Steve Ritchie-An Inspiring Rise to the Top

Steve Ritchie has been named the new Chief Executive Officer of the third largest pizza chain Papa John’s. The veteran pizza employee has a career that exudes diligence and perseverance. Ritchie has worked for Papa John’s for over twenty years and throughout his tenure he has repeatedly shown his loyalty and dedication to his work as well as to the company.

In 1996, Steve Ritchie first joined the Papa John’s pizza corporation as a customer service representative working for an hourly rate. He owned his own pizza location by 2006 and began his journey with the corporate side of the business. By the year 2010, Mr. Ritchie served the corporation within several leadership capacities. His excellent track record within these positions paid off in 2014 when Steve Ritchie was named Chief Operating Office and then President in 2015. Throughout his career at Papa John’s, Ritchie has shown exemplary skills in management and has maintained the franchise’s commitment to providing its customers with the highest levels of service.

The culture at Papa John’s consists of rewarding its team members. Almost the entire management team at the pizza franchise is comprised of people who were promoted to their positions from hourly positions. As CEO, Steve Ritchie hopes to preserve this culture as he leads the company into more global expansion. He believes it is the company’s commitment to its employees that contrives their enormous customer base. Ritchie also believes the culture spills over into the brand’s customer service, providing a platform for the pizza chain’s overwhelming customer loyalty to the brand.

Ritchie hopes to capitalize on this culture and expand this tradition of customer satisfaction into the next stages of development. He believes his tenacity, patience and resolve can serve as inspiration for the entire workforce at Papa John’s. His legacy with the company is representative of the culture. Steve Ritchie aims to build upon this legacy and bring the service oriented franchise recognition across the globe.

Steve Ritchie is an example of how hard work and bringing one’s best to every position can lift one up to great heights. His story of loyalty and dedication to the Papa John’s pizza brand shows every other team member that anything is possible. Mr. Ritchie will continue to exemplify this motto throughout his reign as Chief Executive Officer. He hopes that his legacy can far surpass his humble beginnings. Steve Ritchie’s career with Papa John’s Pizza is truly a story for the ages. Find out more about Steve Ritchie Papa John’s:

Grupo RBS Brings Its Brands Closer to Their Audience

Grupo RBS is a Brazilian media conglomerate with communication brands across Southern Brazil. Among its brands which are performing well in the market include radio companies Zero Hora and Gaucha. The two leading radio stations have attracted a lot of listeners driving the profits of the conglomerate significantly. Last year, they released annual balance sheets which indicated that the radio stations posed some impressive results. In 2018, the stations made 6% more profits compared to 2017. The improvements were attributed to the increased operational efficiency in the brands.

With the impressive advancements the company is making, it has now embarked on another challenge of taking its products closer to their customers. The company is looking to impact the gauchos in great ways. It has been dedicated to delivering since it came into existence. It launched a campaign recently themed “The People Live Together”. Along with taking its products and services closer to the people, the brand is celebrating its achievements with its people.

Grupo RBS has achieved impressive results since its inception. Apart from making incredible profits, it has received a lot of awards. In 2017, the company’s brands won 37 awards. It was all celebrations when it emerged that Zero Hora won 22 awards, Gaucho Journal won two awards, RBS TV won seven, and Radio Gaucha won six awards during the 59th edition of the Banrisul Journalism Award.


Duda Melzer has continued closing the gap between its products and services and customers. The impressive results they have been able to achieve were majorly made possible by their good relations with the people. The company is dedicated to strengthening these relations. The “People Live Together” concept reflects what the company fraternity values and what they are working on with the Gauchos. They are working on a connection based on their values.


The campaign came into existence in 2017 when Grupo RBS was celebrating its 60th anniversary. The company came into existence amidst major social, economic, as well as technological transformations. Grupo RBS is unrelenting on its journey to take the brands closer to the gauchos while consolidating and projecting the future. It is coming up with new ways of interacting with audiences and promoting a change of attitude.

