Sergey Petrossov Disrupts the Aviation Industry with Technological Breakthroughs

Sergey Petrossov

JetSmarter was started in 2012 by Sergey Petrossov who also serves as its CEO. Established with a mission to make private jet travel more affordable and seamless, JetSmarter has grown to become the largest private aviation community. The company moves more annual passengers like no other in the industry. The app makes private jet travel more convenient, cheaper and accessible through proprietary algorithms, shared flight services, and advanced mobile technology.

JetSmarter and XO, the largest private aviation company in North America, to establish an alternative to the dated and overpriced services provided in the private aviation industry today. XO sets the pace in the commercial aviation industry with unmatched flight experience as well as competitive pricing. As a result of the efforts of Sergey Petrossov, the two companies have become prominent in North America. He has been listed in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2016 along with earning ‘One of South Florida’s Top Working Professionals’ title.

In 2009, Petrossov came into the realization that a typical airplane flew for only 200 hours a year. He saw the potential of the airplanes flying an average of 1200 hours. He embarked on a journey to leverage the time not being utilized to lower private jet traveling costs. He also realized that people could share a private jet reducing the traveling costs further. As a result, JetSmarter came into existence to create a new lifestyle for people while democratizing private aviation by making it more affordable as well as accessible.

JetSmarter is connected to more than 3200 different planes across the world and can charter a plane into over 172 different countries. The company also has 42 routes across the world including routes to the U.S. If you look into their clientele, cost-effectiveness is not the only factor their members are after. They are also after the lifestyle perspective. The clientele looks to avoid the stress and time wastage involved with the airport experience. Some people are willing to pay more to get the convenience and effectiveness that comes with JetSmarter. The idea which came about when Sergey Petrossov was traveling using a private jet for the first time in South Florida informed the creation of one of the most disruptive and innovative companies in North America’s aviation industry.

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Marc Beer Views on Research in Health Care

The world of biotech is arguably one of the most challenging markets for most companies. Fortunately, Marc Beer and his associates have proved that it is possible to create and run a successful company in this unique space. In the last two and a half decades, he has not only created some of the best companies in this space, but he has been part of the solution making. The Miami University graduate has redefined the market through the following companies. Learn more:


Early in 2000, he was among the people that were creating biotech solutions to different medical conditions. Thanks to his passion for the people, he created VIACELL — one of the most successful companies in this space. Although he later sold the controlling rights of the company, Marc Beer was instrumental in redefining the market. According to him, his time at the company was a perfect introduction to the top-level management in biotech space.


The next vehicle on his innovation journey was — FAMILY FIRST. He believes that his time as the founder and owner of the company was instrumental for him for the following reasons. First, Marc Beer believes that the company was not only a perfect way to grieve a loss, but also an ideal way to return to biotech. Second, under this company, he mastered the art of working with other stakeholders on different projects.


He is, however, more popular because of his latest outfit — the Renovia. According to him, the new company has propelled him to become one of the most instrumental people in the world of biotech. For example, he has created some of the best medical options for women and therefore eliminating chances of invasive treatments. Marc Beer believes that these types of innovations are the main reason why his company is one of the most trusted entities by millions of clients around the world.


Under the new company, he has used the following strategies in his management. First, he has brought some of the most inventive people to his company — making the company home to innovations. Marc Beer understands that the best way to be a change agent in this market is through working with experienced and passionate professionals. In his team, he has experts such as Samantha Pulliam — the best medical expert in the world of alternative medicine.


Finally, under his new company, he has also created a good working relationship with other stakeholders. Beer understands that for his company to have an impact in the world of innovations, working with practicing medical professional is not an option. Marc Beer has a good working relationship with gynecologists and other stakeholders in the medical world. Thanks to these relationships, he understands what patients go through and how best he can reduce the sufferings through his company.

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Smita Shah’s tips to success

Smita Shah is an engineer and an entrepreneur who is recognized for her achievements all around the world. She has been a hard worker since childhood. In an interview, she speaks of how in her schooling days her friends used to play outside while she used to study math. She found an engineering firm named SPAAN Tech Inc. in 1998. Since its formation, the company has been growing and is responsible for tackling many technical projects. Smita Shah has always defied social constructs when it comes to gender equality. She has always worked to the full of her potential breaking all the stereotypes. She also helps empower other women to attain success in careers that are considered to be masculine in most societies. She has made it her goal to work for the betterment of women and help them grow in their careers.

