Doe Deere Facts 101

Xenia Vorotova aka Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of Lime Crime. Being the queen of unicorns, she derives joy in manufacturing bold and intensely pigmented makeup that always evoke controversy. The idea to make bright makeup was born during her sewing days. At the time, she was sewing brightly-colored clothes and posting them on her Lime Crime website. This instantly became a hit. But, being the greatest fan of her bold clothes, she found that getting makeup that matched was always tricky.

So, with the same account she decided to start making bright-colored makeup. She started with primers, glitters and brushes and this sold easily. So after four years of doing business, she decided to launch her company. In the year 2008, Lime Crime was launched as a company, without any hiccups.

A year later, unicorns were born. This made Lime Crime the first company to introduce such bright lipstick colors. And immediately people loved them. This pushed Deere to do more. In the year 2012, she also became the first produce of liquid matte lipsticks, Velvetines. This was also another great hit.

About Doe Deere

Doe Deere was born in Russia but raised in New York. Currently, together with her husband, she resides in Washington DC. She works fulltime for her company Lime Crime. Her day starts with her attending a series of meetings. She ensures that she holds meetings with the top most executives of Lime Crime, ensuring that they are on the same page.

In the afternoons, Deere spends time in the lab. She works hand-in-hand with her chemist developing new products. Usually, she will have to wait patiently to get inspiration for new products. However, once she has gotten the inspiration, she jumps right into it.

Once her chemist is done developing products, she is usually the first person to try them on. She tries on new make up to get firsthand experience of how her clients will feel when wearing the makeup. If she is confident in it, then she releases the products knowing that her clients will not be disappointed.

One of the things that makes Deere shine is the fact that she is a trend-setter. She started the unicorns and Velvetines and also the idea of exhibiting lipstick on lips. Other than that, she always treats her clients, employees and vendors with utmost respect, so that each party is willing to contribute to the achievement of her vision.

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