Vijay Eswaran’s Unique Story in Business

All successful entrepreneurs have a story to tell. For Vijay Eswaran, business is life. His interesting story, however, did not have a good start. Years later, the globally recognized business executive has the life he always wanted. The executive is also using his story to change lives of the people he interacts with every day. The economist, philanthropist and entrepreneur is a role model for millions of young people who come from poor backgrounds. In many interviews, the top executive explains how he lacked basic things in life. When growing up, there was no electricity and comfortable ways of living around him. Every morning, Vijay Eswaran would walk to school to change his village and motivate other parents to educate their children. This dream came into a reality when Eswaran started his business journey. Using the direct selling option, Vijay Eswaran employed thousands of people and at the same time earned wealth to help others. Through his foundation, the business executive has donated resources to needy people living in Asian nations. Women and children in these nations have new hope in life because of the assistance they receive from Vijay Eswaran.

As a top entrepreneur in the global community, Eswaran knows that he has a role to play in society. After studying overseas, the philanthropist says that he discovered that healthcare in his hometown was not doing well. After earning and becoming prominent in society, the economist established healthcare institutions that would cater to the needs of the people. Eswaran knows the value of life, and he always ensures that no one has to lose life because of lack of healthcare. Vijay Eswaran success has benefited young executives in business too. Through his books, the author has outlined some of the secrets everyone should practice so that they can reach major milestones.

Malcolm CaSelle Is Leader of New Virtual Asset Firm, WAX

A company widely considered the world leader as a seller of in-game virtual assets is launching an all-new blockchain platform to solve certain problems and streamline virtual asset trading. OPSkins has announced it has created WAX — the Worldwide Asset eXchange.

Malcolm CasSelle is the CIO of OPSkins. He said that, while OPSkins is the leading centralized marketplace for virtual assets, a centralized technology necessarily comes with some limitations. That means creating a decentralized marketplace is the next logical step. That’s where WAX comes in. It is a P2P marketplace built on a foundation of blockchain and decentralized smart contracts. It will make buying and selling virtual assets much easier.

Malcolm CasSelle will serve as President of WAX. He recently spearheaded a $100M token sale in his new role. CaSelle brings a broad range of experience to his new endeavor. He is the former President of Tribune Publishing where he worked in digital assets. Prior to that, he was SVP and General manager of digital media for SeaChange, a multinational firm based in Acton, Massachusetts.

Malcolm CasSelle had led numerous startups within the digital industry. One was MediaPass and another was Xfire, a gamer social network. He describes himself as a “serial entrepreneur” who has served in almost every executive role in traditional startup companies. He frequently engages in early-stage investing in new companies within the digital media sector.

Malcolm CasSelle earned his Bachelor of Science degree at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He then completed a master’s degree in computer science at Stanford University. One of his first jobs out of college was as Director of Capital Union Investments. There he managed private direct investments in late-stage internet firms.

He is currently a board member for Social Reality (SCRI), an advertising technology company. It also provides social strategy, campaigning and content development services in California.

Malcolm CaSelle speaks fluent Japanese and Mandarin and is an active member of the YPO Bel Air Executive Committee. YPO is a global leadership organization comprising 27,000 chief executives in more than 130 countries.

TJ Maloney; The Man Behind the Success of Lincolnshire Management

The finance industry has grown significantly in recent years. Many companies have emerged in all corners of the world. Their main objective is to give customers financial services at the best rates. This means that the competition has gone very high, making it very difficult for a new institution to be recognized. Companies that are fortunate to get excellent leadership have better opportunities for emerging successful despite the challenges they face in the market. The young and old because of its services know Lincolnshire Management to the communities. The private company has made sure that investors do not struggle when investing their wealth in any industry. The financial services company has survived the tough times in the market because of its leadership.

