Glenn Schlossberg and Speed

Glenn Schlosberg is the founder and CEO of the women’s fashion company, Jump Design Group. His greatest passion outside of work is fast cars. He has been so involved in it over the past few years that he has built himself a highly respected standing in the community. When he was in his teens and the twenties, he participated in motocross racing, eventually getting into really fast cars. This love for speed also helped him hone the speed time in company production. Schlossberg has found that most of the time this speed come through the use of state-of-the-art technology and keeping your production local.

Based on, his business and racing schedule frequently takes him all over the world. However, as far as racing he generally prefers attack racing which can be done whenever the driver wants. Attack driver is simply a racer racing against his own time. There are tracks that are entirely dedicated to this sort of thing. After a particularly stressful time at work, he likes to relax by race his personal sports collection on a dedicated track. He currently owns 10 sports cars and employs five full-time mechanics. He has a wife and a daughter but considers these 10 cars part of his family.

He recently acquired yet another sports car, a McLaren Senna. He already owns five other McLaren’s but he says this one is his favorite. This new car is worth about $1.5 million. He says it is an excellent car for both drivings around in and for racing. Glenn has been to the McLaren factory in England and has toured its premises. While the majority of his factories are in the U.S., he much prefers European cars. He says he does foresee possibly getting into car design himself, but for now, he is golden with just racing know more about Glenn visit

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