Sujit Choudry And The Policy Paper

One of the most informative and enlightening essays collections pertaining to territorial boundouries and constitutional transitions has been available for purchase and download since May 9, 2019. Excerpts from “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” now has a free download and the entire collection that includes 17 essays can be purchased as well. Examples from territories like Iraq, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain and other territorial policies are available throughout this highly suggested read. There are various different types of territories and situations like bi-communal, small territories, politically influential regions, and more are applicable to give insight that can expose scholars to the functionings of these types of systems.

Accredited scholars like Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have co-written a companion policy paper that distictively accommodates the original collection or essays. This policy paper holds great value because it provides readers with advice and insights about the corresponding relationship between territorial claims and constitutional transitions. This is an awsome source for individuals, and leaders who are dealing with constitutional moments. There is especially a great amount of focus on the process of the constitution development process and other forms of constitutional design.

Sujit Choudhry is a globally recognized constitutional scholar and lawyer. This constitutional advisor actively functions as the director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions. He also works as a constitutional lawyer. He continously works jobs like the constitutional advisor for International IDEA, Guest researcher for WZB berlin Social Science Center, and founding director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions. These positions have allowed him to advise in governance, and law processes in a variety of different places overtime. These areas consist of places like Jordan, Nepal, South Afria, Tunisia, Ukraine, and more!

Anderson, Sujit Choudry’s co-writer of the policy paper, is also a well-recognised activist within’ global government. He is the former deputy minister for the Canadian government, and former CEO of The Forum of Federations. For further insight about the “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”, please access the copY that is available on Amazon.

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Aaron Lupuloff and US Education Policy

The United States provides many schooling opportunities for children and the rate of illiteracy has decreased from 87% to 14%. The United States used to heavily enforce standardized tests but now it is becoming very unpopular. The need to adapt to different types of learning is one of the reasons why standardized tests are not so common in schools anymore.

According to, students who took standardized tests during the 1990s and 2000s scored poorly and people started to believe that the low scores are what may have caused students to feel discouraged. Studies have shown that standardized tests are a way for the United States to grow. It is estimated that by 2020, 10% more of ethnically diverse students will enroll in public schools in the United States since the year 2000. It is believed that children with learning abilities also struggle with standardized testing. It is important for children of all races to be given multiple opportunities, programs, and settings to expand their learning abilities. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation was founded in 2006 and makes it possible to enhance programs in public schools.The school has a lot of diversity and determined students who are willing to learn. Gwinnett County Public Schools has been nationally recognized for its quality education and its fantastic students. The GCPS Foundation has three goals in mind: provide the school system with funding and a foundation for resources and support, maintain a high-quality educational system, and remain available for any help students or parents may need. In 2018, they received nearly half a million for funding scholarships, after school programs and much more. Or more details about  Lupuloff you can visit

Aaron Lupuloff is a Senior Executive Director of the foundation and has done many volunteer work and worked in the educational field for a long time. He has a strong record of financial management which has allowed him to successfully grow the GCPS foundation. Aaron and his wife are part of a diabetes foundation and Partners of Domestic Violence to help reduce the impact of domestic violence. He has won the Changing Communities and Lives 2019 community parter award as recognition for his hard work. Aaron continues to work with the foundation to secure funds and change lives for many students. To know more about Lupuloff you can visit their facebook page.

Betsy DeVos Makes A Public Appearance With An Unlikely Ally Who Believes In Charter Schools

Betsy DeVos made headlines recently when she decided to make a public appearance with a man who holds many different views than she does. This man is Armando Christian Perez, but most people know him by his rapper name, which is Pitbull. DeVos showed up to make an appearance with Pitbull at one of the three charter schools he founded recently in the state of Florida. DeVos is known for her support of charter schools and has fought hard in Michigan to help expand the amount of charter schools in the state.


Betsy DeVos checked in with Pitbull at his charter school named Slam! after going on a whirlwind tour of many other charter schools in Florida. Slam stands for sports leadership and management and takes on students who are in sixth grade all of the way to 12th grade. Before visiting the school, and making the appearance with Pitbull, DeVos had already visited a private Christian school, a couple of higher education institutions, and a public school. She also made a trip to an all-girls charter school in the nation’s capital where she was joined by first lady Melania Trump and Queen Rania of Jordan.


Betsy DeVos has remained dedicated to improving America’s school system for many years through the passing of important legislation and the expansion of charter and private schools. She joined a movement known as the educational choice movement many decades ago in order to fight against what she, and many others, see as an injustice. She joined the movement for many different reasons, and one of these reasons had to do with a school named Potter’s House Christian School. She had visited the school many years ago and was surprised when she discovered that many of the parents who sent their kids there were struggling to make ends meet because they could barely afford the tuition fees.


