Exposure to the East and the West bring out the Best

Having an ability to work well with everybody that is as proficient as studying literature and grammar means stories are bound to surface, so audiences await with bated breath and perked up ears. Keeping the public’s’ attention for two decades by developing literary adaptation has garnered this executive producer awards and spin-offs. Bennett Greaebner’s reality show is deliberate. He graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vassar College with an English major, so he is easy to follow and easy to listen to. 

Bennett Graebner won The Teen Choice Awards for The Bachelor (2002); BMI Song Awards with Rob Cairn for The Bachelorette (2003); BMI Film and TV Awards for Bachelor Pad (2010); and the ASCAP Film and Television Awards for Love at First Kiss (2016) has made this brand identifiable world over.

His behind-the-scenes career came as a result of honing the right combination for sustainability for television and appropriate interaction toward creative personnel. To receive his Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Bennett collaborated on original film projects with other cinematic art school classmates to graduate from the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts (EW). 

The spark to ignite the wonderful tv series The Bachelor and The Bachelorette imagination could have just as quickly started from his native Buffalo, New York. They have become one of America´s favorites undoubtedly.  Bennett Graebner grew up closer to the romanticism of Niagara Falls than to nearby Adirondack and Pocono honeymoon hideaways. Trekking as far west to the warm and inviting Southern California had to be exciting, but his discipline became necessary entering his film career and indeed, once again, he focused as he should to become an integral part of the filming community. 

Bennet maintains that what drives his part on his award-winning team is forging the long-lasting friendships. He unites an indispensable communicating network of professionals to accomplish a job well done. Not many can navigate so many creative types, but he has his veterinarian wife and sons to keep him grounded.

Niagara Falls, literature and thou is what glorious romantic adventures the young at heart are waiting to hear. Adapting famous Shakespearean works, and human development narratives confirm the importance of the 18 to 34-year-old demographic.

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