Darien Dash Cares About Doing Good Things For Others

Darien Dash was born into a family that was involved in the entertainment business, and when he was in college he started a record label with his cousin. They signed hip-hop artists like Jay Z to the label and grew it to be worth over $100 thousand. He started to have an interest in the internet and giving access to it to all people of all colors and he did work to make that happen. President Clinton recognized his efforts and asked for his help in making the internet accessible to everyone in America.

Dash started a technology firm, which is named Places of Color, with the help of Carly Fiorina, a businesswoman who worked for Hewlett-Packard. They created the firm to help reach people in the minority communities in New Jersey and New York, and the firm was given an award at the end of the year because of its efforts. It was named the Technology Firm of The Year, both regionally and nationally. It provided people with computers that they could afford and gave them access to the technology that they never would have otherwise had.

Darien Dash is now working with another company that he started, which is called The Movement Management firm. In it, he advises clients in the entertainment industry, in sports, and those in business. He stays productive in his business by always working on whatever is most pressing at the moment and making sure that it gets done well. He gets up early each morning and stays late if his clients need a lot of help. Darien Dash says that he works with a good team and that they take care of a lot of things for him. He works with all kinds of clients and doesn’t discriminate against anyone, and he is highly sought after.

Aaron Lupuloff Heads Up A Forward-Thinking School Foundation That Works Toward Giving Students Every Opportunity To Excel

Aaron Lupuloff is an individual who has actively pursued his passion for providing today’s high school students with the best possible opportunities for obtaining an outstanding education. He works toward providing an outstanding high school experience as well as giving kids all the right opportunities to earn the valuable scholarships that can fund their college educations. Aaron Lupuloff is accomplishing this mission through his work as the Senior Executive Director for Gwinnett County’s Public School Foundation. The Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation is a unique organization within the world of education. It has a mission to give the school’s students all available opportunities to excel in their academic studies and to provide them ways to access vital scholarship programs so that they can attend college. This is important with a school district the size of Gwinnett County Public Schools. The Atlanta, Georgia area school has a student body that has reached nearly 13,000. It can be quite difficult finding scholarship solutions for all of the graduating seniors looking to attend college, but Aaron Lupuloff and the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation does everything it can to assist these students.

Based on, in 2015, Aaron Lupuloff gained election to his position as Senior Executive Director with the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation. Since ascending to this position, the work he has done has been impressive. He has always had a passion for education and has a deep desire to see students achieve. Before taking on this role, he worked within the finance sector for twenty-plus years. This work provided Aaron Lupuloff with a great amount of valuable experience and allowed him to broaden his base of knowledge, but he now takes a great amount of joy in being able to work in his current occupation.

The expertise in the area of finance has been of significant value to Aaron Lupuloff in his Senior Executive Director’s role. This knowledge and experience, combined with his high level of passion for what he is doing have proven to be a great thing for students in the Gwinnett County Public Schools. He is one of the school foundation’s founding members. Other experience for Aaron Lupuloff includes a founding role with the Georgia Tech Parents Advisory Board. For more details you can visit

Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation Interview

Aaron Lupuloff, executive director of the Gwinnett County Public Schools Foundation, discusses the organization during an interview at the Corky Kell Classic.

Lincolnshire Management CEO TJ Maloney Understands The Value Of Growth For His Firm

Although there is now a grand sum at Lincolnshire Management of $1.7 billion when counting up the assets in conjunction with capital, this was certainly not how the firm started out when Frank Wright started building up the group in 1986. An undeniably large force with regards to to how much the Lincolnshire organization has progressed is definitely TJ Maloney. Upon following Maloney’s directions, there seems to have been upward development for Lincolnshire Management, and goldmine of private equity investing has been the firm’s playing field for approximately seven dozen acquisitions. CEO is crucial as a role, regardless of what a particular company is pursuing, and TJ Maloney has displayed why his leadership qualities make Lincolnshire Management prize him so greatly as a CEO.