Instead of simply shaking her head and moving on with her life, Betsy DeVos made the decision to do something. She started out by donating her own money to help cover the tuition fees of select students who attended Potter’s House Christian School. This helped many families to be able to get by a little easier because of the economical hardship it helped to lift. DeVos quickly realized she would need to do more on a national level to be able to truly address the problem.


Betsy DeVos went on to found many different organizations in the educational sector that have supported the educational rights of students in the United States. She has served in leadership roles in many of these organizations and has also supported them through large monetary donations. Today, DeVos is optimistic about the educational future of students in the USA, and she plans on continuing to work hard for their rights.


For updates, follow Betsy DeVos on twitter.

Subaru 2030 Challenge Comes to American Academy of Arts Students

Creating Winning Designs

The students and staff at the American Academy of the Arts University have been challenged by Subaru Corporation to design the 2030 Subaru of the future. The AAU students have thrown themselves wholly into the challenge and each of the different departments set their goals on designing the “empathetic design” of the future. Head of the School of design, told the students during the process of creating the future design they should be about “developing a person,” which “helps create an emphatic design.” An emphatic design would be one that Subaru customers would feel at home in a decade from now.

Building Stories & Storyboards

“If you create someone and build a story, then the pieces come together,” said Eryn Powers, one of the students in the AAU program. At the opening of the project one of the Interior Designers of Subaru, Gary Chu, told the students “a strong storyboard will springboard any design.” And that is what the AAU students have been doing ever since they started the project. While some of the AAU students brainstorm the storyboards and story, others are sketching and modeling 2D or 3D maquettes (a small scale model) of the 2030 Subaru. One of the biggest challenges the AAU team face is bringing together the ingredient that will bring together all the aspects of the brand and make them relevant for the environmental issues and challenges of a decade from now.

In order for the 2030 Subaru challenge to take shape, AAU and Subaru have brought together students of 40 different backgrounds to work together, on the brainstorming and challenge.

American Academy of Art

The American Academy of Art opened its doors in 1923 as a place where students could learn the tools and intricacies of standing on their own in the professional world of many art forms. Today AAU is one of the premier art schools in the world and displays yearly some of the best talents represented to the world of the arts.

Training for the Future

The students of AAU get a well-rounded education but primarily attend to be trained in a particular art field. AAU offers a diverse range of academic training in the arts: Art Direction, Digital Illustration, Writing Music for Film & Television, Screenwriting and Film Production, Architecture, and Graphic Design, to name a few. Each of the arts has both theory and labs where the students are able to work on hands-on projects related to the professional world, like the 2030 Subaru Challenge. The focus of AAU is to prepare student of the future.

Betsy Devos Continues Her Personal Fight To Bring A Quality Education To All Students

Betsy DeVos has spent more than three decades attempting to bring a fair way of educating students across the U.S. to the nation and now does so from the important position of Secretary of Education in the Administration of President Donald Trump. Secretary DeVos has a long history of working within the public education system as a mentor and campaigner, but points back to her childhood as the daughter of a public school teacher mother as the starting point for her own call to education advocacy; as well as campaigning for the rights of students who are underserved by the U.S. education system, Betsy DeVos has worked within the Grand Rapids, Michigan public school system as an advocate for students.

The need to help the people of the U.S. in developing a new way of educating all students regardless of where they live has always been high on the list of priorities for Holland, Michigan born Betsy DeVos. Although her own mother was a public school system educator, Mrs. DeVos points to the period of her own children’s education as the moment she realized just how unfair the education system was initially in Michigan and later across the entire U.S. During interviews and her own writings Betsy DeVos has stated a single moment cannot be identified as inspiring her to make the decision to become involved in education reform; however, her visits to The Potter’s House Christian School in the Grand Rapids region have been highlighted as a driving force in focusing her attention on how something as simple as a zip code can have a major effect on the quality of education a student receives. Follow Betsy DeVos on

Certain campaigns and good causes can become a hot topic for wealthy donors and celebrities to back, but education reform was not this in the 1980s when Betsy DeVos began working with her husband, Dick to bring school choice and voucher programs to the U.S. The success achieved by the co-founder of The Windquest Group Investment Company is shown in the fact school choice programs are now available in 25 U.S. states and the District of Columbia; when joining the education reform movement Betsy DeVos was seen as joining a reactionary group that has now grown to become a major force in U.S. education circles. Betsy DeVos believes every community benefits from a successful education system that works in comparison with a wide ranging culture enjoyed by the whole community. As a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos has backed the ArtPrize festival taking place annually in Grand Rapids, Michigan that is innovative in providing access to the arts for all community members; under the leadership of Betsy DeVos the ArtPrize festival innovated by allowing community members to vote on the artistic pieces they felt should be rewarded for their success.


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