Isabel dos Santos Champions for Environmental Protection

Isabel dos Santos is an Angolan entrepreneur who has made waves in different realms. Her academic background is in electrical engineering from King’s College in London. She is an illustrious woman who has uplifted Africa socially and economically. As a business owner, she has expanded her territory to Portugal. She currently serves as the chairperson to Unitel that is a telecommunications company. The firm has connected Angola to the digital world via the internet.

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What’s more, it has created over 50,000 jobs to Africans in general. She also partners with other investors to develop infrastructure in her country. In addition to that, she has touched many lives through her philanthropic endeavors.

Besides supporting youth and women, she champions for environmental sustainability. Isabel dos Santos used her position to influence people globally to protect and safeguard nature. During the Bloomberg Global Business Forum in September 2019, she talked on the issue. There were about 200 world leaders, and she used the platform to reach out to the masses. Isabel dos Santos cited how the planet earth is distinctive and ought to have a sustainable future. She went on to say that technology has an impact on the cities and businesses. Therefore, it is only fair that everyone incorporates digitalization with environmental protection.

Additionally, Isabel dos Santos made a statement indicating that climate change affected all people worldwide. On that account, it is of the essence to find a timely and lasting solution to the problem. According to Isabel, politicians and entrepreneurs have the answers to the issue in mind. On the flip side, the youth are concerned about their future and that of the planet as well. Therefore, there should be a joint effort towards eradicating pollution. She points out that emissions and plastic are the root causes of environmental degradation.

During the New York Conference, Isabel dos Santos highlighted the accomplishments of Adjany Costa. The National Geographic film featured the marine biologist who is an Angolan native. She had captured a video that talked about the Okavango River that was slowly losing its biodiversity. Therefore, she emphasized the need to shield the river from any more damage.

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Dr. Sam Jejurikar Reveals Why He Joined The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute

Dr. Sam Jejurikar is a partner at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. This is one of the world’s largest and most highly regarded plastic surgery groups. He performs cosmetic and reconstructive surgery on a patient’s face, breast, and body. He has given presentations around the world. This includes Plastic Surgery – The Meeting, which is attended by plastic surgeons from around the world. He earned his bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan. He attended this university’s medical school and was in its Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society.

He studied there for eight years before joining the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital where he completed his fellowship in aesthetic surgery. He joined a group in central Texas before setting up his practice at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.Dr. Sam Jejurikar has helped many people as a philanthropist. He has traveled to emerging countries such as Guatemala, Columbia, and Bangladesh, where he performs free cleft lip and palate surgeries. He has taken several of these trips despite having a very busy clinic.He was young when he decided to become a surgeon.

Dr. Sam Jejurikar was interested in both science and working with his hands. He studied hard so that he could attend the University of Michigan. Once in its medical school, he was exposed to many surgical specialties. He chose plastic surgery because it is a creative endeavor. At the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute, he has his own practice. By being a member of a group, he shares overhead expenses with other plastic surgeons and economies of scale make it easier to purchase new technology.

TigerSwan Delivers Peace Of Mind In Times Of Uncertainty

TigerSwan is an American company that provides private security to its worldwide clients. The headquarters of the firm are in Apex, North Carolina. Prior to creating this company, its founders had spent decades serving the citizens of the United States. They now focus on security consultation to help in the cause to manage the potential global risks facing companies, the military and individuals. TigerSwan strives to find the right security solutions in the current environment of uncertainty.

 Leading the organization is co-founder James Reese, the CEO of TigerSwan. James returned to North Carolina after retiring from the U.S. military. He had a 20 year-long career in the U.S. Armed Forces as a combat task leader. He was wounded in combat, and James was 80% disabled when he retired. James Reese is a determined man who started planning for the next phase of his life while he was still in the service. He is an entrepreneur, and his past experiences have proven to life lessons in what it takes to protect others and lead others. The launch of TigerSwan puts his expertise to good use as a provider of worldwide security personnel and intelligence. James Reese and the TigerSwan team are dedicated to instilling a feeling of peace of mind when and where it is most needed.

