DonataMeirelles and Assisting Others

DonataMeirelles knows a lot about all things that are chic in this world. She has an eye for style concepts of all kinds. Her style sense is 100 percent rare. People all throughout Brazil are able to recognize that easily, too. That’s the reason she has so many clients in the South American nation. She accomplishes all sorts of things for the Brazilian style scene. She even does a lot for philanthropic matters there. She’s a fashionista who has empathy in droves. That explains her devotion to the AIDS and HIV realms. Charitable and philanthropic matters are not lost on Meirelles at all. She wants to do anything in her capacity to encourage researchers to find treatments that can end AIDS and HIV for good.

AIDS and HIV have been impacting people all around the globe for many decades. This is something that upsets Meirelles to no end. She wants to do things that can push AIDS and HIV studying ahead. That’s why she does so much for fundraisers. She wants people to be able to come up with effective treatment plans for the medical conditions in the near future. She puts time into all kinds of events that accommodate the AIDS world. She has a lot of information that relates to The Countdown to a Cure.

People can learn so much about this style-conscious individual. They can learn all about her by witnessing the things she does for humankind. They can learn all about her via the wonders of social media as well. DonataMeirelles has accounts on well-known social media platforms like both Facebook and Twitter. The lady lives in Sao Paolo in Brazil right now and has been on Twitter since the autumn of 2010. Her Tweets are generally in Portuguese. They cover many pressing subjects.


Eradicating HIV and AIDS with DonataMeirelles

DonataMeirelles is an icon in the fashion industry. She is a reputable fashion consultant and a socialite in Brazil. She is commonly associated with vogue brazil where she served as a style director. Besides making huge strides in the fashion industry, Donata is a passionate supporter of AIDS research. She attends annual events to support the cause and also uses her online influence to invite her followers to support the cause.

DonataMeirelles supports AIDS education through amfAR. This is a nonprofit organization focused to raise funds for scientific research of AIDS cure. The foundation is committed to supporting HIV prevention, awareness education programs, and treatment awareness. The organization was incepted in 1983 by Dr. Mathilde Krim as AIDS Medical Foundation. The main aim of the organization was to campaign against the stigmatization of people with HIV and AIDS. The organization also participated in increasing funding for scientific research.

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AIDS Medical Foundation merged with California Based National AIDS Research Foundation to form amfAR. Since the merge, the organization continues to provide fellowships and grants to scientifically based organizations. The organization has successfully given grants to The Family Institute of Health and individuals through the Mathilde Krim Fellowships to fund basic biomedical research.

To raise more funds, amfAR invites the general public to donate. The organization also raises money through fundraising activities. DonataMeirelles plays a key role in events designed to fundraise. The recent mega event was AmfAR’s Annual Cinema Against AIDS. The event raises money by selling a limited number of exclusive tickets.

The primary goal of the funding is to invent a cure for AIDS. The funds are geared towards scientific research that will develop the cure by 2020. Donata Meirelles remains optimistic that the cure will be invented before 2020. The galas and fundraising events continue to drive in record amounts of money to fund this noble cause. Donata is dedicated to pushing any need required to make this goal a reality. Read More:

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