4 Ways to Find Business Funding from James River Capital


Starting a business is expensive. Coming up with a great idea is the easy part, but securing funding is a challenge. Family and friends are an obvious choice, and banks can help with loans. Inevitably, your business will need outside funding to scale.

That’s why Paul Saunders founded James River Capital to help businesses find their ideal financing solution. Of course, he doesn’t just recommend his own products. Here are four ways to finance your business idea.

Go Local

Always look for local funding opportunities first. There are plenty of organizations looking to fund local entrepreneurs to invest in the community. Pitch your business idea to local business development centers and your chamber of commerce to get it out in front of people who you ultimately want to be customers.

Talk to Angels

Angel investors carry that name because they save private companies from certain death with cash investments. In return, they take partial control of the company (and its revenues) to pay back their investment. The Angel Capital Association is a large network of over 330 angel investors for businesses to pitch to.


Crowdfunding has become a popular option over the past decade. Platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo give businesses a way to fund development of new projects. Prototypes can be materialized, surveys taken, and real funding from a community of interested users obtained. Unlike other forms of investment, crowdfunding typically relies on actual customers as investors.

Venture Capital

Venture capital firms like James River Capital exist to help businesses that need at least $1 million in funding. These aren’t just ideas being kicked around – they’re fully functional businesses with working staff and resources that need to scale or pursue a new venture. Pitching to venture capitalists is what you see on shows like ABC’s Shark Tank.

No matter what industry you’re in or the size of your business, one of these four funding avenues is sure to pump new life into your business.

TigerSwan Delivers Peace Of Mind In Times Of Uncertainty

TigerSwan is an American company that provides private security to its worldwide clients. The headquarters of the firm are in Apex, North Carolina. Prior to creating this company, its founders had spent decades serving the citizens of the United States. They now focus on security consultation to help in the cause to manage the potential global risks facing companies, the military and individuals. TigerSwan strives to find the right security solutions in the current environment of uncertainty.

 Leading the organization is co-founder James Reese, the CEO of TigerSwan. James returned to North Carolina after retiring from the U.S. military. He had a 20 year-long career in the U.S. Armed Forces as a combat task leader. He was wounded in combat, and James was 80% disabled when he retired. James Reese is a determined man who started planning for the next phase of his life while he was still in the service. He is an entrepreneur, and his past experiences have proven to life lessons in what it takes to protect others and lead others. The launch of TigerSwan puts his expertise to good use as a provider of worldwide security personnel and intelligence. James Reese and the TigerSwan team are dedicated to instilling a feeling of peace of mind when and where it is most needed.

TigerSwan is a VA-certified company as a small business owned by veterans who were disabled in the line of duty and service. James Reese is a strong executive leader of TigerSwan, and he has guided the company in its multi-national expansion. James believes that his leadership role in the military has helped to prepare him for leadership in the business world.

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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin is Leading the Company With Sustainability in Mind

OSI Group’s chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, has been a well known figure in the food industry for a while. Primarily, due to the time he has spent running one of the world’s largest food processing companies in the form of OSI Group. But other than that, Lavin is also known for leading his organization with the thought of sustainability being front and center in its operations.

Associated with OSI Group since its initial phase of growth, Sheldon Lavin is known for turning the organization from a small, regional meat processor to one of the most successful entities in its sector. Today, OSI Group is not only involved in high quality meat processing, but also participates in processing and distributing other food groups such as fruits and vegetables. Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

While Sheldon Lavin has ensured that he turns OSI Group into an entity with multiple operations, he has also made sure that the company does so while being completely sustainable to the environment. Given that meat and general food processing requires a lot of efforts that could directly contribute to the impact on climate, doing so hasn’t been easy. But through his perseverance, Sheldon Lavin has shown the world that the feat is very much achievable.

Through various initiatives that the company has taken under his watch, Sheldon Lavin has established that OSI Group is not your run of the mill food processing company, but one that pays great regard to the effects of climate change.

That is why, Sheldon has led various programs at OSI Group to make the company a prominent entity in the fight for sustainability. With initiatives that control the corporation’s carbon footprint, programs that eliminate redundant practices, and efforts that ensure the adoption of modern processes, OSI Group has become a leading name in sustainable food processing operations.

Under Lavin’s leadership, the company has received several accolades for its continued dedication to sustainability. At the time of writing, the CEO ensures that his company is being led with its responsibility towards climate change in mind – so that the firm could be known as one of the entities that led the fight against global warming. Connect:

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