Leadership determines the future any organization is going to have. Lincolnshire Management has always taken time when selecting its leaders from the start. Having the right professionals in charge of the institution has made the company one of the leaders and fastest growing in the entire world. Tj Maloney is the professional given the role of chair and chief executive officer in the prestigious financial services company. According to his portfolio, the executive started to work for Lincolnshire Management in the year 1993. At first, he joined the investment committee and he was actively ensuring that all clients were making the best investment decisions.

Before joining Lincolnshire Management, Tj Maloney had already served in the corporate section for a long time. Maloney had helped many companies with mergers and acquisitions, investment matters and other crucial financial services. The executive grew his career in the corporate section very fast because of his passion for finance too. His academic qualifications made his work very easy too. His resume shows that Tj Maloney went for his education at leading and popular universities in the world. Specializing in finance was a dream comes true for the renowned leader. After graduating from the university, Tj Maloney started to serve in different roles in the finance industry.

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Gino Pozzo’s Contributions in English Football

Did you know that Watford FC is one of the best defensive football clubs in Europe? The main reason why the team is one of the most competitive teams in England is Gino Pozzo’s leadership. As the owner of the club, he has a voice on the club decisions, especially when it comes to buying and selling players. According to English soccer pundits, Pozzo is one of the most influential club owners in modern football and thanks to his contributions; the club is one of the main competitors in top European leagues. Even though this is his first time to have the controlling rights of a football club, Gino Pozzo is not new to sports investments.

His family, for example, previously invested in the Spanish League, which is also another competitive league in the world of football. Gino Pozzo points out that his early interaction with club management and sports investment are the main reasons he has a huge passion for sports. Pozzo, therefore, understands the role fans play in a club and in the last season, he was keen on creating a good rapport with fans. He has been vocal on where he wants to take the club in terms of competitiveness and more importantly, retaining the club culture. Thanks to his passion, he is one of the most loved investors in English Football.

Prior to 2012, the club was one of the less competitive clubs, due to fewer funds and lack of proper management. However, his period in the club has enabled Watford FC to buy better players and compete in the European leagues. Gino Pozzo understands the importance of funds in sports and this understanding has made him put money on the right projects. Last season, for example, he assisted the club in buying some of the best midfielders from different Italian clubs.

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Nitin Khanna Holds Valuable Public Appeal

Nitin Khanna has had years of experience within the business industry when he ran his own business, and since he has since retired from that position, he has been working behind the scenes in business to improve the economical state of the United States. His goals have always been motivated by his patriotism, as he sees his career as a vehicle for his country. Nitin Khanna will attest to this fact any day of the week; he does not work for himself. Rather, he works for the people around him who depend on him either for a living or for his generosity.

Since he has been known for years for the philanthropy he strives to act out, there is a bit of an expectation for Nitin Khanna to continue donating to charity today, and though he is living up to the expectation, he is not solely doing it to appease the public. He finds a personal satisfaction in giving to people, and he believes that doing so is an integral part of life. Humanity would not have made it as far as it has without the ability to cooperate, and Nitin Khanna knows this better than anyone else. This is why he has encouraged businesses across the country to be structured in the same way his own was. His old business structure involved giving everyone a voice to speak within the company, the idea being that there is no voice too small for making improvements within the world of business.

Everyone has something to offer, whether it simply be an idea or an entire new set of rules for an aspect of business that the company forgot to acknowledge. Nobody is perfect, and as much as we would like to prove that we are by being consistent in our work, attaining consistency is simply not possible one hundred percent of the time when you are involved with business. Nitin Khanna knows that there must be some uncertainty, and this is one of the largest draws towards business for him. If it were not for the risk, he likely would not have found it to be as appealing.

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Hyland’s Teething Tablets-The Natural Solution

Hyland’s teething tablets are the go-to for so many parents, and they are the product that is trusted as well as effective. Hyland’s teething tablets have been there for decades and give little ones relief from the pain of teething when nothing else seems to work.