TigerSwan is a VA-certified company as a small business owned by veterans who were disabled in the line of duty and service. James Reese is a strong executive leader of TigerSwan, and he has guided the company in its multi-national expansion. James believes that his leadership role in the military has helped to prepare him for leadership in the business world.

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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin is Leading the Company With Sustainability in Mind

OSI Group’s chairman and CEO, Sheldon Lavin, has been a well known figure in the food industry for a while. Primarily, due to the time he has spent running one of the world’s largest food processing companies in the form of OSI Group. But other than that, Lavin is also known for leading his organization with the thought of sustainability being front and center in its operations.

Associated with OSI Group since its initial phase of growth, Sheldon Lavin is known for turning the organization from a small, regional meat processor to one of the most successful entities in its sector. Today, OSI Group is not only involved in high quality meat processing, but also participates in processing and distributing other food groups such as fruits and vegetables. Learn about Sheldon Lavin at

While Sheldon Lavin has ensured that he turns OSI Group into an entity with multiple operations, he has also made sure that the company does so while being completely sustainable to the environment. Given that meat and general food processing requires a lot of efforts that could directly contribute to the impact on climate, doing so hasn’t been easy. But through his perseverance, Sheldon Lavin has shown the world that the feat is very much achievable.

Through various initiatives that the company has taken under his watch, Sheldon Lavin has established that OSI Group is not your run of the mill food processing company, but one that pays great regard to the effects of climate change.

That is why, Sheldon has led various programs at OSI Group to make the company a prominent entity in the fight for sustainability. With initiatives that control the corporation’s carbon footprint, programs that eliminate redundant practices, and efforts that ensure the adoption of modern processes, OSI Group has become a leading name in sustainable food processing operations.

Under Lavin’s leadership, the company has received several accolades for its continued dedication to sustainability. At the time of writing, the CEO ensures that his company is being led with its responsibility towards climate change in mind – so that the firm could be known as one of the entities that led the fight against global warming. Connect:

Eric Lefkofsky

Other ventures of Lefkofsky. The 49-year-old started five enterprises worth at least 250 million dollars each, promising to transform the business with big data. Its most famous business is Groupon, which is valued at approximately $2.7 billion, despite its deceptive share price at the deals site.

The theory is that information in large part allows doctors to personalize cancer treatments and make them more effective. ADVERTISEMENT Tempus is based on the theory. A doctor who treats a lung cancer patient might have a genomic sequence sample sent to Tempus. Tempus determines an epidermal growth factor receptor mutation in the gene that causes cells to grow and divide too much. The doctor prescribes a specific treatment which can have better results than chemotherapy.

To date, $5200 million (Lefkofsky put $100 million) has been raised by the 700-service company. The lavish valuation of 3.1 billion dollars suggests that investors expect their approach to make a major contribution to chronic conditions like depression and diabetes, starting with cancer. However, precision is an emerging field. Since its foundation four years ago, Tempus has published fewer than 20 manuscripts that have been reviewed by peers or research partners. Over 400 competitors were published in nine years by the sequencing firm Foundation Medicine.

The sequencing cost has dropped, but is between US$ 1,000 and $5,000 per analysis and Tempus loses money to do so. Erik Lefkofsky Tempus Erik Lefkofsky JEFF SCIORTINO FOR FORBES Tempus also authorizes its anonymised data library for pharmaceutical companies, insurers and researchers. Lefkofsky will not disclose revenues, but says that seven of the top ten cancer pharmaceutical companies will pay seven-figure fees.

Lefkofsky got a bug from the University of Michigan that was an entrepreneur, studying history and selling tapestries for money. He co-founded InnerWorkings in 2001, and Echo Global Logistics (transport) and Mediaocean (advertising software). in 2001. One of Lefkofsky’s hired employers, Andrew Mason, pitched an idea on a business that focused on’ collective action.’ It generated $14.5 million in revenue a year after its 2008 establishment and $1.6 billion in 2011.

Sujit Choudry And The Policy Paper

One of the most informative and enlightening essays collections pertaining to territorial boundouries and constitutional transitions has been available for purchase and download since May 9, 2019. Excerpts from “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions” now has a free download and the entire collection that includes 17 essays can be purchased as well. Examples from territories like Iraq, Nigeria, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Spain and other territorial policies are available throughout this highly suggested read. There are various different types of territories and situations like bi-communal, small territories, politically influential regions, and more are applicable to give insight that can expose scholars to the functionings of these types of systems.