Smita Shah believes that women in the workplace have a poor self-image. This is because of a lack of female role models in the domain of business. She thinks that a woman gets stronger and hence successful when she meets other strong women who can be an inspiration for her. She believes that gender does not determine how talented anyone can be therefore women and men both are equally capable of owning and leading a business. 

She says that in order to succeed you need to believe in yourselves and thoroughly examine your abilities. Negativity should not get to a person and everyone should respect themselves for who they are no matter how far they still have to go. Failures and bad experiences always have something to teach and it is very obnoxious to dwell on them and not look at the silver lining. Self-talk is also a very healthy thing to do as it can help you connect with your inner voice. Learn more:

She also believes that one must exert a strong presence as in the realm of business it is very imperative to present yourselves in the right way in order to stop others from taking advantage of you. First impressions are very important therefore she emphasizes on how women should dress formally rather than casually. Your posture and body language also say a lot about you so you should always be extra careful when you meet new clients. 

Another key to success is to not let anyone else take credit for your work. She warns both the genders that any assertive colleague can take away the spotlight may it be male or female. One should always focus on short term goals and women should not keep up with female stereotypes. Time management is also very important and one should always seek work-life balance.

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Early Stage Of The Career Of Maarten De Jeu

As a business advisor, Maarten de Jeu has specialized in scaling organizations to enter the global markets. His impressive education and experience make him the best professional for this role.


Then, how did Maarten De Jeu became so influential in the financial industry?


About Maarten De Jeu


Maarten has been earning more and more business experience since he started around 1999. His formal education turned into an extremely worthy asset for large business owners, which is why he created the SVM Business Advisory firm based in Chicago, Illinois.


Today, Maarten De Jeu has directed executive projects from Fortune 100 companies, magnifying their international influence. Learn more:


Maarten De Jeu In His Early Stage


Most of his accomplishments were possible because of the immense professional foundation he created. Always thinking long-term, Maarten developed the knowledge and leadership that many directors were looking in an advisor.


Educational Development


The academical field is the most highlighted aspect of De Jeu’s skill set, ranging from business formation to macroeconomics.


  • Leiden University in 2001: Maarten started mastering his managing skills to perform later as an executive and analyst at SVM Advisory. Public Administration was his first educational achievement.


  • Oxford University in 2005: The future businessman developed the majority of his skills at Oxford University, where he quickly ranked first in class. Apart from being multilingual in German, English, Dutch, and French, Maarten De Jeu mastered multiple abilities after receiving his M.B.A. in business education.


The expertise of Maarten consists of decision-making, accounting, valuation, corporate finance, macroeconomics, financial reporting, among others.


The Early Stage Of Marten’s Financial Career


De Jeu was able to learn and progress faster than usual because of the different sources of experience he received during his development at Leiden University.


When TVDK Management Consultants hired Marteen De Jeu in 1999, he could apply everything he was learning to real-world cases. As an analyst, this feedback gave him a better understanding of research, which would benefit him when helping companies to go global.


At TVDK, he was responsible for the strategic analysis and consultancy process, where he worked with top clients such as Heinz, Sara Lee, ING, or ABN AMRO.


Maarten Learns To Expand To New Markets


After leaving TVDK in 2007, Maarten started working at Aviva PLC as an international consultant in London. The fast development and effectiveness of his business strategies positioned him as the Director of Aviva PLC. Later on, De Jeu would base his professional career in Chicago, his primary location.


The entrepreneur didn’t only succeed because of his preparation, however. Every time he was not working, De Jeu was engaging with several financial organizations across Chicago, receiving insights and building his network.

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HCR Wealth Advisors Cautions High-End Clients against Bad Debts

HCR Wealth Advisors, a registered investment advisory firm, helps its clients understand the concept of bad debts in their investment plans. Many clients don’t have sufficient understanding of the impact of debts, which can cause them to take actions that could result in financial challenges in the future. Many companies and individuals have seen hard times because of an over-reliance on debt and over-leveraging themselves.

As investment advisors, HCR Wealth Advisors provides education to clients about bad debts and other financial concepts. The firm does not want its clients to suffer the same fate. Many clients have a belief all debts are bad debts. This is not necessarily true. It is worth noting that there are good debts as well.

As the firm tries to help its clients to reach their financial goals, it educates them on how to understand good and bad debts. One of the major aspects to note about good debts is that they often have low financial requirements and they have tax advantages. For example, college loans form a significant proportion of good debts. Good debts are very useful in funding future income flows.

