EOS Lip Balm Review – Latest Showstoppers

EOS has been around now for a long time creating some of the best lip balms ever to touch lips. Their latest heavenly creations have something for everyone. If you have never tried EOS before, I guarantee this lip balm will become a must-have in your skincare collection.

Everyone is trying to live a long life and stick to a healthy diet. Here at EOS, we have created Crystal Vanilla Orchid-a wax-free vegan lip balm that will give you luscious, plump lips. When you apply this lip balm, it feels like you have on nothing. Wear it alone or under your favorite shade.

Are you going to spend the day in the sun? Taking the family to the beach or maybe you work in construction? Your lips can get dehydrated, and sunburned just like the rest of your skin. Protect your lips from those rays with Active- Lemon Twist SPF 15 EOS. Lemon Twist is water and sweat resistant for at least eighty minutes.

Crystal and Active are just two of EOS’ creative lip balms. Their balms are very soothing and innovating. Check labels for which ones are vegan, gluten-free, hypoallergenic, contain SPF properties, and which ones have tint added. Sweet Mint and Vanilla Bean are available in stick form.

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