Dr. Sam Jejurikar Performs Cleft Palate Surgeries In Bangladesh And Sri Lanka

Smile Bangladesh is a not-for-profit that provides free surgery for people in developing countries that were born with a cleft palate. This condition is usually caused by the mother’s poor nutrition during pregnancy. It has been helping people since 2010 and relies on surgeons to donate their time and expertise. Dr. Sam Jejurikar of Dallas, Texas, was a plastic surgeon who answered the call for help.

He spent March 2019 in impoverished Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, where he operated on children with cleft palates. This condition leads to people being socially stigmatized and an unattractive appearance to others. It also results in speech impediments and difficulty eating. There are 300,000 people with this condition in Bangladesh but only 30 doctors there who can perform the surgery to correct it. This is why doctors like Sam Jejurikar step in and help.

He’s been a plastic surgeon for over 20 years and is a graduate of one of the best medical schools in the nation, the University of Michigan. Dr. Sam Jejurikar joined the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute after graduating and has helped thousands of patients. He performs not just plastic surgery procedures but also reconstructive surgery.

Patient safety is Dr. Sam Jejurikar’s top priority. An expert in gluteal augmentation, he says that this type of surgery has to be performed exceedingly carefully. He is increasing awareness about the risks of this surgery with his fellow plastic surgeons. His message is that if they don’t perform it right it can result in horrible complications including an embolism if fat is injected into a vein.

Through the Gluteal Fat Grafting Task Force, this doctor is helping to develop best practices for gluteal augmentation surgery. He says that he and his colleagues have engaged in productive talks and hope to limit deaths from this surgery in the future.

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