Stephen Hicks is Helping Southridge Capital to Accomplish its Mission

The market has undergone tough times. The economic unsettlement has made most people to look interested in business, and others have decided to work in the government just to be on the safe side. Southridge Capital is a powerful company that has been established to help companies in the public department to keep on going, even when things seem to be collapsing. Southridge Capital has made an impact in a world that is full of impossibilities. Stephen Hicks is responsible for starting this company. The businessman works as the top executive in the firm, and he has accomplished his duties in the best way possible. For more details visit Ideamensch.

A company CEO should be able to handle the pressure that comes with a financial services company. Stephen Hicks has a great portfolio that shows that he is the right candidate for the position he took when the company came into the market in the year 1996. Even in the uncertainty taking place in the market, Stephen Hicks has managed to maintain the position of his powerful company in the global market. The businessman had worked in this department for thirty years before he could start his firm, and this meant that he was well prepared for the tasks ahead. Stephen Hicks had acquired a degree in business administration from one of the leading universities in New York in the past too.

Because he is the founder of the financial services company, Stephen gets the inspiration to work hard from his clients. The financial executive knows the purpose of his company in the lives of the consumer, and he knows that it is his responsibility to ensure that the customers are happy. Before leaving for the office every day, the businessman takes some time to look at the daily newspapers so that he can know what is happening in the financial market. The businessman keeps all his staff in check too so that the customers are happy whenever they visit his offices. Stephen Hicks of Southridge greatest secret is hard work and commitment to the customers who look up to him. Hicks knows that he could not have attained his success without the help of the clients. You can follow their Facebook page.


Louis R. Chenevert, the Mastermind behind UTC’s Success

From a professional’s point of view, business’s success is influenced by every person associated with the venture. However, without a qualified or focused leader, all the effort can go to waste. Louis Chenevert is among the few celebrated CEOs across the globe. The history of UTC can never be complete without mentioning the many things he has done to see it succeed.

One blogger jokingly stated that Louis is a kind of a person that successful business people such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates give a call to seek advice. His success story with the United Technologies Corporation seem to support the statement. In a recent interview with Ideamensch, the retired CEO stated the idea for UTC came from many ideas brought with customer needs in mind and passion for changing the product market.

During the interview, Louis did not hesitate but to reveal his secret to driving UTC to an incredible level which was being a detail-guy. During his tenure, the outgoing CEO ensured that all the base operations ran as per the plan. Besides, he always motivated and got involved with the junior staff which meant an increase in the output. Louis boasts that his eye for details and team-playing ability is what resulted in UTC we know today. In the interview, Louis stated that he learned to give a listening ear to the juniors while working at GM as a first line supervisor.

Louis told Ideamensch that if given a chance to start his career life again, he would focus his mind on internal politics. According to him, domestic politics can be a disruption to the company’s growth. Louis did not leave before advising entrepreneurs on the need to pick and work in close collaboration with the right team for the sake of beating the obstacles.

About Louis

Today, Louis R. Chenevert is known for his involvement with United Technologies Corporations where he worked as the chairman and CEO. Louis got promoted to the president and CEO position in early 2008. Two years later, he was named the chairman of the board of executives and continued to serve in these positions until 2014 when he retired.

Before joining UTC, the talented CEO worked at Pratt & Whitney since 1993. In the company, Louis served as the president, an appointment that he received in 1999. Also, Louis has served at General Motors holding various positions. Louis holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree in production management from the Universite de Montreal. Often, Louis insists that his many years in service are behind his success stories.

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