Highland Capital Management Recent Activities

Highland Capital Investment company was founded in 1993; it’s an investment company divided into Asset Management, Finance, and Banking Categories. The co-founders of the company include Mark Okada who is the CIO and James Dondero who serves as the president. They have employed other well-trained managers to help run the company. They include; Damon Krtzer the managing director, Andrew Parmentier the chief Strategy Officer as well as the Head of Thematic investing operations, Bran Eden is the Global Head of Marketing and Investor Relations and Trey Parker the co- CIO. Previously the head of marketing and sales was Jess Larsen while Felicia Smith was the Managing Director. Visit to know more about him.

Highland Investment company has its headquarters based in Dallas, Texas; it specializes with providing credit strategies to the customers. These services include; separate accounts, credit hedge fund, long-only funds, special situations private equity among others. Besides, Highland Capital Investment also offers alternative investments to the clients including natural resources, both long term, and short term equities and emerging markets. Many clients have entrusted the company with their assets worth $17.7 billion. The company has employed many employees to expand their services to various places and meet the needs of the clients at an individual level. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.


Currently, Highland Capital Management is using 11 advanced technologies including Comodo SSL, DNS, SPF and Microsoft Azure for its website. This technology protects the company data from falling into the wrong hands; thus the clients have the assurance that their assets are secure. Recently, Highland Capital Management has purchased the Structural and Steel products company as well as the American HomePatient. Highland company has also raised money to fund these organization’s projects and maintain their financial status.

Highland investment company has announced its monthly dividend payments to its affiliates. This payment is a way of marketing the company to attract more clients.


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