The Spirit Of Repton Goes On

The Repton School is a prestigious academic institution that was created in the mid 1500s. The mission of this United Kingdom School is to provide excellent education and preparation for students in the age range of 13-18. Students who study at Repton generally go on to some of the world’s top universities and colleges. The school has a reputation for their high test scores and family-like environment. The school also has world-ranked sports teams; such as cricket and hockey. With less than 800 students on campus, Repton pupils are able to get the direction and attention that bigger schools may lack.

Recently it was revealed that 12% of Repton School entries earned A’s in their studies. As a result, many of these students were offered scholarships to attend some of the best academic institutions in the world. Serena Cole from Repton was offered an academic scholarship to study at Cambridge University. She earned one of the best grade point averages that the school has ever seen; receiving five A’s during her last mark.

Tommy Redhead was granted a scholarship to Fairfield. He will also play soccer for the University as well. Every year, many of Repton’s graduates go on to study mathematics, business, and medicine at the best schools in the United Kingdom. Politics and International studies are other top areas of studies for Repton graduates heading to college. The field of medicine has been one of the most successful fields for this population. Every year, over 40% of the school’s graduates proceed to study medics at various universities around the globe.

The Headmaster of Repton expressed his feelings about the consistent academic successes of their students. He states that he is beyond delighted with the work ethic and progress of the pupils at Repton. Results day is big for the school, as this day helps secure the academic futures of graduates. He also went on to say that the instructors in repton’s various departments should be praised for efficiently preparing students for success. There are a few staff members who have earned awards for their services as well. The Reptonian spirit goes on. Find out more about Repton School:

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