Dick Devos – Businessman and Philanthropist

Leaders of the town of Grand Rapids, Michigan began developing a plan to construct an arena in 1991. The arena, which would be used mostly for sporting events and conventions, was slated to be built north of the city. Local businessman Dick DeVos quickly voiced his opposition to the planned arena. DeVos reasoned that the location of the project would have a negative effect on the downtown district of Grand Rapids. DeVos deduced this based on similar effects caused by structures like the Palace of Auburn Hills and the Pontiac Silverdome. These structures, once completed, drove customers and money out of the local economy. DeVos proposed that the new arena should be built in the central business district of Grand Rapids.


Dick DeVos then went on to form Grand Action: a committee made up of local Detroit businesspeople. This group, under DeVos’s direction, oversaw the planning and construction of projects such as the Grand Rapids City Market, the DeVos Performance Hall, and the medical school building at Michigan State University.


Dick DeVos has long been interested in leading businesses. His father, Richard DeVos, co-founded Amway, a multi-level marketing firm. Richard DeVos made efforts to involve his son in business from a young age, teaching him the methods and techniques of successful businesspeople. One of Dick DeVos’s earliest involvement in his father’s company was his childhood role of host at Amway’s annual convention.


After graduating high school, Dick DeVos enrolled in the business school at Northwood University in Midland, Michigan. He graduated from Northwood with a degree in business administration and has since earned honorary doctorates from Central Michigan University and Grove City College.


In 1974, following his college graduation, DeVos took a role at his father’s company. He worked throughout the company, holding positions in departments such as sales, marketing, manufacturing, and development. By 1984, DeVos had proven himself to be a savvy businessman and was promoted to Vice President of Amway. DeVos used his position to move Amway into foreign markets. The company began operating in 18 different countries, and DeVos is credited with more than doubling Amway’s international sales.


By 1993, Richard DeVos had stepped down as president of Amway, and Dick DeVos took over the position. During his role as president, DeVos continued to expand Amway’s foreign business, setting up operations in more than 50 countries. In 2000, Alticor was created after DeVos oversaw a corporate restructuring of Amway. Alticor now acts as the parent company of Amway and several other businesses. DeVos stepped down as president of Alticor in 2002 in order to become president of Windquest Group, an investment management firm.


DeVos has used his position to participate in philanthropy and politics. He and his wife Betsy have been active in fighting for school improvements and the rights of students. DeVos has worked to implement school voucher systems and tax credits for private educational facilities. DeVos has also donated millions of dollars to artistic and educational programs in and around Grand Rapids, Michigan.


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TigerSwan Delivers Peace Of Mind In Times Of Uncertainty

TigerSwan is an American company that provides private security to its worldwide clients. The headquarters of the firm are in Apex, North Carolina. Prior to creating this company, its founders had spent decades serving the citizens of the United States. They now focus on security consultation to help in the cause to manage the potential global risks facing companies, the military and individuals. TigerSwan strives to find the right security solutions in the current environment of uncertainty.

 Leading the organization is co-founder James Reese, the CEO of TigerSwan. James returned to North Carolina after retiring from the U.S. military. He had a 20 year-long career in the U.S. Armed Forces as a combat task leader. He was wounded in combat, and James was 80% disabled when he retired. James Reese is a determined man who started planning for the next phase of his life while he was still in the service. He is an entrepreneur, and his past experiences have proven to life lessons in what it takes to protect others and lead others. The launch of TigerSwan puts his expertise to good use as a provider of worldwide security personnel and intelligence. James Reese and the TigerSwan team are dedicated to instilling a feeling of peace of mind when and where it is most needed.

TigerSwan is a VA-certified company as a small business owned by veterans who were disabled in the line of duty and service. James Reese is a strong executive leader of TigerSwan, and he has guided the company in its multi-national expansion. James believes that his leadership role in the military has helped to prepare him for leadership in the business world.