Accredited scholars like Sujit Choudry and George Anderson have co-written a companion policy paper that distictively accommodates the original collection or essays. This policy paper holds great value because it provides readers with advice and insights about the corresponding relationship between territorial claims and constitutional transitions. This is an awsome source for individuals, and leaders who are dealing with constitutional moments. There is especially a great amount of focus on the process of the constitution development process and other forms of constitutional design.

Sujit Choudhry is a globally recognized constitutional scholar and lawyer. This constitutional advisor actively functions as the director of the Center of Constitutional Transitions. He also works as a constitutional lawyer. He continously works jobs like the constitutional advisor for International IDEA, Guest researcher for WZB berlin Social Science Center, and founding director for the Center for Constitutional Transitions. These positions have allowed him to advise in governance, and law processes in a variety of different places overtime. These areas consist of places like Jordan, Nepal, South Afria, Tunisia, Ukraine, and more!

Anderson, Sujit Choudry’s co-writer of the policy paper, is also a well-recognised activist within’ global government. He is the former deputy minister for the Canadian government, and former CEO of The Forum of Federations. For further insight about the “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”, please access the copY that is available on Amazon.

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Steve Ritchie-An Inspiring Rise to the Top

Steve Ritchie has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of the third largest pizza chain Papa John’s. The veteran pizza employee has a career that exudes diligence and perseverance. Ritchie has worked for Papa John’s for over twenty years and throughout his tenure he has repeatedly shown his loyalty and dedication to his work as well as to the company.

In 1996, Steve Ritchie first joined the Papa John’s pizza corporation as a customer service representative working for an hourly rate. He owned his own pizza location by 2006 and began his journey with the corporate side of the business. By the year 2010, Mr. Ritchie served the corporation within several leadership capacities. His excellent track record within these positions paid off in 2014 when Steve Ritchie was named Chief Operating Office and then President in 2015. Throughout his career at Papa John’s, Ritchie has shown exemplary skills in management and has maintained the franchise’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest levels of service.

The culture at Papa John’s consists of rewarding its team members. Almost the entire management team at the pizza franchise is comprised of people who were promoted to their positions from hourly positions. As CEO, Steve Ritchie hopes to preserve this culture as he leads the company into more global expansion. He believes it is the company’s commitment to its employees that contrives their enormous customer base. Ritchie also believes the culture spills over into the brand’s customer service, providing a platform for the pizza chain’s overwhelming customer loyalty to the brand.

Ritchie hopes to capitalize on this culture and expand this tradition of customer satisfaction into the next stages of development. He believes his tenacity, patience and resolve can serve as inspiration for the entire workforce at Papa John’s. His legacy with the company is representative of the culture. Steve Ritchie aims to build upon this legacy and bring the service oriented franchise recognition across the globe.

Steve Ritchie is an example of how hard work and bringing one’s best to every position can lift one up to great heights. His story of loyalty and dedication to the Papa John’s pizza brand shows every other team member that anything is possible. Mr. Ritchie will continue to exemplify this motto throughout his reign as Chief Executive Officer. He hopes that his legacy can far surpass his humble beginnings. Steve Ritchie’s career with Papa John’s Pizza is truly a story for the ages. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

Grupo RBS Brings Its Brands Closer to Their Audience

Grupo RBS is a Brazilian media conglomerate with communication brands across Southern Brazil. Among its brands which are performing well in the market include radio companies Zero Hora and Gaucha. The two leading radio stations have attracted a lot of listeners driving the profits of the conglomerate significantly. Last year, they released annual balance sheets which indicated that the radio stations posed some impressive results. In 2018, the stations made 6% more profits compared to 2017. The improvements were attributed to the increased operational efficiency in the brands.

With the impressive advancements the company is making, it has now embarked on another challenge of taking its products closer to their customers. The company is looking to impact the gauchos in great ways. It has been dedicated to delivering since it came into existence. It launched a campaign recently themed “The People Live Together”. Along with taking its products and services closer to the people, the brand is celebrating its achievements with its people.

