Duda Melzer – Growth and Business Experience as the Owner of RBS Group

RBS Group has been around for about sixty years as it was inaugurated in 1957. The company was established by Brazilian entrepreneur Mr. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho in the industry of media and broadcasting.

The family of Sirotsky owns the business of RBS Group. After Mr. Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho had stepped down from his position, the family business came into the next in line – his grandson Mr. Eduardo “Duda” Sirotsky Melzer. Mr. Duda Melzer became the owner of a rather large business. The RBS Group is an employer of more than 6 000 people. It does broadcasting, logistics, print, and more. Mr. Duda Melzer had to assume a couple of positions such as President and Chief Executive Officer.

According to Globo, the RBS Group operates a few other businesses as well. Each does a different part of the overall business of the RBS Group. One of those companies was founded by Mr. Duda Melzer who serves as the Chairman of the corporation called e. Digital Bricks. The company that he founded was this first startup. Digital Bricks functions with tech and e-commerce. Mr. Duda Melzer has founded a few more startups after e. Digital Bricks came to be. Some of his startups function in retail and others in technology and media. For more info visit Globo.

Mr. Duda Melzer has been very successful over the course of his business career. The blood of an entrepreneur runs through his veins as the men in his family have been mostly businessmen. Mr. Duda Melzer had been learning from his grandfather, his father and from his uncle, all of whom have been working at the RBS Group. Mr. Duda Melzer has received education and training the field of business as well. He studied in his home country Brazil and majored with a master’s degree in business administration. He also got an MBA studying abroad in America.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer Keep The Family Business Aspect Of RBS Group Active

Duda Melzer is the latest member of the Sirotsky family to lead the RBS Group that was founded by his Grandfather Mauricio Sobrinho Sirotsky in 1957 as a media company serving the Rio Grande do Sul and Santa Catarina regions of Brazil. As the third generation of the Sirotsky family to head the company, Duda Melzer understands the traditions and history of the company he is leading into a consistently evolving new media environment; although Duda is bringing his own ideas and options into the RBS Group’s work he is also looking to maintain a link to the history of this historic company, more details can be found on eduardosirotskymelzer.

A major influence on the work Duda Melzer is completing as the President and Chair of the RBS Group has been Harvard professor John Davis, an expert in family business who Duda met while studying at the Harvard School of Business. Under the leadership of Duda Melzer the RBS Group became the first client of John Davis in Brazil and continues to look for his guidance about family business ethics. The success Duda has achieved in terms of family business ethics saw him appointed to the list of 25 global business leaders at the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise in 2015.

In a report by clicrbs, the RBS Group remains the focus of Duda Melzer and the members of the Sirotsky family, but Duda is also looking to lead the family into the 21st century with a major investment in new business areas. After founding the eBricks investment group in 2013, Duda Melzer announced the Sirotsky family had invested $100 million in new media technologies.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer does not limit his interests to simply business, but instead follows a wide range of sports across Brazil and the world particularly horse racing events that have captured his interest over the course of recent years.

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