How Barbara Stokes is Facing the Challenges After Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey left tons of devastation in its wake. Barbara Stokes knows what that is all about having become such a big part of the post-recovery efforts. This storm ranked as the second most dangerous tropical storm in history thus far. The cost of relief was noted into the billions, and there are still some families that have not recovered from this storm. Learn more about Barbara Stokes at Ideamensch.

Small business contractors were slowly picked up by the federal government to assist with the recovery. One of those contractors is GSH of Alabama. Thankfully, there were some lessons learned from watching the efforts of Hurricane Katrina prior to Harvey. One of the major problems with Hurricane Katrina was waiting for approval from the Pentagon. This took four days before military relief efforts could be sent out.

Barbara Stokes knows that within four days many lives could be lost. Water is damaging, and clean up efforts can feel exponential. Training for responders is always critical, and it was during Katrina that everyone realized this was the biggest area of opportunity. Although FEMA has now received more than $2 billion dollars of funding to add to the efforts, there is still a huge need to have all hands on deck. Follow Barbara Stokes on

This is why Barbara Stokes is on the scene. Her study of design and manufacturing puts her at the forefront of efforts post Hurricane Harvey. She has the know how regarding projects and materials that are needed and required for such an event as the flooding and conditions that were present after the storm was over.

Her heart is with family, raising her own family, and she knows the needs that families have. She may never know what it’s like to have to recover her own home after a hurricane, but she is willing to assist in these efforts to help other families. Having worked with the government, she is also aware of what it’s like to work with the government.

Barbara Stokes is geared up to help families that are in need, and that won’t slow her down anytime soon as she continues the efforts with GSH of Alabama.


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