HCR Wealth Advisors endeavors to help its clients by helping to protect them against potential financial risks. HCR’s advisors often advise clients to avoid bad debts. One of the major properties of bad debts is that they attract high-cost financing. There are multiple administration costs involved and the interest rate on the loan is typically high.

HCR Wealth Advisors work to create awareness in its clients that, unlike good debts, bad debts do not offer tax advantages.


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Marc Beer Assumes Role as Chairman of the Board for Surgical Device Company LumeNXT


Wellness devices and surgical devices are all on close watch, but more importantly, is the progress that Marc Beer is making with Lumen Xt. This is because his experience in pharmaceuticals is well-rounded and he’s highly regarded in the pharmaceuticals industry.


Recently, Lumenxt, the giant in surgical devices brought Marc Beer on as the Chairman of the Board. As a privately held company, they are focused on the creation of surgical illumination devices. These devices are important for the purpose of performing minimally invasive surgeries. 


Marc Beer’s experience spans more than 25 years working within biotechnology. There are numerous areas for growth within biotechnology. Namely, this applies to devices, diagnostic tools, and the commercial development of any of the surgical devices or tools that Lumenxt can create and take to market. 


The overall goal for the company right now is to find out how Marc Beer can enhance their growth and expansion. Marc Beer is equally excited to focus on his new role there, and he is focused on finding ways that the company can easily expand in surgical devices. 


He takes tremendous pride in working with a group of surgeons he believes are second to none, along with the fact that he is working with very capable engineers. This company is now known and labeled as the number one source for surgical illumination. 


The illumination movement is really about developing tools to use that make surgery safer than it would be otherwise. The last 10 to 15 years, surgeons have been looking for ways to minimize the invasiveness of surgical procedures. 


The illumination platform is what is known as a form of “heat reduction”. This is what in turn can assist improving the precision by which surgical procedures are being done. Another added benefit is that it also reduces the cost for doctors and surgeons, and it reduces the waste of supplies. 


The reason Lumenxt was interested in working with Marc Beer, is his ability to start and function highly through the startup process. His vast experience guiding companies through various growth phases has made him a great choice for any startup that is well on their way to expansion. Learn more: Learn more:


Helping a startup grow locally and globally is not an easy task. This was also true of Renovia, another startup spearheaded by Marc Beer and several others. As the Founding Chairman and CEO of Renovia Inc., Beer has worked diligently on his mission to improve diagnostic tools and resources for women with pelvic floor disorders. 


The move towards digital tools in the medical and surgical fields is increasing. Marc Beer has invested wisely in areas of interest that are extremely popular for medical investors. 


Paul Saunders, James River Capital Principal, Shares Ideas on How to Handle Burnout in the Workplace

Burnout is real especially if its warning signs are noted and taken care of early. Stress can lead to burnout and reduce the productivity of employees. Organization leaders should be able to identify the signs of burnouts and help their workers to get motivated and get back on the right track. Paul Saunders has suggested the following ways to identify and curb burnout. Learn more:


  1. Lack of transparency

Lack of transparency


If your employees feel they are overlooked when it comes to promotions, they are not involved in decision-making or they are not properly compensated for the work they do, they start developing negative feelings and eventually, burnout. It is important for organization leaders to be honest with their employees and explain to them why certain decisions were made. Communication is key to creating a transparent environment which will bring on board inclusivity. Additionally, employees can be helped through workshops and other resources to get back on track after experiencing burnout.


  1. Loss of control

Loss of control


Employees can start losing themselves when they feel they can’t even schedule tasks or manage their daily time well. As a result, they feel helpless and hopeless running into the risk of burnout. It is important to make sure your organization’s structures and policies are not too inflexible to make employees feel trapped. You could encourage them to take some time in the morning to set daily achievable goals to allow them to regain the sense of control.


  1. Loss of confidence

Loss of confidence


When an individual is experiencing burnout, they start doubting themselves making them to lose confidence in themselves. If workers feel they are not confident enough to see a task through to completion, it is advisable for them to disengage and cease from actively contributing to the work at hand. To curb that situation, check in with your workers and help them to set realistic personal goals for them to regain confidence in themselves.


  1. Shift in overall attitude

Shift in overall attitude


When you’re stressed, you can be emotionally unstable and often get upset or angry easily. In the wake of such feelings, burnout can creep in. Burnout will make employees to feel demotivated, negativity and moodiness. The suitable solution here is communication. Talk to your employees and give them a listening ear. Support your employees through their struggles. You could also advise them to find a hobby and disconnect from work when they are away from the office.


