Alexis Kennedy Faces Challenges As An Independent Video Game Developer

A burned-out software consultant, Alexis Kennedy, took a chance on changing his life for the better. In preparation for life as a father, he set out to pursue his love of video games to establish a rewarding career.

He did this by founding his own company, called Failbetter Games. During his run of the company, he released Fallen-London and other story drive video games. He then went on to co-found Weather Factory, a London based video game company.

After the launch of Weather Factory, he and his business partner started a Kickstarter campaign. This helped them create Cutlist Simulator, a card-based video game. It was first released for personal computers in 2018. The next year they released a mobile version of Cutlist Simulator.

The game is based on the occult. No tutorial was created for this game because Alex and his team want players to figure that out on their own. However, this has caused controversy among gamers. Some enjoy the challenge but others don’t.

Running an independent gaming company has never been easy for Alex Kennedy. He admits that the company has struggled to gain the attention of gamers. Describing any of Weather Factory’s games in a single sentence has proven to be a challenge.

When it comes to competing in the mobile gaming industry as an independent company, Kennedy admits that the company lives in the shadows of those who outshine it. As a result, Andrew focuses on targeting market demographics that larger companies don’t bother with. The company does this by keeping its games as uncomplicated as possible, allowing them to work within the small budget they have.

Alex Kennedy has a history of creating video games that are on the grim side and Cutlist Simulator is one of many examples of this. Thinking outside the box when creating video games is Alex Kennedy’s specialty.

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