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Technology can bring a lot of benefits to your business and IP geolocation from LocationSmart is something that is changing the way that some companies are able to advertise and more. The Carlsbad, California based company was founded in 1996 to help companies with their mobile device Cloud-based location needs.

When it was first founded, the private company went by the name of TechnoCom Corporation and it has been growing quickly since they first started doing business. The LocationSmart platform can be used in many industries for different purposes including transaction verification and roadside assistance.

While there is a chance that you have never heard of LocationSmart or even IP geolocation, it may offer some big opportunities that will allow your company to grow and meet its business goals. In order to obtain the location of its clients’ customers, consent from the users is given in several simple ways.

Once these users allow access to their IP information, businesses can verify their current location by determining what networks they are connected to and where these networks are. Each device connected to a network has its own IP address that is used by the host, but with the LocationSmart services, it has other purposes outside of the network as well.

Network security is important and geolocation from LocationSmart can help with this in creative and effective ways. IP geolocation can even be used on internal networks as well as the internet which allows you to identify the different devices and their users on your network. This information is made available on a real-time basis and can help to alert you and your team if there is malicious activity somewhere on your network in a convenient way. Read more: LocationSmart | Wikipedia and LocationSmart | Crunchbase

If your team members must connect to your company’s network outside of the office, the LocationSmart platform can help to verify that it is your employee that is accessing these devices instead of someone with malicious intent. If these devices belong to your company, IP geolocation can also help to keep tabs on them to make sure that they do not end up getting lost or stolen.

Digital data is valuable and LocationSmart knows how important it is to protect it. From streaming content to protected documents, there are many reasons to make sure that only users who are authorized can gain access to this content that belongs to your business.

If someone is pirating your content, you cannot earn revenue from that user or the people that they may share the data with in the future. With geolocation, you are able to figure out when your data was accessed and from where which can help you to identify the people or organizations who are using it.

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