Academy of Art University Annual Spring Show

There are many opportunities in the world of arts. People who have utilized their creative and artistic skills are reaping big. Fortunately, the current generation is paying keen attention to arts and fashion. One of the huge milestones in the industry is the establishment of arts formal learning institutions.

One of such schools is the Academy of Arts University which recently held an annual spring show. In the annual spring show, the public, alumni and prominent companies gather to explore and interact with what students have to offer. This is the only chance arts students have to showcase their work and talents to the general public. The 2019 annual spring show featured the top brightest minds in art and design. The students showcased brilliant work which will remain on the public display from May 17 to June 15 excluding holidays and Sundays.

The spring show is a glad opportunity for graduates to showcase their unique and innovative creations. Projects are showcased by architects, filmmakers, technologists, designers, entrepreneur, photographers, problem solvers, strategies, and communicators. In the show, veterans share time with students to discuss industry trends and possibilities.

The Show as a Networking Opportunity

The main aim of the show is to enhance networking. Students meet with the general public and veterans who might be interested in their work. Students can build solid relationships with influential industry representatives. The significance of the show might not be seen today, but two to three years down the line, the students will look back and appreciate the event planners. This is a show that grants students the insights of making the first step into the world. Companies’ representatives meet with students to access their hiring potential.

Academy of Art University has been training students in several creative disciplines for 90 years. The university prides itself as the prominent privately-owned arts school in United States. Alumni’s are serving in exciting careers in the realm of game design, architecture, fashion, and design, among others. Instructors are highly qualified to pass knowledge in the disciplines they train actively. The university is determined to facilitate and culminate creative ideas which are geared towards producing full baked students who are ready to make an impact in the society.

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Sweet Music Made By The Chainsmokers Band Mates Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart

One band who has been able to maintain their name among the chart topping record selling labels of today is The Chainsmokers. The band has been able to beat the odds of artists who make a hit and then release more songs only to find that they lose their momentum along the way. For the band, they have been able to remain at the top of the charts for an unlimited amount of time.

When you hear the name Chainsmokers, what do you think of? Do you think of the group as life long friends or do you think of them as being a close knit group who met later in life only to find that they share a love of music? Would you be surprised to learn that they are just that. A couple of guys who met up with the help of a friend and then started an even bigger friendship by releasing top selling singles.

Alex Pall was a DJ as he grew up and found this hobby to be something more than just something he loved. He found that with his love came an abundance of money which led him to DJing all around the City of New York. Alex was lucky enough to be able to create a career out of what he loved. The only thing was, he wanted to do more than to just pursue something that kept him inside of the clubs. He wanted to do more with what he loved.

The original Chainsmokers band was not nearly as popular as the new version. The original member of the group wanted to head out on his own and left Alex trying to find someone else to take his place. The Chainsmokers were a band prior to Andrew Taggart joining but the real chemistry and music came upon the two of them joining forces with one another. When Andrew was suggested to check out the scene, he instantly knew that he wanted to do and be inside of the group. Soon after meeting Alex Pall, Andrew headed back to school only to quit and make his way back to New York City for good.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart both knew what each other was capable of and therefore knew what they were entering into upon meeting one another. Upon meeting one another, they discussed what they both liked and didn’t and what each one of them was into while growing up. Those chats helped them to learn everything that they needed to know about the other person which helped them become the band that they are today. A top selling band that has maintained their elite status at the top of the charts for long periods of time.

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