Burnout is increasingly becoming a monster in the western societies that can cripple the productivity of an organization. The situation has become even worse after everyone got hold of mobile devices. However, Paul Saunders, James River Capital Corp. Founder and Principal, brings the good news that burnout can be handled in the workplace. The more employees are able to deal with their issues that affects their emotional stability, the better company performance.

Inside the Texas Banking Sector: The 5th Annual Conference on Strategic Opportunity and M&A

2016 saw the bank stakeholders in the Texas state organize their 5th Annual Strategic Opportunity and M&A Conference. The conference is basically a platform organized by the Texas Bankers Association to discuss issues pertinent to the banking sector in the state. It invites bank leaders, advisers and consultants to give their views on strategic opportunities and problems facing the banking system. This year’s conference was held in Orleans, Louisiana.

The conference involved selected panelists and conferees engaging in concerted discussions to explore strategic opportunities available in merger and acquisition activities. The imminent prospects of organic growth and branching in the banking system also play central part in the panel discussions. Among notable conferees in this year’s gathering was John Holt, the CEO and the President of NexBank Capital Inc. Mr. Holt was one of the panelist in one of the discussions on the topic about reinvention of community banking. The main focus was the perspectives of competing through innovation. The panel discussion was held on 7th November.


About NexBank


NexBank is the market brand of the NexBank Capital Inc. NexBank offers financial services in commercial banking, mortgage banking and institutional services. The institution has special preserved services that address the financial institutions’ needs to access capital and several banking advantages. Some of the financial institution services include Holding Company Term Loans, Revolving Lines of Credit, Tailored Depository Services and Loan Participations (syndicated National Credits). These packages enhance easy access to capital and other financial services by various institutions.


The bank also offers advisory services to the clients, including advice on the best property management practices that guarantee value appreciation. Some of these advisory services include real estate advisory and investment banking.


The Bank is headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with three branches in the state. It is the 14th largest bank in the state and is rated A+ by MyBankTracker Rating.


The Perseverance of Dr. Saad Saad

Dr. Saad Saad, MD, FAAP, a Palestinian native, was the Surgeon-in-Chief and the Co-Medical Director of K.Hovnanian Children Hospital at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System. Dr. Saad grew up in Kuwait and attended the Cairo University School of Medicine, Long Branch Campus in Egypt. He ranked second in his class and graduated with salutatorian honors some 47 years ago. The young professional interned in England then completed surgery and pediatric residency in the United States. Dr. Saad specialized in surgery, with subspecialties in Pediatric Surgery, General Surgery, and Thoracic Surgery. The astute surgeon has four children and has been married for 42 years. Two of his children have followed in his professional footsteps and have become surgeons.


Dr. Saad has experienced an illustrious 40+ year medical career before retiring. He has performed countless sophisticated pediatric surgeries on children of all ages. The practitioner underwent eight Medical Missions to Jerusalem, where he performed free surgical procedures on disadvantaged children. Furthermore, the gifted physician developed two medical inventions and pioneered multiple new medical methodologies. As a youth, he was inspired to seek a career that allowed him to work indoors due to Kuwaiti uncommon 110 degree summer seasons. He opted to become the type of doctor that would always work in an air-conditioned environment. Therefore, he elected the extremely appealing occupation of a surgeon.


Dr. Saad practiced medicine at Meridian Pediatric Surgical Associates in Eatontown, NJ for 34 years. The company’s mantra is to treat all children as if they were their own. His American mentor, Dr. H.Biemann Othersen trained him to deal with all children fairly regardless of color, creed, financial status, or religion. Dr. Saad was connected with Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus, Jersey Shore University Medical Center, and Riverview Medical Center-all in the vicinity of New Jersey. His hospital affiliations allowed him to admit patients to these select facilities. Dr. Saad advises that he took his surgical procedures seriously by following stringent techniques such as restricting personal conversations and loud music from the operating area; he also prepared by getting a good night sleep and a superb breakfast the night before. The well-organized doctor attests that he brought his ideas to fruition through research. He is a firm believer that research is monumental and that it leads to results. Dr. Saad’s patients raved about his great professional manner and his ability to foster a comfortable environment for children and tots. The retired physician encourages others to reach their full potential and surpass professional goals by working hard and persevering. Learn more:

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