Neurocore, Kicking ADHD’s Butt

ADHD has become the most common mental illness plaguing both adults and children worldwide. For that reason,Neurocore has dedicated itself to eliminating ADHD through a natural therapy called Neurofeedback.

Originally introduced by Dr. J.F. Lubar in 1976, Neurofeedback is a process of mapping the electrical activity of the patient’s brain and developing a personalized treatment plan to alleviate irregularities. The therapy begins with 3 sessions in which the patient’s brain is monitored by an electroencephalography machine (EEG). The results are compared with thousands of other unnamed EEG readings to develop a clear picture of the patient’s brain activity. From there, a treatment plan is developed and discussed.

For ADHD treatment plan often involves thirty, 45-minute sessions in which the patient focuses on a single task and alerted every time brain activity wanders from the task. The sessions are meant to train the brain to automatically redirect whenever traveling out of range. Neurocore is the nation’s leader in the Neurofeedback therapy. Former patients have reported significant improvement in their ADHD symptoms.

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Neurocore Beats ADHD Medication

A teenager or adult who get diagnosed with ADHD will normally have more of an idea of what type of treatment which can be used, while a child will not. This leads to children being put on ADHD medication that helps them, but also does some terrible things to them as they have no choice themselves in treatment options. For years this has been the most common form of treatment for child ADHD and sometimes adult ADHD. However, Neurocore is a new way to treat already existing ADHD symptoms, and also can be used on people who don’t necessarily have that diagnosis, but need a bit of help concentrating. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

The most common way that Neurocore does this is by sitting the person with ADHD in a brain room which allows them to be connected to electrodes. A movie or show is then put on the television and the person in question watches it. If the person starts to lose focus the movie stops, thus allowing the researchers to see when that moment of ADHD took place, and then working towards correcting it. The initial goal is to simply be able to watch the piece without any stops. Once this is done a person will have sufficiently shown a good amount of control. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

This is all done by simply retraining the brain. Neurocore does not utilize any strict regimens or medications, or any invasive surgeries. It merely allows the subject to slowly regain control over their mind, retraining it one step at a time. Medication never really fixes the issue, it simply does what most pharmaceuticals do and puts a band-aid over the issue so it is not so prominent.

One of the best outcomes a person can get from this type of retraining is optimized endocrine, respiratory and circulatory systems. Better yet, these short 30 minutes sessions also help to improve the sleep of the person as they are low frequency sessions with headphones similar to those worn over the entire ear. Although it may take up to 30 of these sessions to have a lasting effect, even starting with a few Neurocore sessions will do nothing but positive things.


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