Hyland’s teething tablets is also a natural product that doesn’t contain harsh and dangerous chemicals which is why it is safe to give your little one. It is a homeopathic product that has harnessed the art of homeopathy which has been used for centuries all over the world to relieve pain.

When babies are teething, they may be more irritable, and you may notice that they are rubbing their cheeks and ears. You may also notice that your little one has a rash, is drooling more and is chewing on their hands. They may also experience swelling and tenderness, and they are simply uncomfortable and miserable. As a parent, it can be very hard to watch your little one suffer, and you may even feel helpless as you try to comfort them and relieve their pain. Hyland’s teething tablets is a solution that you can rely on without harming your baby.

Hyland’s teething tablets do not contain benzocaine which has been found by the FDA to cause potential side effects. It will not cause diarrhea, loss of appetite, nausea, or jaundice which are only a few of the harmful side effects of acetaminophen.

Hyland’s is a believer in the power and effectiveness behind homeopathic methods, and more and more parents are turning to homeopathic methods to treat their children because it is safe ad it works.

Hyland’s teething tablets contain natural active ingredients and are one of the many different products that they offer. They are also easy-to-use dissolving tablets that deliver fast results.

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Sheldon Lavin- The Successful CEO of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a prominent entrepreneur and businessman who currently runs OSI Group, a leading food production company based in the United States. He has worked with this company for close to five decades. He first joined OSI in 1975 at a time when it was known as Otto & Sons. OSI has made history as a company that has clocked over 100 years of operations and still going on strong. Lavin is behind the successful expansion of OSI Group to many locations around the world. Today, the company has a presence in more than 17 countries, an exceptional accomplishment for a food production company.

Sheldon Lavin is trying to make an impact that will last for a long time in this company. He is now focusing on taking the company through a path of adopting sustainability measures. In the modern business environment, every business is now required to adopt sustainability measures that will ensure that it is not kicked out of the market by other forces. Sheldon has embraced the idea of adopting the most recent technologies at OSI Group. These are technologies that low energy consumption and thereby lowering the cost of production. The same technologies are reducing the production of harmful emissions by the company. Sheldon Lavin believes this is a move that will improve the performance of the company going forward.

Sheldon is happy with what he has accomplished for the years he has worked at OSI Group. He has created a transformation that will always be remembered in the history of this company. H has even received the Global Visionary Award for making OSI Group great. He took up an idea and made it his own and worked very hard to make it successful. Even with the absence of the founders of this company, he was still interested in making an impact that will last for many years. Sheldon Lavin is now in his last days as the head of this company due to age, but he is determined to leave the company in a better position to accomplish the changes it has always wanted to get. He wants to lay a foundation that will support the operations of the company for decades to come.

Flavio Maluf: How to Become Successful

Flavio Maluf is one of the globally recognized businessmen in Brazil. The successful entrepreneur comes from one of the wealthiest political families in the country. His father has been a renowned Politician and businessman for decades. Coming from a wealthy family is a great thing for everyone. Flavio Maluf has never stopped working hard and depended on his family wealth. The entrepreneur has worked for all the things he has today. In the process, he has acquired excellent skills and also builds a strong business for his family. The businessman proved that he was a hard working professional when he pursued one of the challenging courses in the university. According to his resume, Flavio Maluf attended the Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation where he graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering.

When the Brazilian entrepreneur completed his studies, he changed his mind about the career he had chosen and ventured in business. His desire for business pushed him to join the family business where he took the leadership position in the year 1997. Apart from being a successful professional, Flavio Maluf loves speaking to young executives about their career choices. According to him, the business world might look promising, but it is not a bed with roses. Everyone should take the same caution when starting an investment. Gone are the time when being a business owner meant more profits and less work. The modern businesses need so much work and commitment from the owner before they can grow and start making profits. When profits are not present in the start, an individual should not give up. Flavio Maluf says that these investors should be patient and wait for their business to thrive. All investments need time and a lot of work before they can start producing good profits. Laziness is one of the key things that will kill your business when you are not careful.


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