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The Spirit Of Repton Goes On

The Repton School is a prestigious academic institution that was created in the mid 1500s. The mission of this United Kingdom School is to provide excellent education and preparation for students in the age range of 13-18. Students who study at Repton generally go on to some of the world’s top universities and colleges. The school has a reputation for their high test scores and family-like environment. The school also has world-ranked sports teams; such as cricket and hockey. With less than 800 students on campus, Repton pupils are able to get the direction and attention that bigger schools may lack.

Recently it was revealed that 12% of Repton School entries earned A’s in their studies. As a result, many of these students were offered scholarships to attend some of the best academic institutions in the world. Serena Cole from Repton was offered an academic scholarship to study at Cambridge University. She earned one of the best grade point averages that the school has ever seen; receiving five A’s during her last mark.

Tommy Redhead was granted a scholarship to Fairfield. He will also play soccer for the University as well. Every year, many of Repton’s graduates go on to study mathematics, business, and medicine at the best schools in the United Kingdom. Politics and International studies are other top areas of studies for Repton graduates heading to college. The field of medicine has been one of the most successful fields for this population. Every year, over 40% of the school’s graduates proceed to study medics at various universities around the globe.

The Headmaster of Repton expressed his feelings about the consistent academic successes of their students. He states that he is beyond delighted with the work ethic and progress of the pupils at Repton. Results day is big for the school, as this day helps secure the academic futures of graduates. He also went on to say that the instructors in repton’s various departments should be praised for efficiently preparing students for success. There are a few staff members who have earned awards for their services as well. The Reptonian spirit goes on. Find out more about Repton School:

Dick DeVos, Working and Donations

Silence speaks volumes. That explains exactly why Dick DeVos doesn’t ever squander the words that come out of his famed mouth. This businessman from Michigan knows that people pay a lot of attention to his ideas and thoughts. That’s the reason he shows them ample respect. He doesn’t want to waste their attention spans on concepts that just aren’t worth anything to them.


How has this individual spent his life so far? Responses to that question are varied and plentiful. He’s set aside a lot of time for family. Marrying Betsy DeVos was something that was instrumental to his existence and well-being so long ago. Rearing amazing kids with her was something that made a big difference in his world, too. DeVos is among the most compassionate family men in the whole country. Although family matters have without a doubt been a major aspect of DeVos’ universe, they’re not the sole things on his mind. He’s a pioneering man in every sense of the word. He was pioneering when he was the Amway Corporation’s masterful leader or Chief Executive Officer. He was pioneering when he was a Grand Rapids, Michigan lobbyist early on in the nineties. What exactly motivated DeVos to be such a force in lobbying work back then? He actually was pushed to go into lobbying as the result of a discussion that pertained to Grand Rapids construction projects. DeVos believed with all of his heart that establishing an arena by downtown Grand Rapids was going to be highly destructive. He thought that construction projects were a major problem for Detroit and all of its citizens back in the seventies.


Some people are ardent about charity. DeVos is one of these individuals. DeVos fashioned the existence of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation with his bride. They fashioned it in 1989. It’s an organization that doesn’t get any profits. Dick and Betsy give the group strong donations frequently. These amounts of money are set aside for a host of educational, artistic, cultural and societal factors. Dick and Betsy devote a lot of brainpower to pondering how to enhance household practices in the United States.


There aren’t many people who are as enthusiastic about aviation as DeVos is. He’s so enthusiastic about planes and all that they can attain that he made the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This is a Grand Rapids tradition in the charter school world. It’s an acclaimed school that has a student body that consists of bona fide aviation buffs. Since DeVos has basically always been crazy about planes, flying and any and all similar subjects. he can relate significantly to all of the young people who go to his school. The school has such an impressive fanbase in that it actually embraces students who come from distant corners of the state. There are quite a few West Michigan Aviation Academy students who only get to see their families on the weekends. That’s because they’re not able to handle grueling mid-week commutes.


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