He was not always the leading Lincolnshire team member, however. Up until 1993, actually, it appeared that TJ Maloney was poised for a lifetime of securities law because his prominence and respect levels in the world of attorneys was quite high, and New York is where gave his securities law services. Furthermore, there are some other capabilities that TJ is known for that created an ideal candidate for CEO out of him. One is his excellence as a lecturer and speaker, and Maloney received multiple invitations by universities to bestow knowledge upon students in MBA programs. Maloney was once a student of law himself, and his training was completed in Fordham University.

For many interested in private equity, the firm’s title will not be at all unfamiliar. This is a result of a few pieces that finance oriented media put out regarding Lincolnshire Management from 2010 to 2011. One of the biggest names to do this was CNN Money, although more targeted publications also mentioned how impressively the firm was performing back then, and Private Equity News was at the top of that list. Mr. Nacier and Mr. Ginodia recently came to Lincolnshire Management as part of a new hiring spree by TJ Maloney that saw the firm take on four individuals. It appears that the markedly stellar performance of his firm owes much credit to how well Maloney leads.

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True Community Servants Kisling Nestico & Redick

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a local Ohio law firm that was founded in 2005. The firm is currently Ohio’s largest personal injury law firm and the fastest growing. The firm’s success just speaks in the cash recovery numbers. To date Kisling Nestico & Redick has recovered more than 450 million dollars from settlements and jury trials. The firm currently has 10 locations throughout the state of Ohio that employs a total of over a hundred and thirty people.

They employ 30 attorneys and over 100 support staff. The firm can connect with a personal injury client because one of their own Rob Nestico has had a horrible experience as a teenager with insurance companies. He was severely injured in an accident and the insurance company took advantage of his immigrant parents and did not settle the claim. Personal injury cases hit home and that is why the firm fights hard for every client that they represent.

Kisling Nestico & Redick gives back to the community regularly through their organization called KNR Cares.The organization has been around for 12 years volunteering and making financial donations around the state of Ohio. This year the organization set a goal to complete 12 months of giving.

The full name of the organization is called KNR Cares About Kids and the organization has dedicated 2019 to uplifting the kids around the Ohio area. Some children from lower-income families cannot afford bike helmets all the time so KNR Cares About Kids organization gave away 525 bike helmets in the month of June, which was also the national safety month. The organization gave away 25 helmets at a social media giveaway, then donated 300 helmets to camp goers at Youngstown YMCA, and then donated 200 helmets to the Toledo YMCA.

Kisling Nestico & Redick are one of the few law firms that are actively involved in the community throughout their entire state. The fact that they have an organization such as KNR Cares About Kids speaks volumes of the firm. When you help children you are helping the future leaders of our country. So the community work that they do is just breathtaking.

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Kisling, Nestico & Redick Giveaway Bike Helmets For Bicycle Safety

At times personal injury is something that can be avoided with a little preparation and mindfulness. For personal injury law firm Kisling, Nestico & Redick, this can mean watching out for obvious things, like making sure your auto insurance is up to date, to small things, like wearing a helmet while riding your bike.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, only about one in five Ohioan children wear a helmet when out riding their bicycles. Kisling, Nestico & Redick sought to do something about that.

In June, during National Safety Month, KNR Cares, the charitable arm of the Kisling, Nestico & Redick law firm donated more than 500 helmets across their home state. First through a social media giveaway to 25 entrants. 300 made their way to YMCA of Youngstown for children at their summer camp. Another 200 were given to YMCS of Toledo, supplementing their Safe Routes to School Initiative, helping children get to and from school safely.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is an injury law firm based in Akron, Ohio. With more than 400 years of combined legal experience, this law firm has helped thousands of clients through the legal process of personal injury. An attorney and a pair of paralegals are assigned to every client, placing their needs at the forefront of each case. Advising clients on the best course of action every step of the way and maintaining open channels of communication allows them offer the best outcome possible, and that level of dedication allows this growing law firm to retain a personal feel.

Success for their clients has resulted in referrals that’s allowed Kisling, Nestico & Redick to sprawl throughout Ohio, making them a law firm with local knowledge regardless of the region. That relationship with communities continues with KNR Cares, their active philanthropy office and the many functions they carry out.

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