Shopping Experience at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall

The Manaira Shopping Center shattered all expectations when it opened its doors to the public. It became an instant hit defying the naysayers who predicted its imminent fall. Back then, in 1989, most of the locals of Joao Pessoa in Paraiba state hadn’t pictured having the nation’s busiest shopping mall right on their doorsteps up to this point.

20 Million Visitors!

Here’s a brief description of the size and scale of the mall. The buildings are constructed on a ground area covering 92,500 meters squared and there’s a parking space allowance for up to 3,180 vehicles. In 2015, alone, the number of people who walked through the doors of the shopping complex owned by Roberto Santiago was placed at about, 1.6M every month. That implies that by December, an estimated 20 million people had visited the outlet.

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Virtual Tour of the Premises

Those impressive numbers and facts all beg to ask: What is it that’s attracting all those Brazilians and tourists to come to this mall. Well, to help answer that question, why don’t we take the reader through a virtual tour of what one expects when at the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall. Upon your arrival at one of the many entry and exit points, your vehicle undergoes a routine inspection by the guards manning the toll gates. There are always available parking spots at the vast lot, so you don’t have to worry about any holds up. The premises are safe and secure courtesy of the CCTV surveillance cams on every corner. You don’t have to worry about vandals making off with the car stereo while you inside shopping.

Options Galore!

The complex houses all the leading retail brands and you’ll not walk far without stumbling on an Apple shop or a Samsung outlet if you came for a new Smartphone. The aisles are impeccably clean and spotless and there are elevators and rail assists for the disabled to use. It’s an addictive space which if one doesn’t watch out can cause them to spend more than they had planned to. Every stall you enter, you get offered incredible deals and irresistible promotions on purchases of home supplies, electronics, clothes and shoes, jewelry, and all the other consumer products we can’t live without.

Cooling Down

Shopping can be quite the tiresome process and, one needs to replenish the vital juices to keep on exploring and discovering all that the mall has to offer. Shoppers have a wide variety of options when deciding on the restaurant and hotel to slide into and quench their hunger and thirst. The place is beaming with dozens of international hotels and restaurants wherein you can order anything from a six-course gourmet meal to a plain old burger. Afterward, head to the top floor and catch the latest blockbuster movie at the out-of-this-world 3D cinemas. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

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