also positive because she has made a name for herself in the world of plastic surgery additionally with the innovative tools she has created for plastic surgery and her many papers about plastic surgery that have been published in textbooks and in respected plastic surgery journals. She has definitely made her mark in the plastic surgery world and she will continue to do so with her future work and writings concerning plastic surgery.

Randal Nardone Continues His Work At Fortress Investment Group

A little over twelve years ago, Fortress Investment Group announced its Initial Public Offering. After many ups and more downs on the public market, Fortress Investment Group decided to return to the private sector. The Japanese billionaire Masayoshi Son and his company SoftBank bought Fortress Investment Group at $8.08 a share which is a grand total of $3.3 billion. The three principals, Randal Nardone, Peter Briger, and Wes Edens continue to oversee the company’s operations and invested 50% of each of their tax proceeds as part of the buyout. Randal Nardone was especially excited about the merger believing that it would bolster the company’s morale and help the company achieve a greater level of success.

Randal Nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 alongside Wes Edens and Rob Kauffman. Before founding Fortress Randal had already acquired a wealth of experience after earning his Bachelor of Arts in English and Biology from the University of Connecticut and his Juris Doctor from the Boston University School of Law. His work experience prior to Fortress Investment Group includes practicing law as a partner and member at Thacher Proffitt & Wood, a principal at BlackRock Financial Management, and Managing Director at UBS. Currently he is the CEO, member of the Board of Directors and Principal of Fortress Investment Group, a company for which he has worked for over two decades. His employee approval rating is outstanding of which over 95% approve of his leadership style and results (source: His current focus is the Fortress Credit Corporation. This division of the company specializes in corporate finance, real estate and asset-based lending.

Aside from his current positions and duties at Fortress Investment Group, Randal Nardone is also the current president and chairman at Springleaf Financial Holdings. He is also a Board Member at Brookdale Senior Living and Eurocastle Investment. The 2007 Forbes’ Billionaire List ranked Randal Nardone at #557.

A Force of Innovation: Two Decades of Fortress Investment Group

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