Grupo RBS has achieved impressive results since its inception. Apart from making incredible profits, it has received a lot of awards. In 2017, the company’s brands won 37 awards. It was all celebrations when it emerged that Zero Hora won 22 awards, Gaucho Journal won two awards, RBS TV won seven, and Radio Gaucha won six awards during the 59th edition of the Banrisul Journalism Award.


Duda Melzer has continued closing the gap between its products and services and customers. The impressive results they have been able to achieve were majorly made possible by their good relations with the people. The company is dedicated to strengthening these relations. The “People Live Together” concept reflects what the company fraternity values and what they are working on with the Gauchos. They are working on a connection based on their values.


The campaign came into existence in 2017 when Grupo RBS was celebrating its 60th anniversary. The company came into existence amidst major social, economic, as well as technological transformations. Grupo RBS is unrelenting on its journey to take the brands closer to the gauchos while consolidating and projecting the future. It is coming up with new ways of interacting with audiences and promoting a change of attitude.

Vijay Eswaran’s Unique Story in Business

All successful entrepreneurs have a story to tell. For Vijay Eswaran, business is life. His interesting story, however, did not have a good start. Years later, the globally recognized business executive has the life he always wanted. The executive is also using his story to change lives of the people he interacts with every day. The economist, philanthropist and entrepreneur is a role model for millions of young people who come from poor backgrounds. In many interviews, the top executive explains how he lacked basic things in life. When growing up, there was no electricity and comfortable ways of living around him. Every morning, Vijay Eswaran would walk to school to change his village and motivate other parents to educate their children. This dream came into a reality when Eswaran started his business journey. Using the direct selling option, Vijay Eswaran employed thousands of people and at the same time earned wealth to help others. Through his foundation, the business executive has donated resources to needy people living in Asian nations. Women and children in these nations have new hope in life because of the assistance they receive from Vijay Eswaran.

As a top entrepreneur in the global community, Eswaran knows that he has a role to play in society. After studying overseas, the philanthropist says that he discovered that healthcare in his hometown was not doing well. After earning and becoming prominent in society, the economist established healthcare institutions that would cater to the needs of the people. Eswaran knows the value of life, and he always ensures that no one has to lose life because of lack of healthcare. Vijay Eswaran success has benefited young executives in business too. Through his books, the author has outlined some of the secrets everyone should practice so that they can reach major milestones.

Malcolm CaSelle Is Leader of New Virtual Asset Firm, WAX

A company widely considered the world leader as a seller of in-game virtual assets is launching an all-new blockchain platform to solve certain problems and streamline virtual asset trading. OPSkins has announced it has created WAX — the Worldwide Asset eXchange.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. He said that, while OPSkins is the leading centralized marketplace for virtual assets, a centralized technology necessarily comes with some limitations. That means creating a decentralized marketplace is the next logical step. That’s where WAX comes in. It is a P2P marketplace built on a foundation of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts. It will make buying and selling virtual assets much easier.

Malcolm CasSelle will serve as President of WAX. He recently spearheaded a $100M token sale in his new role. CaSelle brings a broad range of experience to his new endeavor. He is the former President of Tribune Publishing where he worked in digital assets. Prior to that, he was SVP and General manager of digital media for SeaChange, a multinational firm based in Acton, Massachusetts.

Malcolm CasSelle had led numerous startups within the digital industry. One was MediaPass and another was Xfire, a gamer social network. He describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” who has served in almost every executive role in traditional startup companies. He frequently engages in early-stage investing in new companies within the digital media sector.

Malcolm CasSelle earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then completed a master’s degree in computer science at Stanford University. One of his first jobs out of college was as Director of Capital Union Investments. There he managed private direct investments in late-stage internet firms.

He is currently a board member for Social Reality (SCRI), an advertising technology company. It also provides social strategy, campaigning and content development services in California.

Malcolm CaSelle speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin and is an active member of the YPO Bel Air Executive Committee. YPO is a global leadership organization comprising 27,000 chief executives in more than 130 countries.

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