Luke Lazarus a Highly Successful Businessman and Business Consultant

Luke Lazarus is a renowned Australian based startup business consultant and an accomplished serial entrepreneur. Lazarus entrepreneurship journey began while he was still a young boy, and by the age of 35 years, Lazarus had achieved what many entrepreneurs would have desired to achieve. By the age of 35 years, Lazarus had successfully built four businesses that he sold off earning millions of dollars.

Lazarus by the age of 35 years was completely financially independent and could spend the rest of his life, enjoying the wealth that he created.

Luke Lazarus, after achieving all his goals in the world of entrepreneurship, decided that it was time that he uses his skills and knowledge in helping others create wealth. As a result, he decided to venture into business consultancy and help early-stage growth startups with successful business tips. Lazarus is an alma mater of the local but highly regarded Melbourne School of Business. At the school, Lazarus pursued an MBA.

Lazarus from an interview was asked what he used for marketing research as a business consultant. In his response, Lazarus says what he does before advising his clients; he first carefully studies the different market segments, including the factors that influence them. After critically analyzing them, Lazarus gets into a position where he can confidently advise his clients on the essential variables they need to look at before launching a new product or business venture into the market.

Lazarus also has a deep understanding of the expanding influence of the e-commerce sector on scalable business models, and he is able to accurately advice business owners on what to expect from clients as well as competitors. Read more: Luke Lazarus | Business and Luke Lazarus Helps Companies Go From Zero to IPO

Luke Lazarus typical days are usually busy and full of meetings with clients and staff members in his business. Lazarus to remain productive begins his days meditating. Lazarus each day spends around 10-15 minutes meditating. After that, Lazarus prepares himself and sets out for the office. Lazarus spends his day multitasking on various assignments to make every moment of his day count. Lazarus says there are times that clients require him to work on their project for eight or more hours.

At such times Lazarus says he commits his entire time working on the client project and ensures he remains as productive as possible. Another way through which Lazarus maintains his productiveness is adhering to organize his time and day. He sets an agenda and also puts every task into writing. According to Lazarus, writing down all his assignments as well as planning for his time has enabled him to stay on track and be productive round the clock.

One advice that Luke Lazarus has for the younger people is that they should not be in a rush in doing things; they should worry less and be confident and believe in themselves. Lazarus, as a young person remembers a lot being a worried man who was full of anxiety.

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Smita Shah’s tips to success

Smita Shah is an engineer and an entrepreneur who is recognized for her achievements all around the world. She has been a hard worker since childhood. In an interview, she speaks of how in her schooling days her friends used to play outside while she used to study math. She found an engineering firm named SPAAN Tech Inc. in 1998. Since its formation, the company has been growing and is responsible for tackling many technical projects. Smita Shah has always defied social constructs when it comes to gender equality. She has always worked to the full of her potential breaking all the stereotypes. She also helps empower other women to attain success in careers that are considered to be masculine in most societies. She has made it her goal to work for the betterment of women and help them grow in their careers.

Smita Shah believes that women in the workplace have a poor self-image. This is because of a lack of female role models in the domain of business. She thinks that a woman gets stronger and hence successful when she meets other strong women who can be an inspiration for her. She believes that gender does not determine how talented anyone can be therefore women and men both are equally capable of owning and leading a business. 

She says that in order to succeed you need to believe in yourselves and thoroughly examine your abilities. Negativity should not get to a person and everyone should respect themselves for who they are no matter how far they still have to go. Failures and bad experiences always have something to teach and it is very obnoxious to dwell on them and not look at the silver lining. Self-talk is also a very healthy thing to do as it can help you connect with your inner voice. Learn more:

She also believes that one must exert a strong presence as in the realm of business it is very imperative to present yourselves in the right way in order to stop others from taking advantage of you. First impressions are very important therefore she emphasizes on how women should dress formally rather than casually. Your posture and body language also say a lot about you so you should always be extra careful when you meet new clients. 

Another key to success is to not let anyone else take credit for your work. She warns both the genders that any assertive colleague can take away the spotlight may it be male or female. One should always focus on short term goals and women should not keep up with female stereotypes. Time management is also very important and one should always seek work-life balance.

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