Rocketship Magnet Schools and The Keys To Successful Education

Growth in education is a critical criterion for every school and it is a critical need for students. The rate of growth for individual students has many variables including: individual student skills, classroom sizes, the effectiveness of teachers, the effectiveness of curriculum and the parental-teacher support system. Since there are two types of measurement for education, it is important to understand them both.

Proficiency scores are a helpful indicator of childhood education. It shows how well children have taken in information. But there is another score to look at and this is children’s Growth scores. These can be important scores for children who may be performing under grade level but are still performing better than they previously had been able to attain. Growth scores readily tell how much a student has learned over a period of time no matter where they started at in the beginning of the curve study.

With the help of the proper teaching format, attention to childhood skills, teacher-peer supportive environments, proper past skill assessments, smaller classroom size and good curriculum a student can rise above their previous school skills. Lower income areas of any community are notorious for having lower proficiency and lower test grades across all grade levels. National studies have proven that students that are born into poverty often start school behind grade level and rarely catch up.

However, the good news is that there is a highly successful magnet school platform  that is making amazing strides across the country. In the Nashville area, this magnet school has begun to take root and grow with great success and that is the Rocketship Education platform. Based on their success in their base schools in California, the schools have begun developing in other cities like D.C. and Nashville with amazing success stories.

Set in the heart of urban areas that typically have low success rates among students, Rocketship has shown by following a baseline of core principles any student can become successful. Their basic platform includes, attention to each child’s skills, good teacher-peer supportive environments, smaller classroom size and effective curriculum. On average the students at Rocketship have high performance levels equal to most suburban schools. This has been an inspirational success story to give inner city kids the keys to succeed.

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